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Sol Campbell makes England captaincy race allegation

Sol Campbell has claimed he would have been "England captain for more than 10 years" if he had been born white.

The former England defender makes the claims in an authorised biography serialised by the Sunday Times. 

"I believe if I was white, I would have been England captain for more than 10 years - it's as simple as that," said the 39-year-old, who won 73 full caps, including three as captain.

Sol Campbell's life in football
  • Born: 18 September 1974
  • Tottenham: Sept 1992 - Jul 2001, 315 games
  • Arsenal: Jul 2001 - Aug 2006, 197 games
  • Portsmouth: Aug 2006 - Jul 2009, 111 games
  • Notts County: Jul-Sep 2009, 1 game
  • Arsenal: Jan 2010 - Jul 2010, 14 games
  • Newcastle: Jul 2010 - May 2011, 8 games
  • England: May 1996 - Nov 2007, 73 games

The Football Association is aware of the claims but declined to comment.

Campbell, who made 646 senior appearances for Tottenham, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Notts County and Newcastle United before retiring in 2012, claimed: "I think the FA wished I was white. I had the credibility, performance-wise to be captain.

"I was consistently in the heart of the defence and I was a club captain early in my career."

He added: "I don't think it will change because they don't want it to and probably the majority of fans don't want it either.

"It's alright to have black captains and mixed race in the Under-18s and Under-21s but not for the full national side - there is a ceiling and although no one has ever said it, I believe it's made of glass."

Campbell's three games as England captain were in three friendlies - against Belgium and the Czech Republic in 1998 under Glenn Hoddle's management, and against the United States in 2005 under Sven-Goran Eriksson.


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Wasn't Ferdinand (Rio) made captain for England?

Yep, which just makes Campbell look like a complete pr'ck. Also during Campbell's tenure in the England team the captain was Beckham, so it wasn't like anyone else was going to get it.

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Royal prick. In 2012, just before the Polish Euros, Campbell had in interview in which he said you shouldnt go to Poland, that it's racist, fascist, and dangerous. He said, I can't find a quote; but I remember his words exactly, : 'Dont go to Poland because you will come back in a coffin.'

During the tournament, this was the reaction of the English fans in Poland


I never heard anybody as dillusioned about the world they live in as Campbell.

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Absolutely ridiculous comments. If the FA were so racist that he wasn't given the England captaincy because of his race then how come he got called up to the England squad so many times in the first place?


I honestly believe that seeing footballers and football through the prism of race just makes racism worse. They're all footballers - race is irrelevant.

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Delusional nonsense from Campbell. Comments like this certainly don't help to eliminate racism from the sport, in a crude why they probably encourage racism.

Totally agree. They give ammunition to those waving the "chip on the shoulder" gun.

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Sol Camobell is racist for making these claims. He's making me feel ashamed for being white.

Not really, but whar a word removed. He has to drum up conspiracy like this because let's face it, who the **** cares about Sol Campbell?

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He has to drum up conspiracy like this because let's face it, who the **** cares about Sol Campbell?


i think thats my biggest problem with it, not only can he not prove it or have anyone agreeing / backing him, but what is he actually trying to achieve with this?


a load of us to turn round and agree that sol was a great player and should have been captain more? most of us would agree that he was a great player but england had better players and captains at the time, does he want us to think that the FA are racist? the fact that we have had 3/4 black players be captain over the years suggests that thats not true, is he trying to suggest that there is currently a black player in the squad worthy of captaincy and trying to highlight his cause? is he bollocks because there isnt


but he has a book out... it all makes sense now...


same with the manager stuff with ince, i don't get how on one hand they are complaining of racism and then on the other they are asking for tokenism, hows that work?

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