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  1. "Give it to me straight; like a pear cider made from 100% pear".
  2. Was gonna call him Alan Turing. It's Alan Tudyk I think.
  3. Yep. Was funny and also easy going family entertainment. The alien actor is superb. Me and my 9 year old daughter but enjoyed it
  4. Agreed. Though I actually went in with high hopes and they weren't dashed. Some genuine LOL moments in the film too. A solid 7.5/10 for me. Harbour and Pugh given the best material, and they didn't waste it.
  5. For anyone interested, there's a really good 6 part documentary on Sky History that's just started. The Secret History Of Comics. E1 was all about the evolution of Marvel comics and the relationship between Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
  6. My take, having watched it this morning, was that is was just typical Hollywood schmaltz. Various plot holes notwithstanding, most of the film was done well, to a Hollywood epic action template. It borrows heavily from jurassic park and alien/aliens, but is nowhere near as good as either. But it's relatively diverting and engaging, despite also being a bit rubbish. 6/10. WNB
  7. Yeah I enjoyed it too. As you say, mostly daft comedy but there some genuinely funny moments.
  8. Didn't realise bin laden was known for his boring, defensive terrorist tactics.
  9. The new Arab Strap album "as days get dark" is absolutely sublime. Their best album imo.
  10. Yeah good film. It is indeed bleak, and most protagonists end up dead, but it was gripping. Spidey was ok in it.
  11. The new Frost and Pegg programme, "Truth Seekers", is pretty good. Quite creepy, well acted and scripted and some genuinely amusing moments too. On amazon prime.
  12. Yeah, it's actually really good. Like you I was suspicious about the premise, but it seems really good. I'm only 2 episodes in though.
  13. Ta. I'm going to go out on a limb here by suggesting that the figure for de pfeffel's cabinet is somewhat higher.
  14. Where are those figures from Hanoi? It just says 'the proportion of tories'. Does that mean party membership? MPs? Cabinet members?
  15. Yeah, the film gets better the longer it goes on. And it's more of a 'film' than the first one. The first one was hilarious as an expose of crazy ass Americans. This one was more overtly politically aimed at the right wing republicans, and had more of a storyline. And the daughter character was superb. I found the first half hour a bit crap and scripted, but it has to be seen as a different type of film to the first. Once I'd understood that, the film grew on me. I'll give it a solid 7.5/10.
  16. Well it's good, but his line was always: "Nice to see you, to see you ..... nice ". The chuckle brothers meme is better and more accurate.
  17. Sadly he's only in it for a couple of seasons.
  18. Ps. Really helps to have villatalk in times like these. Can't really offload those kind of thoughts with my mates, great though they've been.
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