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  1. My 'glass half full' approach to Benteke is, that when he played for us, he was the star and savior that kept us up. He had great support and that leads to confidence. Confidence is good for the head, and a good head is good for the game. Age and time aside, it could put him in a 'good place' and maybe we'll see something nice.
  2. Just signed up for the streaming service, first month free so I have to check it out. Totally pumped for today, all the best!
  3. Rotten luck. We just got promoted and Canada just got outbid for the Prem. games. Some streaming company beat us out.lol We are so not big time.
  4. Brilliant! Just brilliant! Now I get to watch them on TV again (Canada don't know anything about the champs league). Instead of tricky, sticky, wobbly streams. Okay they were better than nothing. Still hasn't sunk in.
  5. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. 2-1 Villa.
  6. Nicely done England! The beginning of that game made me very proud of my background. Class, pure class. Thank you!
  7. CanVillan

    Mike Dean

    A very fast and evolving sport is being held back by sub standard, biased and sometimes, well past it officials. Time to catch up eh?
  8. All the best Remi. Please do what you can to keep us up because Villa fans don't deserve to be going down.
  9. CanVillan would agree with the above post.
  10. Spot on. I have noticed a major shoulder droop lately. He needs to get back to those pullovers, and get some some swagger back.
  11. Great story this. I do see a fair amount of fans, not just the man u bandwagonists. Cheers to this guy..
  12. CanVillan


    All good ^^ I guess it depends on how you want to go out. On another note, I will now get to see him play Cheers
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