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    Yep, I've come to the conclusion that the occasional DNF is a good thing for training. Congrats on a great result!
  2. Danwichmann


    Had my first DNF back in Feb. Nothing you can do sometimes, in my case a dodgy stomach (3 toilet stops inside 10k, including one in the woods ) stopped play. But next run back I took my than two hours of my best 50k time, albeit on an easier trail. I think a DNF is great motivation for better training.
  3. Danwichmann


    I've pretty much lost my interest in football so no checked this site too often, but still very much running. On track to hit 3000k by the end of the year. Ran (or least ran, walked and hiked) 50km at Annapurna 100 race at the end of October. Seriously tough but the views, wow. Next race not until February though:( Watch I use Garmin Forerunner 30. Pretty cheap and does the job for 99.9% of my runs, although the battery isn't enough for the ultras. Shoes are the one thing I spend a lot of money on. I used to think they didn't make a lot of difference but changed my view after getting properly assessed and into the right pair of shoes. Currently Saucony Ride 10 for the road and either Saucony Perrigne 8 or Salomon Elevate XA for the trails. Got a pair of On Cloudflash on the way that I'm seriously excited for as I loved my Cloudventure Peaks until the tread started falling off.
  4. Danwichmann


    Another marathon in Seoul for me yesterday. Seriously hot so I've got some interesting tan (well, burn) lines today. Really struggled in the last 10km but just about managed to hold on and finish in under 4 hours.
  5. Dawson and Foster fined for refusing to go on tour. Sounds like the sort of toxicity we had when we went down, not a good sign for them! BBC
  6. Squeeze him into the goal. Tell him it's a gate or something something......
  7. Danwichmann


    That picture was taken shortly after I reached the bottom of hill and before turning around. I looked a lot less fresh by the time I reached the top! The last 2k was tough, but on tarmac is wasn't too much to keep a steady 5:30per/km pace. Would have been walking if it was trail!
  8. A lot of posters seem to think Tuanzebe will be a good option at CB. I saw very little of him last season as I only managed to watch a handful of games (9 hour time difference), and that little was not impressive. So I'm genuinely curious, what attributes does he possess to make so many people think he's a good option?
  9. For me, all of those managers got squads promoted that on paper probably didn't look good enough for promotion. They made teams more than the sum of their parts. Bruce has done the opposite, he's taken a squad that looks great on paper and a shoo-in for promotion but most games they look far less than the sum of parts. Credit for sorting out morale and no question for me the single biggest issue that needed sorting out was the toxic atmosphere. He's done that and deserves enormous credit for it, but I struggle to see him taking us any further, especially with less resources.
  10. Danwichmann

    John Terry

    There is no question that he is in the decline stage of his career and will almost certainly play less games each season that he continues. That doesn't mean he wouldn't be good enough for us next season, but each season the risk to his club increases. If we had have signed Terry again, we would have needed more cover than we will signing a younger center back which in our financial situation has got to count against us making him an offer.
  11. Danwichmann


    Congrats on the win! Trail running is tough but I'm getting into it now. Didn't realise there were such flat trails about, the ones i find are normally between 2000 and 4000 meters elevation for Marathon. This weekend was just 7km King of the Mountain in Seoul. On the road but 260 meters climb. Think i came in 13th overall.
  12. I've got no intention of going veggie, but I would quite like to reduce the amount of meat I eat. What makes it hard is not so much that I would miss the meat as I just don't like vegetables enough to eat them as an alternative.
  13. Danwichmann


    High 1 Sky Marathon yesterday. 42km of mostly runnable trail and about 2500 metres elevation gain at a Korean ski resort, very happy with 5hrs 56mins. Much easier run than 2 weeks ago, 50km very technical with almost 4000m elevation gain, took over 12.5 hours! Making the switch to trail is seriously challenging but learning and improving with every race.
  14. We'd be lucky to get 25m for those fringe players and Grealish combined. Some of them we won't even be able to unload on free transfers.
  15. This sounds like it could have written by Randy Lerner himself. Not that cutbacks are completely avoidable but it sounds like we'll be going at them pretty hard to me. I don't think that we'll putting together a squad that looks capable of challenging for promotion next season, so unless we appoint a manager that can get great results from average players my expectation is mid-table at best. On the bright side, I enjoy the Championship much more than the Premier League, but the longer we are in this division the harder it becomes to return to Premier League riches.
  16. Not bad, but aren't you allowed 12 subs at the WC?
  17. Mellberg at RB and Laursen with God in the center?
  18. I'm no fan of Bruce but he absolutely deserves huge credit for sorting out what was a toxic atmosphere and the clubs no.1 problem. If he leaves having only achieved that he'll have more than earned his pay and have been a successful appointment. I honestly thought the toxicity at the club would see us do a Sunderland but he has turned it around.
  19. "Shower in a can" as it was called back at uni.
  20. You can book a player before and after the game, so I'm sure you can book one during the penalty shootout. Haven't seen any video, but to book a keep for straying of his line during a shootout would be crazy, unless the keeper was doing it repeatedly / with the intention of putting of the penalty taker knowing the kick would have to be retaken. I've no idea if that was the case here.
  21. Great on Championship Manager 01/02. Not so much in real life.
  22. I can't believe there is now a team in the world I hate more than SHA.

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