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  1. PSG brought him to make money off shirts and sponsorship deals, it definately wasn't for sporting reasons because I can think of 10 better players in that position right now.
  2. Mic09

    U.S. Politics

    How did you break your leg? Oh, I did it on Summer Holiday.
  3. It feels like Bayern know they will win this and every player just wants to score on their own. They could have had 3 or 4 if they played properly.
  4. If we produced an equivalent of Jack for every position we might as well finish with football because we would be the best team in the world. We would actually complete football.
  5. Well, VillaTalk have called him crap so I can only imagine him winning the Champions a league now.
  6. How was your day guys? How is work going?
  7. If Man City did break the rules, and used illegitimate money to fund their success, imagine the scenes if they were to pick up the Champions League trophy Now that would be funny.
  8. If only there was anything between 'atrocious' and 'great'...
  9. I was just thinking that if we win the cup, the European football might be enough to keep Jack should we stay in the PL. But then I had a thought that just made me jump out of the chair; IF Man City do get banned from European Competitions for the next 2 years, doesn't that mean that we automatically get European Football next season? Or would it go to 7th place in the league?
  10. I wonder if it's at all possible for sheiks to pull the plug. Surely they wouldn't do it? Is Man City too big to ever become a lesser club now?
  11. Mic09

    Global Warming

    Again, you are correct, but when passing judgement on these events we need to have the full picture of what is going on. For example, here is the first article I found from the telegraph (I am confident there are better sources out there) : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/climate-and-people/australia-burning-bushfires-bad/ I can only assume that other factors such as rising population and carelessness in throwing out cigarettes etc might have played a part too - which is not a direct effect of a changing climate. I 100% agree with you - but often events such as floods are blamed on climate change while it is not necessarily so. Hence the reason why we need to have a good understanding of what is exactly going on rather than jumping to conclusions based on a limited picture.
  12. Mic09

    Global Warming

    Climate change is one thing. Individual events like Australian fires or Flooding is not necessarily and obvioulsy a direct follow up to a very real phenomenon of a changing climate. Yes, these might be correlated (and often are!), but there are various different factors so a direct correlation should be made be scientists and statisticians. Unfortunately, the correlation is often made by media who often equate flooding with Mr Smith driving his diesel VW to work. I think what @bickster is suggesting, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is that people are using individual events, regardless of real reasons for those, to drive a certain narrative, but these can often be opposed by simple research by climate change deniers. This in turn goes against the whole point of properly discussing the issue of how we should live on this planet to not mess it up even further.
  13. He has been a breath of fresh air
  14. He is a poor man's Henderson, and I do not rate Henderson. Dier is a perfect West Ham signing.
  15. Aguero is the best PL striker for me, and probably the best PL striker ever. Worldwide, I could think of 2 or 3 better strikers (in my opinion of course!)
  16. Isn't it the case that the virus does not kill in itself, but weakens the organism so that the victims die of pneumonia and similar illnesses?
  17. I know, Sunday League is littered with Strangmen and Mr Olympia
  18. Not even the best striker in the Premier League
  19. I don't know, scoring strikers always come at a premium. Let him score 10-15 untile end of season and all of a sudden he looks like a decent option for any championship side. If we get £6m+ that would be a great bit of business by Villa. Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in blues doing well. But I have interest in our own striker scoring.
  20. I say well done Villa. Who gives a crap about that tinpot club, screw them. Let's get our player, our asset, scoring again and offload him for £8m in the summer. Now THAT would be smart business.
  21. Mic09

    Leeds United

    I know, which is why I hope Leeds stay in the Championship.
  22. the good thing about the manure link is that IF he goes there they will pay us a gazillion £. Literally a gazillion. With the way that the club is run that is the only pull they have. I am confident if he went to Real he would go for less just because of how stupid Man U transfer policy is.
  23. He is a genius. Most geniuses are a bit messed up, you can't be that good at something and not be a bit crazy. I've watched him live last year and you could tell his brain works at another level. It was like Messi playing against Sunday league but not even getting out of the 2nd gear.
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