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  1. You are not. That is 2019 politics/economics. All you need is a Donald Trump tweet and Wall Street goes into overdrive.
  2. He was to Man Utd what Albrighton was to us. It's a shame we only noticed what a player we had once he was gone.
  3. Mic09


    Does anyone else feel like, even if they do win the league this season, it's not that big of a deal? They have messed up so many times in the last 20 odd years, now that they are likely going to win it it's a bit like 'meh, go on then - I don't care'. I would have been majorly annoyed last season, but I couldn't care less now.
  4. Harry Kane was a beast. Now he is one of those furry llamas that you get at the petting zoo.
  5. Did Mane get abuse for diving by the same fans?
  6. Mic09

    John McGinn

    Are all our Scottish players Brazilian?
  7. End of career for Lloris? Looked nasty.
  8. I am not British myself so I am interested to hear from UK or Irish based fans. This is a topic that I need to read into more as my knowledge is limited. Any reading material and opinions would be appreciated. Why is a hard border such a major issue for the Irish? Some people talk about it as if it was re-igniting the war. Does it have to be like that? I understand that it would go against the good friday agreement, however are some people going overboard with how fragile the situation is in Ireland right now and how badly a border might affect it? Isn't a border simply driving up in the car, getting your passport checked and carrying on?
  9. Mic09


    Doping in sport is interesting. Some say about potential deaths because of it. Sure, 100% agree, but then again how many people die because they do sport and take it to extreme in the first place? I'd hazard a guess it's in thousands every year. Thing is, every professional athlete in sports such as athletics, bike racing etc is doping. It's just a question of "what" and how much - some drugs are legal, other not. Look at Norwegian ski runners. Most of them are asthmatic (or at least they claim to be) so they take drugs that allow more air into lungs. They say it's all fair and they win a lot. Now when I think of someone with breathing difficulties, I don't think of professional endurance athletes. As bad as the current system is, it's probably the best compromise. Bolt was the fastest person on the planet, but if doping was allowed with no restrictions, I wouldn't be surprised if a spotty 17 year old Austrian was the fastest person just because he would take best to the drugs given to him. Just look at the 80s German/Soviet sports women.
  10. It would be good to have a mix of both in a pundit but that's unlikely. Keane is the sort of person who does not f*** around. Hate him or love him, he gets shit done. He is the definition of the 80s dressing room who played in the 90s/00's. Back in the day he would not be surprising or even questioned. Many successful people and sport coaches were like that. Now everyone (for better or worse) needs a pat on the shoulder and actual mentoring. Should you get lost in the jungle and need someone to keep everyone together while not being afraid to eat a dead man's arm, Keane is your man. If a 20 year old footballer faces a difficult time and needs help, maybe not so much.
  11. Sorry if I misunderstood. I meant the UK as a state - not individuals who have supportive and appreciative.
  12. I guess "respectfully" is a very subjective term so let's leave this debate to a history thread. I strongly disagree with your opinion.
  13. Polish WW2 troops have never been recognised respectfully by the UK. Have a read into the victory parade, 303 squadron, the promise of British friendship and help in August 1939 should the war breakout or the total negligence of a nation being murdered by the communist terror for 40 years while no western nation moved a finger. Very sad reading...
  14. Didn't you hear the man on the radio telling us to be ready for 31st October? I mean, what else do you want?!
  15. Have you seen Lewandowski? (Or Jedinak? )
  16. I think that if Boris brought together a plan that granted the UK half of France, free unlimited Chinese rice and a German saloon car to every UK citizen over the age of 18 he would still be laughed out of the room. He cannot win at this point, the ship has sailed.
  17. Mate, unless you want to see KFC made into a public service and the Buckingham palace turned into council housing, surely you must be a far right wing Boris lover?
  18. I know a good tofu recepie, worked well in the past. You get some tofu on a plate, put some spices on it according to own preference, little salt, little pepper, and then you throw that shit in the bin. Trust me, works great!
  19. Hmmm... What if the run for 90 minutes every 4 days?
  20. I hope you are right and I want to think you are right. The problem we have is that we have been playing well for 6 out of 7 games and that has resulted in 5 points. 29 games to go but we need to get results quickly because it's very likely we will stop playing well for a few games and that's when the problem starts. We could do with a few points cushion and we lost out on it.
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