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  1. Is that allowed on the ballot paper, or have they officially changed their name to "The lib dems: to stop Brexit" ?
  2. IMO, Labour would be foolish to go for a GE before Brexit has been sorted, one way or the other. They want and need a GE to be about social justice, foodbanks, NHS, austerity etc, not brexit. So I'm with Bicks, GoNU best option.
  3. Jon

    General Chat

    Me too. I think it's the devil's dumplings that do it.
  4. Clive Lewis would be the man, for me. Mostly shares JC's ethos. More pro Europe. Can probably build some party bridges too. Plus he ticks the ethnic diversity box.
  5. One of the men survived and is now president of the USA.
  6. Yep. I think they've just reiterated their existing position? I think that's the correct option at this point in time. Vote-wise anyway.
  7. Maybe some Zinc tablets might help?
  8. Spot on. It's a relic and unfit to be used in 2019 as the building of our parliament. We don't house prisoners in the tower of London. H of P should go the same way. Open it up to the paying public/ tourists. Let it pay its own way. Create a modern building for MPs in brum or Manchester, fit for 21st century parliamentary business. Let's take 'democracy ' out of London.
  9. Jon

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    A laid back Farage?
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