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  1. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Something on your mind?
  2. Yeah, it's crap. It's hit home how much I miss the pub. Not the booze so much as the pub, the human contact and interaction.
  3. You can see the Ben Elton humour throughout, but for me it lacks a bit of polish. It's good, but it's no blackadder
  4. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Part II meant to be out now, but postponed at last minute due to covid. I too loved the first film. 8/10
  5. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Yeah my 7 year old daughter loves it.
  6. Number of deaths will go up for next few days. Death rate hopefully shouldn't, unless we run out of ventilators etc. And if the social distancing and lockdown works effectively, number of deaths should start to fall back after a couple of weeks too. That's the theory anyway ...
  7. Yeah pretty much. Seems to get a bit better at times, feel like I'm getting over it, and then it'll come and bite me on the arse again. The less I do, the better it seems to get. Paracetamol, vapo rub, steam, honey & lemon hot drink, all seem to help. Still the breathing & tight chest that are the main issues.
  8. Anyone with any advice on breathing techniques with covid? I've hit chest discomfort and slightly impaired breathing. Should I be taking shorter breaths, deeper longer breaths to fully fill the lungs, or try to maintain a 'standard' breathing pattern?
  9. Cheers dude. Not been video calling as she's at her mom's and we don't have particularly good relations. But hopefully I can get her back by the weekend, if I'm feeling any better. No routine really. Trying to keep myself distracted with tv/ internet. I think the more I can keep myself distracted, the less I'll worry about this.
  10. Seems a few of us may have/ have had this thing, so a place to discuss symptoms and remedies could be quite helpful? I've had some dialogue with @LakotaDakota and we both seem to have similar symptoms. Particularly the breathing and tight chest issues. Could be helpful with tips for easing the symptoms. For me: rest, paracetamol, honey & lemon drink, vapo rub.
  11. Ditto Lakota. At times I think I'm out of the woods, feeling stronger and breathing much better. Then it comes back to bite me on the bum. Chest gets tighter and breathing more restricted. I need to do less during the day. It's not good for the anxiety, especially when you see various stories in the media.
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