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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    ^^^ That appears to have been translated into American, not English.
  2. You also still have to buy stuff when you're retired, like food, clothes, consumer, luxury goods and energy etc. When they skyrocket, they might experience some regret ....
  3. It's another knife into the Maybot.
  4. Worthy GIFs 2017

    Double hard bastard buffalo.
  5. The Film Thread

    I always read a few reviews before I watch a film, from trusted sources. That **** scores 7% on rotten tomatoes!!
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    If there was a chance of saving my sick child not available on the NHS or in this country, I'd take it. As Trent has shown, it does sometimes work.
  7. General Chat

    Yeah, mine was not good either. I'm now on 2 types of tablets to control it, and it's finally got down to safer levels. I'd imagine you'll be on tablets pretty sharpish too!
  8. Doctor Who

    How very magnanimous of you
  9. Doctor Who

    You can certainly have an opinion. I just think it's a pathetic one. Get over it
  10. Doctor Who

    Don't see why. It might grow. Outside of some shallow chauvinist a holes, it might generate some more interest amongst female viewers who have been largely closed out by UK sci fi
  11. Doctor Who

  12. Doctor Who

    By whom?
  13. Doctor Who

    AKA an age of male / female equality?
  14. Doctor Who

    She's also a really good actress.
  15. Doctor Who

    Zackly chinders. This ain't james bond.