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  1. Sadly he's only in it for a couple of seasons.
  2. Ps. Really helps to have villatalk in times like these. Can't really offload those kind of thoughts with my mates, great though they've been.
  3. Yeah this lockdown has been getting to me. Been separated from my wife for almost 2 years now. That's been hard. I'd kind of enjoyed socialising and looking for someone new (she fcuked off with a new arsehole bloke pretty much straight away - a lothario type guy I knew who had posed as my friend) especially when I got some welcome female attention. But lockdown has put a complete kibosh on that. It just leaves me with my own dark thoughts. The thoughts of them being happily together during lockdown. Me being alone, getting older, never going to find anyone etc. Then there's work. Made redundant just over a year ago. Started my own business a year ago. Lockdown has kiboshed that fledgling business too, as it involved selling dog biscuits via pubs and bars. So I've got no money, nothing to do, no wife, no girlfriend, no job, maybe soon no house. It probably doesn't help that I came off my sertraline meds 3 months ago, just before lockdown. My saving graces: I've got a gorgeous 8 year old daughter who I'm with half of the time. That really helps. Also got some good friends. But the dark thoughts are prevalent. Often feel like my life is fcuked. Just want this lockdown to end. Actually feel like I've coped with lockdown fairly well given it's coincided with me coming off the meds.
  4. Fred Willard. US comedic actor. In loads of comedy series and films.
  5. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Eye in the sky (2015). Excellent film about a potential drone strike. Starts out quite slowly, but gradually drags you in. Presents interesting moral and political dilemmas, from different peoples perspectives. By the end it had ripped my heart out, whilst keeping my totally gripped. 9/10 WB.
  6. Why are some people still having to physically go into the office? What line of work is it?
  7. Just be careful there aren't any holes in his story.
  8. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Yeah the original jumanji film was top.
  9. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Gets a decent rotten tomatoes score and also good audience score. It's clearly a kids film though, so not sure what you were expecting....
  10. The opposite of concerned would be unconcerned I guess
  11. I've genuinely got no idea. I think probably yes, given the symptoms, but then did consider it could also be anxiety. On the covid tick list, I've had a few of the main symptoms, but not really running a fever. But I've had the sore throat, slight cough, heavy chest, breathing issues, fatigue. It ties in with other anecdotal stories from others that may have it, like LakotaDakota on here. There's many people that get this that don't get a high fever, just a general feeling of being unwell. See our mate Tom Hanks' symptoms.
  12. Well yeah. The problem with anxiety is that it can take many forms. It's also a time of heightened anxiety which can blur things. I guess you've got to analyse your own symptoms, as noone is getting tested anytime soon.
  13. + fair & progressive taxation. Use this opportunity to big up Patel's 'unskilled workers', the current saviours of our society. Fair pay for those at the bottom of the ladder etc
  14. And he should be held to his 10 pledges, detailed on his website during the leadership election. They are commitments I could get behind, but I do fear how generally he believes in them, or whether they were put out there simply to win.
  15. Yeah that sounds like textbook covid symptoms pas. And this is how it spreads so easily and quickly. Symptoms can be mild, or you could even by asymptomatic, yet still pass this on. I had the chest thing too. Felt like a tight band around the chest/ like someone was sitting on your chest. Plus I had slight breathing issues. All quite minor, but lasted a while and the fatigue lasted longer.
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