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  1. General Election 2017

    Caroline Lucas in the Grauniad today: Martin Robbins’ acerbic attack on progressive alliances (Tactical voting to beat the Tories: does the maths equal a coalition?, theguardian.com, 20 April) is both misinformed and misleading. For a start, he assumes that any alliances would be the only tactic used to beat the Conservatives when that’s clearly absurd. It’s self-evident that parties on the left need to win more votes off the Tories, and alliances would simply make the immensely difficult task of overturning the Tory majority a lot easier. According to analysis by Compass, progressive alliances at this election could help Labour win up to 29 Tory seats – and help them defend vulnerable ones too. They could allow the Lib Dems to pick off some Tories in the south-west and it would give the Greens a chance to topple the Tories in places like the Isle of Wight. With Ukip now planning to stand aside for Tories like Philip Davies and Jacob Rees-Mogg, it’s more important than ever that progressives think again about how we might work together in a handful of places too. Though the polls are not looking pretty right now for the left, let’s not forget that the Tory majority is small – and a lot can happen in seven short weeks. It’s crucial also to remember the context for such alliances. A crumbling NHS, a jilted generation of young people being let down and a hardline government pursuing an extreme Brexit. For us, proportional representation must be central to this project, because our hugely undemocratic electoral system is so stacked in the establishment’s favour that the Tories can win a majority on just 24% of the eligible vote. To crack open our politics we must hack the system – and respect the fact that no single party has a monopoly on wisdom. So rather than talking down the idea of working together, let’s stick to the facts. Unity between those who want to topple the Tories is our best bet of a more progressive politics in Britain, let’s not squander this opportunity. Caroline Lucas MP Green, Brighton Pavilion
  2. General Election 2017

    But that clearly isn't going to happen. Apart from in Darren's parallel utopia
  3. General Election 2017

    shows exactly why a progressive alliance Is needed IMO. Now more than ever. A fractured 'left' vote will result in Tory landslide, and 5 years of pretty far right May rule. Seems the further they go to the right, the more popular they become. Worrying times.
  4. General Election 2017

    Laura Kuenssberg‏Verified account @bbclaurak 24h24 hours ago "Corbyn in Scotland today, May not on the stump - seems tory strategy this morn to let labour stew in its own juice" Nice 'impartial' tweet from Kuenssberg yesterday. Who needs to campaign when you've got the BBC's political correspondent doing it for you.
  5. The Film Thread

    The easiest one to balance?
  6. Yep. And employees. And the environment. Groups that will become more vulnerable one we're out.
  7. General Chat

    There but for the grace of God ......
  8. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Gutted. Top bloke.
  9. Ice rink

    Yeah, there's more than 1 face in there. Main one for me was the one at the top, with the heavy eyebrows, big flat nose, and homer-esque lips/mouth.
  10. He appears to be celebrating the action of leaving an organisation, without the knowledge of whether that action will prove to be beneficial or harmful. As you say, daft
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yes, I have this problem too. You wouldn't get this problem if they'd installed vinyl players in cars!
  12. General Chat

    Or Rugeley?
  13. Family and childcare - a limit?

    Your mother in law sounds very odd. She sends you that message even though you have no kids? Maybe she's trying to pre-empt any ...