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  1. Ice rink

    Looks both noble and slightly depressed
  2. It's going to be weeks now, not years, before the Maybot is decommissioned.
  3. At the moment the Maybot seems to be doing all she can to get Corbyn elected. I know they don't have many viable options .... as an aside, I've always found Tarzan and Ken C 2 of the least objectionable Tories. Shame they are a dying breed.
  4. General Chat

    Ghey No I'm with you Ben. I do too much of it TBH. Nothing wrong with looking good.
  5. General Chat

    Which git?
  6. Sadly the Tories are now running scared of this exact scenario. They'll hold out as long as they can, as they know what another GE would bring. Hence their grubby and possibly illegal deal with the DUP.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don't think the school is 'indulging' anything. It's a very serious and confusing/distressing period for the children and parents involved. What the school seems to be doing, is maybe trying to 'help', to understand, to make this period less stressful for those involved. Such things are not done on a whim, and will undoubtedly involve other professionals too.
  8. JRM really is the gift that keeps on giving though. He'd be the biggest electoral disaster to hit the Tories in almost forever. This ain't Murica for one. Jez/Labour are incredibly popular for two. People really didn't want Billary for three, which gave Trumpton the 'in' that he needed. The cat's views are abhorrent and Victorian, and as such, if he were to become Tory leader, it'd be a real gift horse for Labour.
  9. Bum Bag, Man Bag or No Bag At All

    I got a reasonably decent one that doesn't look too bad. But i got it in response to cracking my Samsung screen a couple of years ago. Didn't want to risk that again.