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  1. Jon

    General Chat

    A laid back Farage?
  2. I think Morrrisey sang about this back in the day.
  3. Yep, CBT proved a real help to me too. Like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw. The therapist was really perceptive. It definitely helped me, in conjunction with other things.
  4. You know you've finally embraced the right wing when you're in agreement with Mart.
  5. I'm unsure when you transcended to the right wing Pete. When did this epiphany happen? Your posts over the last few years are not those of a balanced commentator IMO. Which is sad, but not uncommon.
  6. It's clearly malign IMO, so I'm off to phone my shrink on your say so
  7. Jon

    The Film Thread

    That made me feel dizzy.
  8. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Excellent review pooly!
  9. Jon

    The Film Thread

    Saw Carnage last week. Top film.
  10. Where is Adam Warlock in all of this Avengers/MCU/ Thanos stuff? Surely he'd be the one to defeat Thanos?
  11. Jon

    Ice rink

    I'm going to say a train?
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