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  1. You're right. We have a very undemocratic electoral system and 25% of the popular vote could indeed get you enough seats in Westminster to govern. It's highly unlikely, but theoretically possible. Which again guess to show how shit FPTP is.
  2. Which is entirely possible as Stamer has gone back on almost every promise/ pledge he made to become Labour leader. So I'm hoping he continues in that vein on many issues, as so far there's very little in the way of social progress on offer
  3. Don't vote for anyone with 2 first names.
  4. I really need to sit and watch the bear and give it my full attention. It's had such rave reviews. I've watched a few episodes and found it OK but not been totally gripped. Dunno why as I can see that it's good
  5. He comes across as a total rocket polisher.
  6. Jon

    General Chat

    Proper politician's reply.
  7. Also a few greens might do well to drift to Labour if they don't want a tory or reform MP.
  8. Reform really fcuking up the tories there. Excellent!
  9. I can get behind those things. But they're very, very small steps in the right (left) direction. It's tinkering, compared to what is needed. I still consider them centre right. But the Overton window has shifted so much that this may be considered by some to be 'centre left'. It really isn't. I'm not sure how accurate the political compass website it, but it has them way out to the right. It's been a canny political move to make this shift and to occupy the electoral ground that used to be the tories home. As the tories go further right, they've squeezed them out of that 'centre right' position. Thus giving the electorate nobody else to vote for in that rich fallow ground other than Labour.
  10. There is. They're about to get elected with a super-majority, apparently
  11. It actually works the exact opposite of this. FPTP often (especially for government with large majorities) leads to extremely strong government, able to do whatever they want. They essentially have a free reign to **** things up / make things great. They can basically ignore the opposition, who are essentially toothless in these circumstances PR, on the other hand, often means government by consensus and coalition, as parties have to govern by broad agreement between each other. It works fairly well in other European countries that use it. It can lead to far better government. And the fringe parties don't call the shots. They just maybe get to get a few of their policies on the table. Do you think the lib dems wielded disproportionate influence over the tories during their coalition?
  12. Yep. That's what I'll be doing too. I'm green on principle and policy, but I'll be voting Labour
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