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  1. Briefly. Constant knifing of Jez. Far too far to the centre. I'm looking for a socialist labour party, and I don't believe she is.
  2. RLB is potentially going to win it. But I'm not sure she's up to it. Doesn't inspire me TBH. Jez did. I like King Clive, but I doubt he's going to stand. Angela Rayner I also rate, but she's probably going for deputy. The Wild Thornberry might be a good shout. **** it. I'm a paid up member of the hemp smelling bivouac party anyway.
  3. Christ. Lost my vote and interest immediately. She's also got no chance, thankfully. Horrendous character.
  4. TBF it was one of the most mail-esque posts I've ever seen from him.
  5. King Clive for me. Ticks the ethnic minority box, top guy, ex army which may appeal to some voters on the right. On the left, so electable in terms of party membership.
  6. Far more to it than that. He/ Labour did pretty well just over 2 years ago. What's Jez done over the proceeding 2 years to then warrant such dislike? Whereas de Pfeffel has cheated, insulted, lied, etc, etc.
  7. Jon

    General Chat

    Only 1 of them is still alive, but worth a shot I guess
  8. Is that allowed on the ballot paper, or have they officially changed their name to "The lib dems: to stop Brexit" ?
  9. IMO, Labour would be foolish to go for a GE before Brexit has been sorted, one way or the other. They want and need a GE to be about social justice, foodbanks, NHS, austerity etc, not brexit. So I'm with Bicks, GoNU best option.
  10. Jon

    General Chat

    Me too. I think it's the devil's dumplings that do it.
  11. Clive Lewis would be the man, for me. Mostly shares JC's ethos. More pro Europe. Can probably build some party bridges too. Plus he ticks the ethnic diversity box.
  12. One of the men survived and is now president of the USA.
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