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  1. Please tell me he's at the Baggies? In which case we'll announce his signing in a few months I guess
  2. Amstel (I'm still) Amstel (I'm still) Jenny from the block, used to have a Lidl (little), now I have a lock (lot).
  3. Yea but Grealish is an elite level footballer, not some sloped foreheaded, goofy moron with a learning disability from Erdington. I joke, but a lot of villa fans would have done the same.
  4. This is a shit thread compared to the dishwasher thread
  5. People who think he's the antichrist set out to kill "our children".
  6. #sackwhitty is trending on Twitter because of the whole "12-15 year olds" thing.
  7. I liked it that they actually managed to prize the gate open, jumped about a bit and didn't bother coming through it Bunch of pussies, all of them.
  8. Got man of the match and a goal in a high score draw! Absolutely over the moon for him, he's buzzing and is asking to take his trophy into school for show and tell He can stay, for now..
  9. My 6 year plays in his first football match tomorrow. He couldn't get to sleep until half 9 because he's so excited. I am too, and I've already told him that "it doesn't matter if his team wins, draws or loses". Absolute bollocks of course. If he doesn't get at least 3 and win then he's out of the family - but I'm really tired and his incessant calling to us downstairs was pissing me (us) off.
  10. Was walking home from school and my older brother rang me on his hand-me-down phone "You need to get home and put the TV on, a plane has flown into a skyscraper" (We weren't well travelled!). So I ran home, switched the TV on and saw the footage of the planes going in. Now I can't recall if it was live, or a repeat, but no news outlet at the time censored anything, including people jumping out etc, but I definitely remember the heli-footage circling around the first hit tower. I was 14 at the time and I remember in the first few days after, our school held a 2 mins silence, in each of the classrooms, wherever you were at the time. I remember our woodwork class wasn't allowed to take part because Mrs Pearson (of whom this is the ONLY thing I remember about her) said "It's got nothing to do with this country, so who cares?". I, like others didn't say anything, but everyone thought she was word removed for that. I also remember the bombs raining down in Iraq in the subsequent bombings - it was like firework night, except the fireworks were dropping out of the sky, rather than shooting up into it. Not sure how much after 9/11 that was, but to me it seemed pretty soon afterwards.. I remember the first time I went to an airport after it and remember seeing a burkha wearing Muslim woman and her family boarding the same place, and me fighting in my own head that they're just holiday makers, just like me and there's nothing to worry about. That prejudice was still in my head - rather silly really. I remember all of the soldiers on TV, outside airports and remember going to the airport in Birmingham afterwards and seeing them with their weapons and it being unsettling. Like others have said, when you're exposed to those things, it does change your naïve perspective as a kid. I remember watching the Gulf War/Saddam footage on the news as a kid and crying in my bed thinking "was was coming to our house" and my mom explaining it was all a million miles away, I didn't think that maybe 8-10 years after that I'd have seen 9/11 happen, but it felt kinda the same, but worse - that the threat WAS quite close, but never close enough for me to not do something (like go to a city etc). Strange to reflect on 9/11 now - it was so horrific, even a dumbass 14 year old understood the gravitas of it. I wonder what the world would be like had it not happened.. ?
  11. When someone asks you to share your screen and you have to quickly close down all the "naughty" tabs like VT, Youtube, Reddit, PornHub etc. **** off and share your screen, dickhead.
  12. Heh.. that sounds like @bickster from what he said earlier.. I get it, it was a joke, wasn't it?
  13. My first was in nursery from 5.5 months (too early), my second went in a nearly 12 months. Mom not having maternity leave for 9-12 months?
  14. Not sure about the other issues, but my dad made the mistake of boxing in his boiler/pipework - British Gas came and condemned the system and he had to move his boiler in the end, funnier still because it only became an issue when the new regs came out. Just make sure whatever you do, consult the right people - can cause pain down the line otherwise.
  15. You do know that childcare isn't literally your kid sitting in a room with a carer making sure they don't just keel over and die, don't you? Nurseries now essentially teach children and get them to the level they need to be at to start school. What I'd say (and do) is a mix of grandparents (if you're lucky enough to have that option) and nursery. My eldest loved his nursery and my second one is less keen (lock-down toddler, they don't like new people), but is still enjoying it once I've dropped off. We do 3 days a week and it costs £800, but I wouldn't want grandparents doing it 100% of the time. My mom used to be a teaching assistant, but even still, they need to be around other babies to learn social stuff. It's really key, I'd say. Also, have a look at NCT sales - they sell EVERYTHING for babies/toddlers at unbelievable prices. You can save hundreds and hundreds of pounds by going to them. I'm being serious when I say that newborn clothes (my 2 were born too large for them!) will be worn about twice before they're out of them. The first 2 years, the average clothes usage is about 4/5 times. Go to NCT, get designer gear for MASSIVELY cheap prices. PLUS - you're giving money to charity, so you can feel good about that too.
  16. Reading some of this, I swear we've got middle aged men who've still got their bedrooms painted claret and blue **** hell, this is real life, get with it and stop living in this perfect, fantasy world where no other club is worth anything compared to "my villa". You're the fan of a company, a company that doesn't give a shit about you - stop trying to get it to love you.
  17. Hameed was scoring a bit too slowly though to be honest. Might not be a bad thing is a weird way!
  18. 40 more tips the balance in our favour I'd say. Wonder if Root would be thinking about saving the tail (if we DO get to 100 lead) and having a few overs at them in the evening?
  19. Fingers crossed. Woakes will be out of poke, but you never know, it might take the Indians by surprise!
  20. Fair play to bairstow here. Very mature and what I'd love to see more of, from him. A real battle going on here.
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