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  1. Pass the ball, make himself available. He was just too slow
  2. Wesley would have contributed better than Ings. Wesley is the strong forward this game needed.
  3. At fault for the first goal.
  4. Grealish >>>>>>>> Buendia
  5. Brought stability to the midfield.
  6. All of them were awful today. The whole team. El Ghazi, Buendia, Ings.... Actually Ings was the worst one
  7. Villa is just an ordinary team without Grealish
  8. That was pointwise the worst 1/3rd of last season too....
  9. This is opinions you attributed to me, which I never wrote anywhere and you got them out of your head. I never said Bruce was a better manager than Benitez in general: Here you admit to "paraphrasing", which means attributing opinions to me that I have never stated. I never said they employ equal tactics. I said they both play defensive football. I never said anything about tactical football. But, I'll give you the last point because Bruce got one point less than Benitez. I still am adamant that Newcastle with Benitez had better offensive players (Ayoze Perez and Rondon) than Newcastle with Bruce last season (Joelinton). So, if I feel that Bruce has done a very good job points wise, than that is what the hard facts of the table says.
  10. He has. And you really need to stop attributing me opinions I have never said, which you admitted to doing.
  11. I never said anything about their careers. I just stated that Bruce has done a better job with Newcastle than Benitez. My opinion. If you disagree, fine by me. But you guys need to stop with the lying just to win a debate of opinions. This isn't BLM. This is just football. Yet respect is something you clearly lack.
  12. So, isn't this in line with what I said? You made me google. So who's making stuff up? It's you. Now, go to bed.
  13. And Bruce got the same point tally as Benitez the year before with that dud. That's the point.
  14. Benitez got away with dull and boring football, because he had won some stuff with good players before. Benitez himself was hated by fans at Chelsea and Inter Milan because of his defensive playing style. Bruce is not a popular manager here, and that's fine. But when discussing, don't think your snides make your inaccurate points any truer. Btw, at which club did Benitez have full control, and which players did Benitez himself choose at Newcastle, Valencia, Chelsea, Inter? Didn't Liverpool have a transfer committee? So he just decided that his reason for leaving Newcastle, was because he wanted more control than he ever had in any club in his entire managerial career? Sure...
  15. Benitez wanted to wait before signing the contract. When he saw what kind of team he was getting, he ran all the way to china. It is 100% certain that your boy didn't want Joelinton. But you're just want to make a point about Bruce being a shit manager, that you don't want to accept that he did better with a team than Benitez thought he himself would do. Or standing still, or whatever. It's like you think Benitez would magically make this exact team play like Barcelona 2012, while the truth is they probably would be standing still regardless of which of the two manages them.
  16. he left because Rondon was being replaced with a striker he didn't deem good enough!!!!
  17. Tell me about that squad he left? No striker, no Ayoze Perez, and he left because Rondon was being replaced with a striker he didn't deem good enough!!!! What shit squad was that?
  18. Sure it does. If you use the spending argument as a point, I can point to several clubs that have spent more than Newcastle and done worse. I don't understand the hate towards Bruce. You guys are trying to use every little argument in the world to prove your point. And my point is, he has done his job. Do you really think buying Callum Wilson and Jamal Lewis is going to make them challenge for trophies? Oooh, he spent more than Benitez?? hahahah, Benitez got a £40m striker. And left.
  19. Jeez. Benitez spent a lot of money too. The strongest team to get up from the Championship in the entire history of English football. Yet, his only achievements with Newcastle was avoiding the drop two seasons in a row.
  20. If you want to attribute player transfers on managers: Newcastle spent, including Joelinton, substracting for sales, under Bruce: £70m. Smith, in that exact same period of time spent £230m. I am not going to do the math for Benitez, but bear in mind the inflation in prices the last few years. If you guys want to bash a manager, then get the facts straight. I never disliked Bruce as a man, even if I find his football boring. Yet the man is getting results, and he should be acknowledged for that.
  21. And, that's my point. Bruce took over a team that was not as good as the one Benitez ended the season with, yet still managed middle table safety all season.
  22. And Smith was backed with £130m, yet was a ghost goal from being relegated with Villa. And the backing last summer was for Benitez. But he left because he didn't get Rondon. Stop going i cirkles.
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