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  1. Actually I think Nakamba would have been just the guy to stop Rodrigo, Barkley had an off game and fresher legs were needed, and Watkins has been hiding for 4 of the 5 games in the PL and we needed muscles up top. Taking Trezeguet off made the team even worse.
  2. Dean Smith should learn to make substitutions to change games. Like taking Watkins, Barkley and Mcginn off.
  3. Bigger chance of Bamford hattrick than Villa scoring
  4. He gets what he has earned. It's not your money anyway.
  5. momo

    John Terry

    Well.... Unsworth came and left within a month.... so he never played.
  6. momo

    John Terry

    5 of those players where registered players at Aston Villa at some point.
  7. momo

    Ross Barkley

    So serious!!! I have never heard of these players you mention Mings was fixed, healed and developed at Villa. Payed for by Villa. Then bought by Villa. And back to the topic, the same will happen with Barkley. In a bigger scale with larger amounts.
  8. momo

    Ross Barkley

    That's a good buy, not a bargain. A bargain would be buying a rusty car for £2k and working on it so that it value rises to £50k. Like McGinn. Everyone gets into that England squad. Don't understand why it's so hard for Grealish
  9. momo

    Ross Barkley

    I am pretty sure you know what I mean. It was a good buy. A bargain would have been the £15 million or less that he would have cost if an option was in place. So it was an unplanned extra expenditure that may or may not have affected other acquisitions. Are you prepared for the spending of £60 million on Barkley if the good start continues. Maybe even more. Or that other clubs swoop in? Maybe he will be the only buy next summer if his good form makes his price rice. It's about protecting the club. Not developing another club's player, that Purslow firmly stated Villa would not do again.
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