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  1. momo

    Dean Smith

  2. momo

    Dean Smith

    Honey moon over...hahaha... Nothing special here.
  3. momo


    The lower we go, the better coaches we get?
  4. momo

    James Collins

    All the players are huge wastes of financial resources.
  5. Nice to give them Gardner so they could have this upturn in form
  6. momo

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP Doug
  7. momo

    New Manager Speculation

    I disagree. Most of the cash were burned under Di Matteo. Wolves had much better players, especially attacking wise.
  8. momo

    New Manager Speculation

    Bruce improved this club, that hasn't happened since Martin O'Neill.
  9. momo

    New Manager Speculation

    It's not like any of these are proven better than Bruce. Rodgers is not my cup of tea.
  10. momo

    Jack Grealish

    Congrats on a new contract
  11. momo

    André Green

    Google the official site, please:
  12. momo

    Albert Adomah

    STOP THE HATE. This is really getting tedious and boring. It's just football and bad form happens to the best players. He will be back.