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  1. momo

    Sam Johnstone

    I mean, come on. Chester didn't get a penalty why his shirt was shredded. So yellow was okay.
  2. Risky game by Bruce... if Boro score, we have a weak attack for extra time...
  3. momo

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    Thank you for the last paragraph. Everything above is of course BS, we all know there will never be a Palestinian state, least not where the borders are today. BUT, with the last paragraph you legitimize killing oppressed Palestinians just for the sake of it. Even today, you killed around 50 unarmed Palestinians just for fun. Thank you, mr. agent.
  4. momo

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Who is fit in defense...Only back up at cb is Samba then? And Bree at lb/rb. I mean real defenders, not Bjarnason and Jedinak.
  5. momo

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    bla bla bla Stop washing away crimes against humanity. There is only one fact, and that is not up for discussion. Btw, how about giving all Palestinians and those who call themselves israelis equal rights? You wont, because that will ruin the racist state built on the dead bodies of Palestinian. No, you cry crocodile tears when defenseless people fight against oppression, then you go and kill some thousand kids, and excuse it by calling them Hamas kids.
  6. momo

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    Stop lying. You either don't know your politics, you're brain washed, or you are a hasbara agent (with is the same as brain washed). Sorry for being harsh, but I know who I am and I know the harsh realities the terror state inflicts on non-jews inside all of historic Palestine. Especially in Gaza and the West Bank. How can there be two-states while you are still expanding settlements and building settlements on new land in the West Bank? And the apartheid wall taking even more of Palestinian land? Facts, my friend, is not on your side. What Palestinians want is not an option. It is what you want, and you want it all, while slowly removing Palestinians from their homes, even sometimes using fake documents approved by the high court (see east Jerusalem).
  7. momo

    Derby vs Fulham play offs

    I think Derby is the easiest option for Villa in the final match... so go Derby!!
  8. momo

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    Hasbara is everywhere.
  9. momo

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    People are so lame. He is a club legend. I will shed a tear when he leaves, because he was special.
  10. momo

    Midweek Football 10/12 Apil

    Not a penalty at all.
  11. momo

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Would you say the same if Terry where to play left back?