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  1. momo

    Steve Bruce

    Sure. But Smith kept on playing him, and there where incoming players that didn't materialize. And Elphick might have wanted to go. It's easy to criticize not knowing the full truth. It was a shit summer and I am sure everyone did their best.
  2. momo

    Steve Bruce

    And? Smith brought in Drinkwater this January...Sometimes they get decisions right, sometimes they don't
  3. momo

    Steve Bruce

    And you ignore the fact that the club was practically bankrupt until late in the transfer window when the new owners came in.
  4. momo

    Steve Bruce

    I agree that Smith didn't have that much time to build a new team last summer, but Bruce practically just had days to get in players the summer before. So a lot of the criticism was and is stupid.
  5. momo

    Steve Bruce

    I feel he did an adequate job at Villa.
  6. momo

    Steve Bruce

    Bring Bruce back for the remainder of our games
  7. No? I am optimistic. Is it a crime?
  8. You bolded the part that said that Villa will be fighting for top 4. So I am right or wrong?
  9. Villatalk has been selling him the whole year. I mean, have some ambitions. Villa will stay up, and next year Villa will be challenging for top 4. Why would he leave?
  10. Grealish is priceless and he is not going.
  11. Ederson did an Engels, but got away with it....
  12. Also Trez is more comfortable on the left...
  13. momo

    Callum O'Hare

    Sounds like Luiz and Nakamba.
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