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  1. People would want Smith fired in both instances anyway. Fickle fans haha
  2. Billing should have had red, and that dude that destroyed Wesley also should have had red for dangerous play. But, the Lansbury goal could never be given, because the referee blew the whistle before the shot.
  3. He was good at the start of the season. It was easy to see way he was brought in.
  4. In itself yes, but not this way.
  5. Purslow for stating that Villa would not loan in players. Purslow being overreliant on Smith doing the hard work of making a brand new team work. Stuff like this might work in baseball, but not in football.
  6. We did a Villa. One place above Fulham.
  7. The defense is better, the midfield is better, the attack is worse.
  8. If Villa go down, which is very likely, this guys loss of interest after the restart is what's costing us. A normal Grealish would have put fear in the opposition. Now he is a flower puff.
  9. momo

    Dean Smith

    I am sure that if Villa had survived this season, problem areas would have been addressed and the team would be stronger and better off next season. Villa has played amazing games throughout the season. You can blame individual errors, but I have never thought a season with so many wrong calls going against this team was even possible. It hasn't evened itself out. It's too late.
  10. momo

    Dean Smith

    This is all on Grealish. He is not supporting the manager and is dragging the club back to the championship.
  11. He is taking space in the team for no reason
  12. Grealish needs to get his head out of his ass if Villa is going to survive relegation. Starting today.
  13. You're just a factory full of fun
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