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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    I watched the game today. And I am pleased about Hutton. I am a fan. The rest of them... meh... and to Bruce: Parking the bus after 4 wins and high confidence is a bit cowardly.
  2. International Football General Chat

    3 Jordan Amavi On the bench for France this evening. Well well....
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    I give ratings on entertainment value and excitement! Performance sucks every time anyway and I laugh at how bad it is
  4. Tommy Elphick

    Born in 1999... What did you expect?
  5. Weekends Football 25/27 August

    Clark just did it for Newcastle. Think he found his level in the PL
  6. Steve Bruce

    Well, I see positive signs. As stated above, the kids are doing well. It could be worse, like 0 points
  7. Steve Bruce

    Sure, this is not an excuse, just a bit of optimism. The kids are doing alright.
  8. Steve Bruce

    With the cup games, I would say that this is okay for now. Just barely okay. It is not the first 2 games that wins you promotion. It's a marathon, and we will have to wait and see. As I said, I expect more from the players after the international break. Especially since Brucie has got his players in, like Terry, Elmohamady and Snodgrass.
  9. Steve Bruce

    It's an okay start to the season. At least now we know Bruce will be here when the transfer window closes. He has got in several of his players, so in September I expect a much higher standard of effort and play.
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    McCormack is on the field, you know I believe he is a striker.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Leandro Bacuna goes on a 30-yard run into the box and thunders his shot into the net. But not for Villa....
  12. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Don't you mean Palestine?