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  1. Since you said Norway, you have heard the term sneak-Islamization which is used by your finance minister over and over again for no obvious reason than her being an islamophobe and racist. Yet, will anybody in your country call her a racist? No? Why is that? Other vile anti-Muslim statements by british politicians, australian politicians, american politicians, italian politicians, hungrian politicians and other european politicians are not PC. And then to compare israeli apartheid politics to general Islam and Muslims is really out of place. You should try to compare islamophobia with european antisemitism. Then you will get the idea of how it is to be a Muslim in this toxic environment.
  2. It's the same shit talk the terrorists use as an excuse to kill Muslims.
  3. Very few posts here. Is it because the victims are Muslims?
  4. momo

    Dean Smith

    Honey moon over...hahaha... Nothing special here.
  5. momo


    The lower we go, the better coaches we get?
  6. All the players are huge wastes of financial resources.
  7. Nice to give them Gardner so they could have this upturn in form
  8. I disagree. Most of the cash were burned under Di Matteo. Wolves had much better players, especially attacking wise.
  9. Bruce improved this club, that hasn't happened since Martin O'Neill.
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