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Libor Kozák


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Libor Kozak greets Italy. A few minutes ago in fact Lazio have reached agreement with Aston Villa for the transfer of the attacker Czech. A permanent transfer, expect the details with the figures. With the company biancoceleste that continues to treat for Burak Yilmaz, waiting for the final answer of Galatasaray. Meanwhile, Kozak flies in the Premier League.


Believed to be a loan deal according to the reporter who wrote the artcle above. 24 years old, Libor is a big, strong striker in the Benteke mould, top scorer in the Europa League last season with 10 goals in 11 games.


A few Lazio fans believe it is a permanent deal.

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It's says there it is a permanent deal. 


Yeah but the reporter who wrote the post tweeted that it is a temporary deal. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


I agree that a loan would be strange but we do need a back-up for Benteke, maybe we need to spend transfer fee funds elsewhere ;)

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so people moaned like **** that there was no one coming, now moaning like **** that they're unhappy when we do sign someone...


not overly bothered by it being a loan, it seems like there will have to be a bit of a play with positions and what some peoples roles are, this guy and helenius being the prime examples, therefore im glad we aren't paying £2 - 3m for that risk

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