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  1. 30 seconds left down by 1, henry running riot. titans choose to kick to extra point rather than go for the win. inexplicable.
  2. just need to keep buying lottery tickets
  3. the broncos would concern me if they had a qb. can't believe they passed on fields still, wtf were they thinking?
  4. draft grade: D don't think i've ever got a good grade apart from the year autodraft did it
  5. i'll be very disappointed if we don't sign anyone else, which it looks like we won't. i don't see any reason why we shouldn't be going all out for another cm and a lw. when grealish was here, we were told that the signings we made would be to compliment him. now he's gone and nothing is being done to kick on any further. in the end it seems like a bit of a wasted summer treading water, more or less. i can't really see us pressing for europe anyway.
  6. i just find it strange how we were being told all summer long that buendia and bailey were signed to play alongside grealish, and now that he's left they're his replacements all of a sudden.
  7. sarr going to spurs for 15m according to RMC
  8. I understand that, my point is only that there is more value in the European market
  9. just for context, arsenal are paying £30m for martin odegaard. if we spend £50m on james ward-prowse, I don't even know what to say.
  10. That worked better cause of the stripes. Against a light blue background it can be difficult to distinguish what exactly it is from a distance, or if the image is smaller
  11. I just don’t understand why the lion is usually yellow on our badges. Just make it claret for better contrast against the blue background and it’s perfect for me.
  12. don't understand this argument. if it directly impacts our spending on other players then we should be concerned with the fee. anything over £40m is too much in my opinion.
  13. every loan he's had has been a success. heerenveen, vitesse, sociedad. even at arsenal (where people said he struggled to make an impact) he won fans player of the month in march.
  14. i'd like to see us target josip brekalo of wolfsburg. left winger who plays the inside forward role really well. might take a small fortune to get him out of wolfsburg though, and might not want to sacrifice champions league football.
  15. we were challenging for europe without one until our best player got injured last season.
  16. well yeah… I don’t think we necessarily need one. but if we can find the next Ndidi, yes obviously we should do it because he offers both physicality and playmaking ability. there’s no point in signing another nakamba is there? Luiz does not get the respect he deserves for his defensive contribution. he’s improved massively in this area since he began here.
  17. You would think we were terrible defensively going off this thread. I don’t think we’re desperate for this kind of player. It would be nice if we could find someone like Ndidi or Fabinho but those guys aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.
  18. i've haven't been able to find a single credible source about that inter rumour other than that tweet. it's rubbish. they aren't in a good place financially, but they aren't liquidating.
  19. i may be alone in this, but I keep on trying to justify this deal and I just can’t do it. I don’t doubt he’ll score goals for us in the short term, but I can’t help but think we were fine with wesley as back up to watkins who has earned that starting role up front. the money could have been invested better in other positions and on someone with more resale value. unless we play 4-4-2 which I highly doubt will happen, the result seems to be a square peg in a round hole somewhere. should’ve signed someone to play in jack’s position who can also provide cover up front in case of injury. I love the player, but that still doesn’t make it a logical signing. put it this way…would you catch leicester signing a 29 year old for 30 million with one year left on his deal who has suffered niggling injuries throughout his career?
  20. if we're playing with inside forwards, bailey will be on the right. el ghazi isn't good enough to start every week. i just think having someone like cantwell (or someone like that) would really complete the rebuild up front.
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