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    Lads, over from Ireland for the weekend. Still haven't managed to get my hands on a ticket. I'd appreciate if people could keep me in mind if they hear of anything. Thanks
  2. Any sign of Sven & Beckham ?
  3. Remember Keith Curle's handball in the run-in in 93 ? Maybe they'll think we owe them one. The Premiership Years 92/93 - Youtube - link to game
  4. I know it means sod all but AVFC Mystery Man on Twitter is saying it's Larry Ellison "AVFCMysteryman ‏@AvfcMysteryman 30m The real story for #Villa is that the man ready to buy #AVFC is Larry Ellison the American Billionaire #ExcitingTimes" "AVFCMysteryman ‏@AvfcMysteryman Larry Ellison worth $48 Billion that he made Randy Lerner $1.5 Billion his Dad made Ellison hates 2 lose Lerner is good at failure #AVFC" ------------------------------- Just thought I'd tell you guys
  5. Saving Private Ryan Bertrand ? Villa-Delph-ia? Sounds Terminal
  6. Saving Private Ryan Bertrand ?
  7. Hardly any pathetic squabbles though. Gotta give them that We should send BJ10 over to TBAR on loan just for shits and giggles. What's the web-site?
  8. yeah no bother lad, how much you after like. Freudian sniff, sorry, slip.
  9. If you want to know the facts then nothing has actually changed! Cheers
  10. Been under a rock the last few days. Can anyone bring me up to speed ?
  11. @OptaJoe 3 - Stoke have scored 3+ goals in successive Premier League games for only the second time. Fiesta.
  12. I do because this is not a consistent side. If it was we would be about 10 points and 2 places better off, and not be losing to league one sides at home. But as I have learnt following the Villa, take the good moments because they will drop a bollock sooner rather than later. The voice of reason
  13. Fantastic win, suddenly the next 7 (!) games look winnable Stoke (H) Man Utd (A) Fulham (H) Palace (A) Southampton (H) Swansea (A) Hull (H) These 7 games followed by season's last 2 fixtures away to Man City & Spurs.
  14. They're not all bad liverpool-kop.com: "Did Suarez dive?"
  15. http://youtu.be/TYtDRLbApLc Not hilarity, but started looking back through old videos to see if I can find anything of interest. Villa vs QPR, opening day 93-94, Steve Staunton, take a bow son.
  16. Off to VP on Sunday for the first time in a very, very, very long time. Really looking forward to it. A win would be nice but sure we'll just have to see what happens. Keep an eye out for the Mita Copiers 92-93 shirt with the strings.
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