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  1. Already been done, not because of a link to sexual deviancy but for the simple fact of being an emo/goth for that reason alone. Anyone that's different must be a bit wierd to some unfortunately hence why most people appear remarkably similiar until you get to know them intimately
  2. one of the few level approaches i have read on thia thread. remember not everyone who has convictions has commited a crime also, it is naive to have blind faith in a system that has been wrong at various times in history. i take everyone at face value and despise vigilantes as cancers of morality
  3. Having clark at left back is ridiculous, horrible formation and one man to blame for it. players looked like they were off for a social kick about when they made their way down the tunnel at the start, didn't look psyched up at all
  4. Took to page 6 for him to get a mention, wow, he's number one for me. How anyone can compare Michael Jordan to Ronnie O'Sullivan is beyond me. Messi is up there no doubt, but it's so hard to compare sports, you'd have to say the more popular sports should hold a heavier weighting due to the the greater number of opponents and direct competition. Jordan takes it for me though, to win 3 championships in a row, take a season and a bit out to play minor league baseball and come back and win another 3 in a row that's some going. Faced a lot of great nba players too and beat them all and has about $700m to show for it. sorry but why can't they be compared, yet you then try to compare a footballer with a basketball player? As you say it's hard to compare sports but make no reason that suggests why o'sullivan isn't in the same category as another top sportsman
  5. Merson must think Benteke will play only part of the game, only way that his prediction makes sense
  6. I wonder what these types get out of there hobby, it's a real bizarre choice to stand on platform just right down a few digits in a notebook i think they love trains in a way that some people like planes or cars. some people take time to go to airports or exclusive parts of london for their equivalent of trainspotting. i like planes and cars and i've been to the nec and airshows, but going about it like a regular hobby is a bit ott.
  7. That is strange logic Costa Rica is actually Spanish for "Rich Coast" but can also mean "Pleasant Coast" Of course, Costa means coast, I feel like an idiot right now
  8. I'm going for Costa Rica, only because of Costa Coffee and coffee is kind of murky in appearance, quite a strange logic I know
  9. I've known people go to the doctors with a tickly throat to be diagnosed with throat cancer, better to be safe than sorry
  10. I have just watched some footage of the Phillipine storm on the news, what's more shocking was the level of deforestation depicted from the ariel shots. It's the man made environmental disaster that I found to be the real visual tragedy, absolutely disgusting how a lush tropical country can end up like that, after a bit of research I found less than 7% (declining rapidly) of the rainforest is left intact with many endemic animals such as the Phillipine Monkey Eating Eagle teetering on the edge of extinction.
  11. If karma exists than I should enjoy a healthy dose of luck for the rest of my life, I'm still waiting on it.
  12. I'd be up for a chess league if someone can set one up, I love the game. I watched one of the condensed youtube games from the world finals last night in fact, ended in a draw that particular one did. I've spent many an evening playing my dad, considering he's dyslexic he has a massive advantage on me if we were to add up all the games we've played and won, he must have a tactically aware brain to make up for his lack of the 3 R's. You can only pick the game up with experience and sticking to some main principles. Attack weak areas of the board Defend your strengths Don't get caught up completely attacking or defending Pawns are important pieces, people often sacrifice them like they have no value Be subtle
  13. I think the worst film I have ever seen is The Devil Wears Prada, if you've not seen it don't bother
  14. Looks like it will be a different story with a lot of the original robots, the original one wasn't a cheesy film unlike Nos 2,3 & if I remember a 4th. I think this will be a much more rounded film like the original
  15. There's a chance he may just think Bowery is good enough, if that shot he hit yesterday nestled in the top corner very few of these posts would be written. I haven't seen enough of him to think he's a write off
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