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  1. Can't really complain at the £12m fee judging by how highly he seems to be rated by people who have seen him play. I don't claim to know much about him though, and I'd like to see another centre half come in who's a bit more experienced and proven.
  2. of course every team wants to maximise their profit. it's just that for me there's too much risk paying that for him, but i do understand why we did. i just think we could have leveraged the fact he wanted to come here and stuck it out until the end of the window to force their hand on it a little bit more.
  3. nice free agency period for sac. we made a move for al horford but he didn't fancy it in the end. it's cool that he actually considered it though. dewayne dedmon replaces cauley-stein at the 5 and trevor ariza comes in as a nice option from the bench. betting on another year of improvement from the young core of fox, bagley and hield.
  4. £15m. Yes, I would ask for more because I want to make as much profit as possible. Not because I believe he's worth it, but because I want lots of money to buy more players with.
  5. what on earth is your point here? are you saying i'm wrong for me not wanting to take an instant loss on a player without him playing a game for the club when it wasn't even me who signed the player? what have i got to lose in that scenario?
  6. this makes absolutely no sense because i didn't sign him for £20m in the first place.
  7. i'm aware of that. i'm just making a point that we shouldn't carelessly spend over the odds just because we can.
  8. just signed a new deal with united.
  9. not caring about the money is how we nearly went into administration last year.
  10. i find it difficult to accept as well but in a world where harry maguire is costing £90m and burnley are asking £40m for james tarkowski, it doesn't seem that bad
  11. KD, Irving and DeAndre Jordan to Brooklyn. What on Earth is happening?
  12. that isn't a link to us. that's a guy who references an article claiming real want to loan him out for two years and says we should go for him. the title literally says "opinion".
  13. those give me hope for the kits. they look great.

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