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  1. Quality players signed for Villa at the end of their careers

    edit: nvm, it was 2am
  2. NBA 2016-17

    Yeah but I've only really gotten into the NBA the past couple of seasons so I've been spared the majority of the suckage. Can't see it changing any time soon.
  3. NBA 2016-17

    I heard about the Curry thing. I wanted Hield in the draft but he obviously didn't fall. From everything I've heard he's struggled to adapt to the NBA so we'll see how that goes. Gotta think we're in tank mode now though. Hope the Sixers suck enough that they won't want to swap their pick with ours and maybe even trade up to pick a PG like Ball or Fultz.
  4. NBA 2016-17

    What got me was Vlade saying there was a better offer on the table two days ago. Why would he even say that? I love him and I appreciate everything Vivek has done for the team and the city but they've both got to go.
  5. NBA 2016-17

    Kings gonna King. Cousins and Casspi to NOLA for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans and Langston Galloway, plus a 2017 1st and 2019 2nd.
  6. FIFA17

    youre not real if youre not running pirlo in division one
  7. Scott Hogan

    Looks like a Vardy type player. Worries me a little that teams will just continue to sit and counter us as they have been doing, nullifying his main attribute. That's me going off of about 10 minutes of youtube videos though so I could be very wrong.
  8. The 'Who Supports Who' topic

    Yeah the Bills are a great choice. A co-worker got me into them over the past 18 months or so and catch their games on gamepass in addition to Giants games. Great team to follow. Lost the Superbowl four times in a row and its documented really well in ESPN's 30 for 30 episode which I'd recommend watching if it interests you. The fins look like a team on the rise though. Gase has done well there.
  9. Ashley Westwood

    this is a sad, sad day for villatalk
  10. Steve Bruce

    i don't think it's as simple as that. With so many new faces, it might take time for them to gel. (I'm well aware that not all teams need to gel as much as much as others, but it's a possibility). Next season is the aim for me anyway, we're too far behind the pack as it stands. I'd be looking for definite improvement though, especially in midfield and the amount of goals we score.
  11. January 2017 transfer window

    would bedeau really count? he surely won't be a first team player.
  12. Jordan Ayew

    Brain, yeah fair enough. But his attitude and application?
  13. Conor Hourihane

  14. Carlos Sanchez

    Not sure. I think the Italian game suits him a bit more where the game is a bit slower and more tactical. His problems always stemmed from him not being afforded as much time on the ball as he expected. I wouldn't want him player as a central defender in a four man defence and I don't envision Bruce employing a three man defence just to incorporate him, especially as we've just bought a new right back.
  15. Carlos Sanchez

    He's been one of Fiorentina's best players recently, playing on the right of a back three. Had a bit of a mare last night though.