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  1. I highly doubt it is, but it he looks like Jay Rodriguez.
  2. i don't remember him being particularly bad in his limited game time to be honest.
  3. does anyone know why ty bracey is verified? he randomly has like 70k followers as well.
  4. yeah, that's an issue. they're all quite similar. drinkwater i assume will step in in those types of games whenever he's fit enough.
  5. i'm not sure he's the right pick in a game we're expected to be dominated in possession because he's not combative or aware enough at the moment. he's only going to improve with game time though, and i'm certainly not throwing in the towel on him. there's clearly huge potential there.
  6. i love our anwar. wouldn't want to rely on him as a striker too often considering the amount of chances he tends to miss, but he's a nice option to have in the squad.
  7. he's not as good or high profile as those players. he had a great season last year but before that he was an unknown, more or less. that's not to say he wouldn't be a good signing for us, but he isn't on the same level as those you listed.
  8. cant be arsed. this is what they get for keeping gettleman. they cant get out of their own way. literally everyones been saying all year that the patriots receivers have been poor. so who do we go and hire? the guy coaching them!!!
  9. tannehill has been unbelievable since he replaced mariota. so weird.
  10. were we watching the same player?
  11. Friedel Young - Dunne - Mings - Hutton Petrov - McGinn Downing - Grealish - Young Benteke This is working from the 2010-2011 season onwards so I didn't count the second half of 2009-2010. Milner only played one game that season so I didn't put him in.
  12. brett holman??? trezeguet has more skill in his weak foot than holman had in both combined. i don't get the criticism. i think he's been fine, especially considering the step up in opposition he's used to facing.
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