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  1. abdomlahor

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    yeah i get the same
  2. abdomlahor

    Steve Bruce

    sensible choice
  3. abdomlahor

    Thierry Henry

    are you ok?
  4. abdomlahor

    New Manager Speculation

    im not being unoptimistic, im just being a realist. i absolutely love the idea of thierry henry managing us. he's my favourite premier league player ever. but we do have a solid manager in bruce who wants to stay who brought us within one game of promotion. to throw that away for someone with no real managerial experience would be a risk im not sure i would take personally.
  5. abdomlahor

    New Manager Speculation

    in that he has a record of success in the championship. with him in charge i'd be confident of a playoff place every season. henry is a complete unknown.
  6. abdomlahor

    New Manager Speculation

    it would be a massive gamble. i think we're lucky to have bruce at this level.
  7. abdomlahor

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Im in obv. free to draft whenever i would say
  8. the nfl needs to stop sticking it's nose where it doesnt belong
  9. abdomlahor

    Tony Xia

    hiding behind twitter? would you like him to come to your house personally and answer your queries or something?
  10. abdomlahor

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    our draft was perfect for gettleman's archaic plan of running the hell out of the ball i suppose. i absolutely love barkley as a player but as ive said i wouldve much preferred a quarterback.
  11. i think khan's interest in wembley is more to do with controlling the nfl future of london rather than neccesarily relocating the jaguars. if any team wants to move to london, they'll basically have to negotiate with him. it'll be interesting to see how spurs' new stadium figures to be involved in all of this though, with the retractable pitch.
  12. abdomlahor

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    he didn't look like he had that second gear to run away from defenders in the games i watched of his. he has good acceleration and could make people miss, but the lack of long speed might hurt him. he reminds me a little bit of paul perkins actually.
  13. abdomlahor

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    hawks draft a punter! heard he's good, but lol
  14. abdomlahor

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    ravens pick yet another tight end.
  15. abdomlahor

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    there seem to be a lot more trades than usual this year. GMs looking at what howie has done in philadelphia...