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  1. not sure how to break it to you but russell wilson got traded to the yankees
  2. give me rosen over darnold. I like both but I think rosen could be really good. i don't think he ever openly stated it, did he? as far as I'm aware, it was just a rumour. no-one wants to go to cleveland anyways lets be honest, and if they say they do, they're lying.
  3. if i'm john dorsey and i think that josh rosen is the best quarterback in the draft, i'm taking him. i'm not settling for someone i don't like as much, or don't have as much faith in. if i don't like crowell, i'll just take ronald jones, sony michel or nick chubb in the second or third round.
  4. fair enough. i just think the browns have come off of a 16 loss season. why skimp out and risk missing out on their favourite quarterback? the new gm is going to want his guy. they can't have another carson wentz situation. for me the top two are rosen and darnold. with mayfield, you dont see many qbs his size work out in the nfl. you get one every now and then like brees and wilson, but it would be a risky pick. tbh i put him on that list because i've heard the browns like him a lot, so if they really do like him that much it would obviously be stupid to pass on him. same could be said for josh allen.
  5. i think there was much more to a team going from 3-13 to making the championship game than drafting fournette. firing gus bradley hiring doug marrone signing calais campbell signing AJ bouye the emergence of jalen ramsey and yannick ngakoue as elite and very good players at their position respectively as i said, the fournette pick was justified because they had everything set up around him.
  6. i'm well aware of how good barkley is, but a running back alone doesn't change the fortunes of a team. you can get by with a committee. picking him over rosen, darnold or mayfield would be foolish. the top two quarterbacks will probably be gone by four. the giants will surely pick one, and if we end up trading the pick, the team we trade with will too. indy is also actively shopping their pick and with so many teams desperate for a quarterback, they won't be any shortage of offers. I'd rather have an elite corner or pass rusher than an elite running back. if they get cousins, then yeah, maybe i would be more tempted. but only if i didn't like any of the offers to move out of number one. just look at the top two players who were up for offensive rookie of the year and overall rookie of the year. kareem hunt and alvin kamara were both third rounders. before them, jay ajayi and jordan howard were 5th rounders. even leveon bell and lesean mccoy were second rounders. I think spending a premium pick on a running back is something that only makes sense if all the other important positions on the team are in good shape. the cowboys and jags doing it made sense because their teams were in that position. the cowboys with their dominant offensive line, and the jags with their solid run blockers up front, and they also wanted their qb to throw it less. they also knew they had a dominant defence that wasn't going to concede many points.
  7. taking a running back number one overall is the complete opposite of smart
  8. XFL

    QB predictions: Manziel Tebow JaMarcus Chad Kelly Ochocinco Matt Saracen Triple H a hologram of Broadway Joe
  9. Superbowl LII

  10. it's gonna be absolutely glorious when the wheels finally fall off in new england.
  11. NFL Team in England

    if they do put a team in london, would the NFL have to change their name to the IFL? not sure donald would approve...
  12. not sure what the general manager was expecting from his offensive co-ordinator given the pure lack of talent he provided on the offensive line to be honest. ours just got fired because of that exact reason, or at least it was a major contributing factor.
  13. College sports - general chat