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  1. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    hahaha i cant believe i actually won that matchup. mad
  2. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    my team went to shit when i lost elliott. resulting trades didnt work out and ended up with an awful roster. ah well.
  3. Week 14 - Seahawks v Gus Bradley

    yea, im a pussy
  4. Week 14 - Seahawks v Gus Bradley

    that fool trying to scale the advertising boards to throw hands with a jags fan who threw beer at him had me absolutely howling lmao
  5. Week 14 - Seahawks v Gus Bradley

    lol pathetic from seattle
  6. change was needed. jerry wasn't half as bad as the majority of giants fans made him out to be. i never really liked mcadoo and i don't think he was cut out to coach in a market as big as new york. gimme eric decosta and jim schwartz.
  7. it's a sad, sad state of affairs in east rutherford. eli was verging on tears while talking to the press. this has to signal the end for ben and jerry, too. one huge middle finger to someone who has fought through everything the team. what kind of message is this sending the rest of the players? don't bother? we were going to end up with a top five draft pick anyways. i've never seen such an anticlimactic season. jesus christ.
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    lads, i traded alvin kamara for michael crabtree
  9. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    woah slow down lol. he's top four or five without doubt, but he's isnt better than brady, rodgers or brees.
  10. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    such a bizarre season. 2-8, and our two wins have came in games no-one gave us a chance in.
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    i think it worked out okay for me. i essentially managed to get two primary passing targets (with clay off waivers) to replace kelce (on his bye anyways), and mckinnon for crabtree which is in isolation is probably weighted in my favour imo. worked out well for both. I'm also on the lookout for a qb before the deadline.
  12. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    seems like the scores have been corrected, cause the difference is like 4 points now. still gutting
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    lost by just over 1 point. i dropped brissett for winston and kamara for darkwa at the last minute too.
  14. Week 9 - Cat-fight

    jared goff has nine completions for 209 yards and three tds.
  15. Week 9 - Cat-fight

    this is the worst ive ever seen the giants.