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  1. I pull for the Bills anyways, would've been cool if he ended up coaching them is all. Speaking of, sounds like Sean McDermott is being lined up to replace Rex. He's done well in Carolina
  2. I think people think Coughlin is still this army sergeant task master like he used to be. He's more player friendly these days and to me seems to have lost a lot of that "my way or the highway" kind of mentality. I recall a few examples, especially towards the end of his reign in NY which made me wonder, specifically when he said nothing to Odell when he was losing his mind against Carolina last season. Don't get me wrong, he's still someone I'd never want to get on the wrong side of, but he's definitely a different coach from when he left Jacksonville the first time. Was hoping the Bills would appoint him so I could cheer for him on the side
  3. Playoff round 2 . Battle of the divs.

    of the remaining teams, i'd prefer KC to win it.
  4. Playoffs 2016-17: Wildcard weekend

    Prancing around? They were warming up and doing the same thing Steelers and Dolphins players were doing only hours beforehand, and they got commended for it. No-one seemed to bat an eyelid towards that. It wasn't Odell after all. I don't know what people want from him. Criticised for enjoying the heat in Miami on his day off ahead of a frigid game in Green Bay, criticised for warming up shirtless for ten minutes in single digit temperatures.
  5. Playoffs 2016-17: Wildcard weekend

    i expect nflnetwork to have a panel of at least five discussing whether or not it was as good as odell's
  6. Playoffs 2016-17: Wildcard weekend

    ESPN's coverage is so much better imo. Everything other than the picture, which can make it look like games are taking place underwater cause of the weird blue tint they seem to use. Not so bad this time cause it's daylight.
  7. Jonathan Kodjia

    state of this
  8. Week 17 New Year Bonanza

    the defence is real
  9. Week 17 New Year Bonanza

    cant blame the offensive co-ordinator on the front offices's sheer ineptitude in sorting out the oline though