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  1. ojulari! dave knocking this draft out of the park.
  2. all these college numbers are gonna look so bad. kyle pitts is gonna wear #8 ffs
  3. i didn't see the toney pick coming at all, but i kinda love it
  4. I LOVE IT. A first round pick next year too!
  5. Niners apparently tried to trade for Aaron Rodgers last night...and now Trey Lance is the bookies favourite to be the pick over Jones.
  6. i just think there'll be better options available, he's still a good player.
  7. i'd be happy with any of devonta smith, jaylen waddle, rashawn slater, patrick surtain or jaycee horn. i just don't want micah parsons or kwity paye.
  8. struggling badly for confidence. doesn't seem to be seeing the field properly and is far too casual and indecisive in transitions. hopefully it'll click for him before too long, all players go through bad spells. couldn't believe my eyes at the "worst player in a decade" comment earlier. christ.
  9. default PPR and defence scoring, three bench spots and one IR spot next season imo
  10. started playing age of calamity the other day. just can't get on with it. i knew what it was going to be, but i'm just finding it so boring and repetitive at the moment. same combinations over and over, and the camera angles are really bad.
  11. I haven't played FF7, but all I'll say is that it's score must have been incredible to beat Hades.
  12. i've had the same thing. i placed an order last friday and it still hasn't been dispatched.
  13. Joe Judge is a great coach, and Patrick Graham is a hell of a co-ordinator.
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