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  1. kaepernick was dreadful even before he decided to start taking a knee during the anthem. he obviously showed potential at the beginning of his career, but he was benched for blaine gabbert ffs. yes he would probably be an upgrade for a handful of teams, but there are also other players available who are around his level of talent who won't cause a media circus every time they speak. it's tough but that's just how it is now. rightly or wrongly, he won't get a job. especially now he's filed a grievance against the league.
  2. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    people had plenty of time to take up any issues with the scoring before the draft, and we universally agreed to keep it the same. now people start losing matchups and start complaining about the rules they agreed to
  3. Week 5 - Trubisky

    the seahawks' line has been bad since the dawn of time. they'll be there or thereabouts i'm sure.
  4. Week 5 - Trubisky

    spero dedes drinking game. take a shot every time he says "territory". he's like the the perfect stereotype for overzealous and cheesy american commentators.
  5. Gamepass faked reviews. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/us-sport/national-football-league/nfl-game-pass-developer-deltatre-fake-reviews-employees-users-errors-a7986676.html
  6. Week 5 - Trubisky

    at first i was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. i maybe thought he meant that it was funny because he isn't used to being asked about intricacies of football by a woman. but its his facial expression more than anything that does it for me. and the fact that he hasn't sought to offer an alternative explanation or offer an apology...
  7. Week 3 - Wembley

    if someone had told me the giants would open the season 0-3 a month ago, i'd have laughed at them.
  8. Week 3 - Wembley

    just seen the wembley result. RIP dante lol
  9. Giants News

    i dont think its reese's fault. he's drafted well and fixed the defence. yeah you could argue that the marshall money could have gone on someone like andrew whitworth but you've spent the ninth overall pick on flowers, gotta give him one last chance to perform. this is mcadoo's offence, and it's not working. it hasnt ever since he was promoted.
  10. Week 2 - Tame the steed?

    the tent they put up for injuries is pretty funny. looks like theyre gonna put him down.
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    injunction on the zeke ban. will likely play all season. excellent value at 11 after all!
  12. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    thanks for that. it was 3am and its been a long offseason.
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    didnt see that the miami tampa game was postponed completely (last i heard they were playing it elsewhere). started jameis. GG didnt even get an update from rotoworld. might have been useful
  14. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    pretty happy with my draft. think i got decent depth and two great backs. took a gamble with zeke, but at 11 he was too good to pass up on.