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  1. abdomlahor

    Week 11 Mahomes On Fire In California.

    fell asleep after the first quarter ffs
  2. abdomlahor

    Week 11 Mahomes On Fire In California.

    the saints are just stupid
  3. abdomlahor

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    maybe i should auto-draft every year
  4. abdomlahor

    Basketball & Hockey Movies

    pretty obvious one but coach carter is one of my favourite sports themed films
  5. abdomlahor

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    what is happening to jacksonville ?
  6. abdomlahor

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    all that's getting me through this giants season is the thought of justin herbert, and he might not even declare
  7. abdomlahor

    Week 6 Upstart V Old Fart

    Finito. Hello Justin Herbert
  8. abdomlahor

    Dean Smith

    Not sure if this has been posted or not but it gives a little insight into his coaching methods.
  9. abdomlahor

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

  10. abdomlahor

    Week 5: Go "Dallas Texans"

    only the giants would lose to walk off field goals from 61 and 63 yard field goals in consecutive seasons. got absolutely hosed by the refs too.
  11. abdomlahor

    Thierry Henry

    henry is probably my favourite player of all time and i'd be very excited if he came. i can't shake this feeling though that it would be unwise. it's almost as if sawiris is fanboying over his idol rather than making a logical choice.
  12. abdomlahor

    New Manager Speculation

    I do agree somewhat, but you can’t underestimate the role Mendes could play in luring Fonseca. This is the guy who delivered Ruben Neves to a Championship team after all.
  13. abdomlahor

    New Manager Speculation

    give me paulo fonseca or give me death
  14. abdomlahor

    The Cabbage

    first i heard of it was about the 80 minute mark so im not sure edit: it does seem the cabbage was thrown before kickoff. still funny
  15. abdomlahor

    The Cabbage

    i dont think it's necessarily the fact that someone threw a cabbage at him that i find funny. more the image of someone sitting with a cabbage for 80 minutes waiting for the perfect time to throw it