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  1. Chiefs to win tonight. Chiefs, Pats, Titans, Texans, Cards, Bengals, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, Steelers, Rams, Ravens, Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Colts
  2. Play tonight versus Minnesota. Predicting a fairly turgid defeat with 3 points in it. O-Line is a pile of crap and our receiver set is limited.
  3. Markus Wheaton's total no-show ruining my Gronk delight so far. Steelers look really blunt
  4. Edelman being constantly targeted here. Gronk at #12 grabbing me some early points
  5. Pats, Bills, Jets, Panfas, Packers, Texans, Racists, Seahawks, Chargers,Saints, Ravens, Bengals, Bucs, Eagles, Vikings ...edit.. and Cowboys
  6. Detroit D is on the block for sensible offers btw.
  7. Good review. If Bradford stays fit Philly attack a ridiculous amount and have a good O to do it with. Luck on the other hand is the best fantasy QB but is prone to those hideous games against good defences where Indy totally bail on the game and get dickslapped.
  8. Any chance of a league invite too please?
  9. He's the real deal. If you don't think so... **** watch him play a bit more.
  10. Watching a ton of shows and TV atm. Arrow, The Flash, House of Cards, Archer, Agent Carter, Better Call Saul to name a few. Going to start on Fortitude and The Blacklist at some point.
  11. We do need receivers. I'd like us to trade up for a good one.
  12. **** me our offence is so bad it hurts. A sign of how bad the Giants are that they can lose to us tonight. Defence very good again, interceptions as per, but offence is just crap. We've been awful most of the season and we're 6-4. Hmm.
  13. Biggest surprise from the opening couple is Buffalo going 2-0. Saints ahahahahahahhahahahah
  14. Can you imagine the Lions without Megatron... Terrible. Giants stinking it up too today Well I mean even more terrible than they are..
  15. Compared to last week this week is a snorefest.
  16. Watched Guardians on Monday and my god is it good. All the main characters are excellent, although Drax is my favourite. Definitely Marvel's best effort thus far. With regards to excellent comic book superhero movies, Watchmen, Dredd, Avengers, Guardians, The Dark Knight would be the pinnacle of my list. Although Avengers is up there entirely because it's like a dream to see a movie of it.
  17. I love thunderstorms. Haven't any GOOD ones here for years. Bring 'em on, I say. Thunderstorms are amazing.
  18. Yeah according to succession theory it would be Joffrey-Tommen-Myrcella, then as that would be the end of Robert Baratheon's line, it would go to Stannis unless any of them had kids. (Mild spoiler alert for anyone who's at the beginning that we shouldn't need anyway) Although as we know, the kids are all bastards born of incest so it's Stannis' by right of succession anyway.
  19. As painful as it is, I wouldn't swap Villa for anyone. Not Liverpool, not Chelsea, not United, not Real Madrid. Plastic fans, now they annoy me but shouldn't. I mean people can support who they like sure... but with NO hereditary attachment to the area where the club are from? Just because they're famous? Just like my brother who is a "die-hard" Chelsea fan who's never even been to a professional game of football. I've seen Chelsea about 8 more times than he has.
  20. Did you sleep? And has it stopped raining?
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