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  1. Bit late.... but I am buzzed for Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok and KOTOR remake. And Insomniac doing a Wolverine game has totally made me giddy. They're gonna smash it.
  2. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau is also the henchman in a little-seen so bad it's still bad gem called Firewall starring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany
  3. Just watched 21 Bridges (Prime) - God Chadwick Boseman is good. Cinema lost a good one early.
  4. Not as much visually as vocally, granted
  5. Phil LaMarr as Marvin in Pulp Fiction
  6. Michael Imperioli in Goodfellas is one that spins me.
  7. Today I learnt Sally Hawkins was in Layer Cake too. God that movie is good and has a lot of actors early in their careers
  8. Layer Cake is my "holy **** that's Ben Whishaw" moment. (Also holy **** that's Tom Hardy)
  9. Add in Neverending Story 3 for more sudden Jack Black
  10. Star Trek (2009) also has Chris Hemsworth as Kirk's (Chris Pine) dad and genuinely looks like he could be his dad. Other ones that leapt to mind - Karl Urban as the bad guy assassin in the Bourne Supremacy, didn't recognise him as being the same guy as Eomer for years. Amy Adams appearing in Catch Me If You Can as well...
  11. I had no idea Dean Norris was in T2. Theres defo a conversation to be had about "oh shit that actor was in that?!/that character?!" Took me about 5 years to recognise that it was Bill Paxton in the first Terminator. Oscar Isaac in Drive is another one
  12. Decided to watch the Basic Lupine Urology episode of Community last night in tribute to MKW. God that episode is great. Sudden Michael Ironside too
  13. Michael K Williams dead apparently. **** hell that's a shocker
  14. Oh 100% I'll absolutely watch Starship Troopers any time I see it on. It's absolutely glorious and I can't understand how people didn't think it was a blatant satire. The absolute funniest thing for me is how Denise Richards character somehow barely gets injured despite being in a spaceship crash and recovering quicker than Wolverine when being stabbed through the chest by one of the bugs. Also Dean Norris is in Starship Troopers which is always a win for me
  15. Not sure what the best action movie of the last 30 years is for me. My gut says T2 which is nearly 30 but has insane effects that hold up today, great action and has you all the way through. Heat is up there, Dark Knight, Fury Road.... as mentioned the Rock and Starship Troopers are both great fun....
  16. Hadn't seen this post! Was the first time I'd seen it in like 10 years (on Amazon Prime if people have that)
  17. Watched Heat yesterday. Such a good film, a load of great performances in it. De Niro should have got away with it IMO
  18. Just come back from the cinema. Shang Chi is excellent and really good fun. Some great action. Also Tony Leung is excellent.
  19. The shitweasels. God I'd forgotten that. Up there with Sleepwalkers as shite but bonkers enough to stand out
  20. Favourite Stephen King related film is Shawshank. An all-timer. Favourite Stephen King related awful entertaining film is Sleepwalkers which is just... wow
  21. Watched the French Connection again tonight. Top drawer film with great drama. Some of the worst blood effects ever though
  22. Yeah considering GB one 1 gold (one!) In 1996 their revival due to funding has been a stark difference. GB are the only team to have won a gold medal at every modern Olympics I believe although in 1904 the only gold medallist was an Irishman as GB didn't even send competitors
  23. Also speaking of the Russians i think its farcical they're allowed to compete at all. Banned for widspread doping but sure yeah you guys can come anyway. Go for it.
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