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  1. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    Looks like winter is coming to an end in where I live, next week we're getting above 0c temperatures. As much as I love the winter, I love it that we have four very distinct seasons, so I am welcoming the spring. Another thing I love is that we have very short days during winter, in the shortest day we get just about 4-4,5 hours of daylight, so it gets dark after 3pm. During summer it is the opposite, our nights are not dark at all, and when we have the longest day, the sun sets down just before midnight or something, and rises up at like 3am or something, it's awesome. I am currently looking for a job in the way up north, where the sun doesnt set at all during the summer for at least some days and won't rise up during the winter for some days...although another and bigger reason is that they have amazing trekking, fishing and hunting areas way up in the north.
  2. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    In other words: you are boring. Being normal is boring.
  3. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    I love snow, the more the better, I also love cold, it was great when the cold weather hit this area. During the day we had about -20c in the coldest days. Went for my daily hour long walk, very invigorating! I always knew swedes are SISSIES!
  4. Based on some interviews and comments from Vavra, I don't think he is racist, despite of what certain segments tries to paint him as. He comes off as someone who dislikes the both ends of the political spectrum, both far left and far right, which wouldn't surprise me at all given that the czech was first occupied by the nazis during WW2 and after that they were under soviet/communist rule. I know several people from the eastern europe, and all of them utterly despises any kind of authoritarianism, which makes sense as the eastern block was under totalitarian commie rule for about 50 years. Vavra being confrontational doesn't probably help, as he has tendency to reply with snark and sarcasm, also he has admitted that he should've dealt with the whole "omg Kingdom Come doesn't have blacks in it!" differently. For those who thinks he is racist or far-right, I would like to see actual direct quotes where he clearly states something racist or showing support for far-right causes.
  5. It's set in 1403 in the area where they had quite a bit of strife between different cultures, nations and different factions, I think it is pretty damn certain that there were racism between different groups of people, such as between bohemians and hungarians. I hate it when people instills the modern morals, viewpoint or demands that fiction follows the modern views when depicting historic eras. Not saying you are doing it, but I have seen that happen elsewhere, have people really grown mentally so weak that they can't handle seeing something what differs from our time or their own views?
  6. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    Pfffft, wussies. Little bit of snow and people skipping work, in here kids can stay in during the recess between the classes in elementary school if it's colder than -15c, in my time it was something like -20 or -25c.
  7. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    As promised, my pics for Snow Watch:
  8. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    Hell's Sink is too south and too big for me with too many hipsters too. The more northern, the better. I want to live past the arctic circle, sun won't go down in summer and sun won't come up during the winter, at least for a couple of days.
  9. Jarpie

    Snow Watch!

    -17c outside, which feels like -25c. Time to take a stroll outside, maybe I'll snatch a couple pics of our snow situation.
  10. Nice, Jets acquired Paul Stastny from STL, should be great centre for Patrik Laine. Jets is really going for it this season.
  11. My english is basically what our rally drivers talk with: and, not my video but great example of finnish aksent
  12. We're mongols, don't you know? Also swedes should be afraid... We are actually proud of being introverted, grumpy and weird. Any finn who says we're not crazy, is lying to you or to themselves And it is true that we're not scandinavians, IIRC a lot of finnish populace/ancestry is from siberia or from where the hungary is, as finns and hungarians share the same language tree, and genetics too if I'm not mistaken. Although afaik some (or many) finns who are from the western coast does share ancestry with the swedes/norwegians/danes. Also @Michelsen, I guess we have to agree to disagree, and yes, I'd love to say "No, I don't think any finnish athlete doesn't use any kind of doping", but if I'd suspect it from someone else, I'd have to admit that finnish athletes are not any different. I might come off as more serious in my posts than I intended, but this is not really serious subject for me, as I don't think it's really THAT important thing in the grand scheme of things, it's just sports. I still love to watch sports, and I cheer when finns win (or swedes and norwegians lose ;)), I think people generally tends to take things too seriously when it doesn't really affect them. When it comes to success in the cross-country skiing...if our state really wanted us to be as successful as Norway, we'd need to pump a lot more money into it, they say that they'd rather put money into getting children and adults to "move", than put tax money for professional sports, but I disagree with that. They should put money into both, the success in the competitions will inspire people to do sports too, now that Niskanen won the 50km, I expect to see more people getting into skiing too, especially youth. One of my mottos is that never put people on pedestal, never, so I always expect them to do the same shit what other people do, maybe this explains my thinking. I wonder if there's been anything similar in Norway where the media has absolutely hounded athlete (or any other celebrity) partially causing their death, as I think our media did with Myllylä, who was partially broken by the constant media attention. I think we can agree that media is full of scumbags running after "OMG LOOK THE PICTURES! SHOCK HORROR!" headlines.
  13. This is probably off-topic for this topic, but let's continue. I found the study but it's very technical so I didn't get much out of it, but the articles I found referencing it says that asthma medication has anabolic effect on skeletal muscle, similar to steroids, so it does help, are you really going to say that's not true? No idea how much athletes from other countries uses it though, but it was reported that norwegians brought ten times as much medication as finland did. I don't think it is just the asthma medication, but I do believe it is part of it, I think it'd be incredibly naive to think that any top 20 athlete in any sport which relies on speed and endurance would be 100% clean, and I repeat, any athlete. In the 90s people thought that the crazy days of the 80s doping were behind, but after those hemoglobin measurements were revealed in that one swedish documentary, that pretty much all cross-country athletes during the 90s had crazy high hemoglobin values, which according to the doctors couldn't been achieved normally. I am cynical, but it is the human nature trying to find a way to get advantage over others, especially when it comes to the incredibly ambitious people, which athletes are. There's also the money issue, there's a lot of money involved in the sports, so if people in other areas of life are cheating to gain advantage, or gain money, why would athletes be any different? About Johaug and did she take it on accident or not... people can do stupid things, maybe she thought it wouldn't show up in the tests (as the substances will vanish from the body after certain time) or did some miscalculation etc, who knows. I don't believe Myllyläs compatriots like Jari Isometsä that they didn't use doping, and I don't believe Johaug's excuses either.
  14. Jarpie

    Gym Routine

    I've been going to the gym regularly since late april, I've taken just occasional week off. At the moment I just increased press (or lift) to 70kg (10 reps) from the bench, that should increase to about 13-15 with time, and then I'll up it again by 5kg. Depending on exercise either 35kg or 16kg triceps for 15 reps, 15 reps on either 30kg or 16kg for biceps (depending on type of the exercise), 35-40kg for shoulder press (15 reps again). For back I usually do about 65-75 kg for 15 reps, depending again on the exercise. For legs I do leg extension machine with 110kg - 15 reps, angled leg press with 262 kg for 15 reps and leg curl with 75kg and again 15 reps. I do all reps in the series of three for each exercise. I've done some squats, but I had trouble with sciatic nerve during the winter so I've laid it off for a while.
  15. Norwegian cross-country skiers use asthma medication, either because they (supposedly) have respiratory ailments or as "preventive measure". There was Danish study done, which confirms that some asthma medication has "anabolic effect", like steroids give, I'll try to find the study later and check if they mention the drugs, and are they the ones Norwegians use. I wonder if Michelsen admits that Björgen being still on top at age 37 looks fishy, as I have not seen any athlete who does not drastically start to slow down after the (very) early 30s, especially in any sport which relies on speed and endurance, like cross-country skiing. Plus it's not like they don't have athletes (relatively recently) getting caught for using doping...oh wait, they do... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therese_Johaug#Doping And don't give me crap about "accidentally using lip salve", if I remember correctly, the amount found from her sample would've been impossible to get from normal usage. At least we owned our crap from Lahti 2001. Niskanen should've trolled the norwegians by praising Myllylä again.

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