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  1. theunderstudy

    Week 2 Schedule

    Chiefs to win tonight. Chiefs, Pats, Titans, Texans, Cards, Bengals, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, Steelers, Rams, Ravens, Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Colts
  2. theunderstudy

    Week 1 - Steelers wheel

    Play tonight versus Minnesota. Predicting a fairly turgid defeat with 3 points in it. O-Line is a pile of crap and our receiver set is limited.
  3. theunderstudy

    Week 1 - Steelers wheel

    Markus Wheaton's total no-show ruining my Gronk delight so far. Steelers look really blunt
  4. theunderstudy

    Week 1 - Steelers wheel

    Edelman being constantly targeted here. Gronk at #12 grabbing me some early points
  5. theunderstudy

    Week 1 - Steelers wheel

    Pats, Bills, Jets, Panfas, Packers, Texans, Racists, Seahawks, Chargers,Saints, Ravens, Bengals, Bucs, Eagles, Vikings ...edit.. and Cowboys
  6. theunderstudy

    NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Detroit D is on the block for sensible offers btw.
  7. theunderstudy

    VT NFL Fantasy league preview #1 - QBs

    Good review. If Bradford stays fit Philly attack a ridiculous amount and have a good O to do it with. Luck on the other hand is the best fantasy QB but is prone to those hideous games against good defences where Indy totally bail on the game and get dickslapped.
  8. theunderstudy

    NFL Fantasy League 2015

    It's on.
  9. theunderstudy

    NFL Fantasy League 2015

    11th pick. *saws own arms off*
  10. theunderstudy

    NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Any chance of a league invite too please?
  11. theunderstudy

    NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Hello there.
  12. theunderstudy

    Jordan Amavi

    He's the real deal. If you don't think so... **** watch him play a bit more.
  13. theunderstudy

    The FA Cup Final Pre-Match Thread

    So unbearably excitedly nervous for the game. Heart says Villa, brain says Arsenal. Gonna be huge **** COME ON VILLA
  14. theunderstudy

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa - Liverpool

    Bit late to the party. However... I'm 23 years old, 96 final was my first sporting memory and I was so bloody chuffed when we won that. However I was there on Sunday and I don't think I've ever felt happier or more jubilant watching something. That was genuinely the happiest I've been watching Villa so I can only imagine how I'd be like if we did the impossible and won the whole bloody thing. There has been an air about the cup 'maybe it's our year ' ever since the 3rd round. Fortuitous late goal and good save against shit opposition in Blackpool. Then a slightly less expected win over in form Bournemouth. Then a revenge win over Leicester. Then the big week where we kickstarted our season with the double win over the Baggies. Then this. We'll probably lose to Arsenal. But I'll be there again cheering on the team hoping against hope. We've ruined Stevie G's party, now let's soil Arsene's trophy stroll as their fans think. And I'd love it, love it if we beat them. Put to rest a few ghosts and mouthy neighbours Up the **** Villa
  15. theunderstudy

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Watching a ton of shows and TV atm. Arrow, The Flash, House of Cards, Archer, Agent Carter, Better Call Saul to name a few. Going to start on Fortitude and The Blacklist at some point.