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  1. Yeah considering GB one 1 gold (one!) In 1996 their revival due to funding has been a stark difference. GB are the only team to have won a gold medal at every modern Olympics I believe although in 1904 the only gold medallist was an Irishman as GB didn't even send competitors
  2. Also speaking of the Russians i think its farcical they're allowed to compete at all. Banned for widspread doping but sure yeah you guys can come anyway. Go for it.
  3. In 1948 maybe, GB finished 3rd in 2012 with 29 golds, pretty good Olympics that Just went through all Olympic tables since 1948... worst host was surprisingly Canada in 1976. 0 gold medals as host. Big oof. Greece, Brazil and Mexico all turned in pretty average showings. Predictably the American, Soviet and Chinese hosting of Olympics was very one-sided
  4. Japan top of the medals table atm. Massive shock as the hosts. Who was the last host country to absolutely bomb it at their own Olympics? Agree with some of the comments I read earlier in the thread. No idea how Squash isnt there but tennis is, Kickboxing isnt allowed but a dull sport like Taekwondo is and the Olympic football is a joke. How is this a thing? Should be 5-a-side. Make it intense and entertaining. No point having these massive sports like football, basketball, tennis, rugby there if they're not the pinnacle of their sporting discipline. The boxers are all amateur making it more interesting and competitive. There really needs to be a shakeup with the sports involved. Dressage being here is a farce and so is golf It's always good seeing some smaller countries get the glory... Fiji winning the 7s again was good and Latvia winning the mini basketball
  5. I do love it though. Didn't even realise that was Karl Urban in Supremacy as the bad guy for years. And the shaky-cam fighting gets a lot of stick but I think it captures the frenetic and adrenaline-filled fighting that it tries to do
  6. Bourne Trilogy suffers from the fact that 2 and 3 re-tread (pun not intended) so much of Identity
  7. Been re-watching Phoenix Nights. Absolutely incredible.
  8. I can't agree with any of those except Terminator 2. The first BTTF is an all-all-timer and the 2nd is really good but doesn't touch it. Alien is definitely a better film than Aliens but Aliens is an easier watch. Btw I think Alien-Aliens might be the biggest genre shift i can think of between a film and its direct sequel
  9. Beaten to it, was gonna break the Biz Markie news too. Swear there was a rumour about him passing away a couple of weeks ago
  10. "I haven't laughed since my wife died" "Why did you laugh when your wife died?" There's so many lines in it that crack me up
  11. As I haven't had my natural Silhillian accent since about 2003, I often find myself mimicking the language patterns of others unconsciously when speaking with them. There are a few Midlands things I'll say where I'll don the accent like a hat like "Ta ra a bit" when saying goodbye to my parents, who respond in kind. Or "yallroight" when saying hello. Similarly thanks to where I live in Gloucester I'll often don a very exaggerated Gloucester aaaaccent to say them. The biggest imitation I find myself doing is the Gloucester long Arrrr. My sister has a half-Stockport accent from her time up there too which is always funny
  12. Watched the Death of Stalin again on Sunday. A thoroughly entertaining black comedy with a decent amount of historic accuracy. Some absolutely glorious performances including Jason Isaacs having a world of fun as Georgy Zhukov, and Simon Russell Beale as Beria is magnificent and a total bastard. Always love Armando Ianucci's stuff and would love to see him tackle some other historical political manoeuvring
  13. I keep going back and watching Touch of Cloth at the minute. Criminal it only got 6 episodes
  14. NOW - onto Loki having seen the finale. I got it wrong-ish.
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