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  1. Interestingly the company I work for has an office in Chatsworth (Los Angeles) which is consistently referred to as Chatsworth rather than "the LA office"
  2. I do the same with Salford and Stockport off-hand to most people when referring to visiting my sister as "going to Manchester" even though Salford it it's own city and Stockport is in Cheshire
  3. I guess a lot of people go off the postal town. Solihull and Oldbury and Halesowen (and I think Bootle too?) are all postal towns and Birmingham is nowhere near the official address. Thing is Brum has expanded so much it's swallowed areas of historic Warwickshire and Worcestershire and Staffordshire so places like that see themselves as separate. With that being said I'm not offended if someone pinpoints me as a Brummie in the same way someone from the Black Country would be. I've always seen myself as "native" to Birmingham as a city
  4. Yeah really liked the look of the Loki trailer. I'm impressed at the inventiveness they're trying for over their Disney+ shows. Don't think there's a better carrier for a show about alternate timelines and branch realities in the MCU than Hiddleston's Loki
  5. Real shame about Paul Ritter, always enjoyed him in Friday Night Dinner. Had no idea he was ill
  6. Going to Colyton in Devon hopefully in August. Hoping to go to the Kingdom of Fife in October. Wanted to go to Alcudia in Mallorca but think thatll be pushed to 2022
  7. I'm from Solihull which I consider basically an annex of Birmingham but if I'm ever talking to a Brummie I'd always make the distinction of saying I'm from Sullyull rather than Brum. I guess I've always felt like Greater Birmingham isn't seen as a thing in the same way as Greater Manchester or Greater London.
  8. Plus being away from Adam Gase and working with Joe Brady will surely mean some improvement. He does well and is salvageable - Panthers can build with it. He sucks - Panthers grab a QB in the top 5 in 2022. I don't think it's as risible as some are making out
  9. Watched The Devil's Advocate. That movie is a lot more fun than you remember. Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves make a great pairing
  10. One of the writers from John Wick was writing on this episode and it explains a lot. Very good episode, really enjoyed the locations and having Daniel Brühl have a load of screen time was also good.
  11. I'm just disappointed the next ship captain didn't pull the ultimate practical joke and ground his vessel in the canal too
  12. Sewell is not getting past Cincinnati. He's the Quenton Nelson of this draft class but at tackle, probably end up as All-Pro. I think Broncos should take whatever drops to them where they are and it'll be at worst a top-end receiver like Pitts for TE or one of the plethora of top WRs. WRT the draft order Jags won't pass on Lawrence so that's him sealed to them, I can't see the Jets going with Darnold so Zach Wilson is almost a lock at 2 and we wouldn't give up two firsts to move up for Sewell (as we've got Trent Williams at LT) or Devonta Smith/Jaylen Waddle as WR isn't a massive hole nee
  13. Watched Grosse Pointe Blank again tonight for the first time in..... . Ages. Such a good film
  14. Wilson Fields or Lance are the options. One is going to the Jets (gut feeling is Fields) so one will be drafted by the 49ers. Not massive fans of any of them tbh. As long as it's not **** Mac Jones....
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