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  1. Not a huge horror fan - far from it in fact - but the original Scream is on my green list. Great fun. Scream 2 also decent but worth watching for Luke Wilson playing Billy in the Stab film alone
  2. Will Poulter cast as Adam Warlock for GOTG3. I think he's an excellent actor and will almost certainly be great in the role
  3. Watched Bond last night. Man oh man is it good. Really enjoyed it and felt a lot shorter than it's running length. Glad I went to see it off the bat.
  4. That's fair. It's getting more mainstream appeal now though so the recognition is there. Speaking of which does anyone know if The Host is on any streaming services???
  5. I've not yet. Is it on any streaming services? One of the incredible things about Parasite is that entire house was a set. It's absolutely incredible
  6. Bit late.... but I am buzzed for Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok and KOTOR remake. And Insomniac doing a Wolverine game has totally made me giddy. They're gonna smash it.
  7. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau is also the henchman in a little-seen so bad it's still bad gem called Firewall starring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany
  8. Just watched 21 Bridges (Prime) - God Chadwick Boseman is good. Cinema lost a good one early.
  9. Not as much visually as vocally, granted
  10. Phil LaMarr as Marvin in Pulp Fiction
  11. Michael Imperioli in Goodfellas is one that spins me.
  12. Today I learnt Sally Hawkins was in Layer Cake too. God that movie is good and has a lot of actors early in their careers
  13. Layer Cake is my "holy **** that's Ben Whishaw" moment. (Also holy **** that's Tom Hardy)
  14. Add in Neverending Story 3 for more sudden Jack Black
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