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  1. US state capitals always seem to not be the most-populated city in the state too. Think Phoenix is the biggest state capital?
  2. Another excellent rounders figure Hank Aaron gone as well at 86 (not 95)
  3. Had the Organ Symphony stuck in my head for a week thanks to our links with him.
  4. If anyone was in any doubt how bad the Lions HC hire was....
  5. Indeed he is. Look forward to Jaguars drafting a load of players with ACL injuries. Absolutely ludicrous he's getting work
  6. Some excellent hires at HC. Arthur Smith for the Falcons and Brandon Staley for the Chargers.
  7. DeMeco Ryans promoted to DC, Mike McDaniel (run game specialist) given OC duties, Mike LaFleur (passing game specialist) joining Saleh at the Jets along with OL coach John Benton. Nice to see internal promotions, sign of a scheme working well
  8. DMR massively nerfed but still reasonable at mid-range if you have the shots. Won a game with it yesterday. I've been using the AK-74U Stoner and the (Cold War) AUG. All three surprisingly fun to use in Warzone
  9. Robert Saleh (49ers DC) is the new HC of the Jets. I'm biased as I think the bloke is overrated as HELL but he could do okay in NJ... hard to be worse than Gase. DeMeco Ryans touted to be promoted to DC which is an adequate fit
  10. Not kicking that FG end of the first half was a brutal miscalculation
  11. Can you imagine the atmosphere here if not for Covid. Bills fans sailing through tables everywhere
  12. Game potentially back on thanks to the worst pass defence I've seen from Buffalo since the Hail Murray against Arizona
  13. Colts just scream first-round exit. They've got no X-factor at all. Bills are relatively complete as a side. Watching these playoffs with a massive degree of annoyance that we couldn't overcome injury this year
  14. DMR been nerfed apparently.. so I played with it yesterday. Still brutal at medium range. Long range definitely feels like it's been nerfed a lot though
  15. Good God. Utterly thrilled for those lads. Gave a pretty strong Liverpool side a black eye and forced Klopp to send Thiago Origi and Firmino on to pull them away from a bunch of kids who haven't played in ages
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