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  1. Sam Johnstone

    Plus with how expensive those things are, you'd think people would be fearful of losing their beer. Although I could easily see some people in the front seats of the Holte being able to splash an opposing (or our) keeper with a beer shower.
  2. James Bree

    Bree and De laet should see our right back position sorted for a while. Now we need a competent back up for Amavi.
  3. Sam Johnstone

    I was there a few months ago. I plan on attending at least one more match before season's end. It's a bit tough for me though. I travel a lot for work and when I am in the UK, I am typically in Scotland so convincing my girlfriend to drive down to Birmingham to surely watch villa disappoint us once again is a challenge. Side note, I hate British law that states I can't enjoy a pint in my seat. One good thing about Czech matches is the football is so dire that you need a few pints to watch so they let you have them at your seat. I guess the fear is the fans would throw their drinks at the players?, but if Czech can be civilised, I'd imagine England could as well.
  4. Sam Johnstone

    Surely just because we would be in trouble next season that doesn't mean we should spend so much this season to ensure our punishment would be even more severe?
  5. Sam Johnstone

    Who could we have realistically gotten though? There are not too many quality keepers who are available on loan, and willing to go down to a midtable championship club.
  6. Sam Johnstone

    Based on common sense. We are a championship club and we spent a ridiculous amount in the summer. There is no way we are bringing in revenue near what we spent. FFP is meant to stop Tony from buying up the championship and getting us promoted that way. FIFA doesn't want clubs risking everything they have on getting promoted then failing and getting liquidated. It sucks, but clearly there has to be something stopping us from spending more.
  7. Sam Johnstone

    I am pretty sure due to financial fair play, we can't be signing players like we were in the summer. Bruce didn't trust Gollini and knew that midfield was a more pressing spot that needed fixing, so he is using whatever transfer funds we have left on that spot instead of actually buying a new keeper.
  8. Ross McCormack

    A loan is just stupid. He is in his 30s, and we get nothing from a loan other than them paying his wages for 6 months. It's just going to lower his value so we get less. Either sell or keep.
  9. Pre-match thread

    Let's see what Ross can do with a playmaker under him.
  10. Other teams transfers

    I always liked Weimann so I hope it works out for him. He had a lot of talent and I think we killed him.
  11. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I kind of hope they at least win a couple. Zola will get sacked far too quickly if they don't even manage to beat blackburn.
  12. Ross McCormack

    I am pretty sure a lot of us believe this, but with the personnel we have at the moment, Ross just doesn't fit because as you mentioned, our midfield is shit. We need someone like Ayew and Kodjia who can make chances out of nothing. Until we sign some midfield talent, Ross is absolutely wasted. It was the same thing with Bent after his first season. Bent didn't suddenly become awful, but rather we lost Young and Downing who were constantly serving him quality chances.
  13. Pre-match thread

    I've been with my girlfriend for just about 2 years now, and she wonders why I continue to follow Villa. All she has seen is us get relegated, then struggle in the championship. I even took her to a match, we drew. It's tough to get her watching matches with me. It's tough to watch any matches actually.
  14. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW27

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Brighton 1 1 Wednesday Draw QPR 1 2 Fulham Fulham Villa 1 1 Preston Draw Blackburn 1 1 Birmingham Draw Cardiff 1 0 Burton Cardiff Derby 2 1 Reading Derby Huddersfield 1 1 Ipswich Draw Newcastle 3 0 Rotherham Newcastle Norwich 2 1 Wolves Norwich Forest 2 1 Bristol Forest Wigan 0 1 Brentford Brentford Barnsley 0 1 Leeds Leeds Czechlad FYI the link opens up to GW26 not 27 so you have to click over to the correct one
  15. FIFA17

    I didn't have any issues with youth players progress. One of the goals for villa were to sell some youth for 3 million which I hate. The shit ones go for nothing, and the good ones I want to keep.