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  1. Filled in when needed to, and never caused any problems. Perfect #3 keeper for us.
  2. Guarantee the price went up because we got promoted, or he reached a certain amount of games/goals. The initial 5 million was likely if we stayed in the championship.
  3. Czechlad

    AVTV 2018/9

    You can try, but I doubt you will get it. You had the chance to unsubscribe but didn't. AVTV are a little shady making you auto-subscribe, but the option was always there.
  4. Czechlad

    AVTV 2018/9

    No they should not. You have to go in and manually turn off your monthly subscription. Go under your account. Click Subscription and Billing. Then there should be an option to unsubscribe. There is no reason to keep AVTV now.
  5. They'd be better served using that Eriksen money to fix some glaring holes in their team. Their CMs are arguably the worst among the top 6. They have terrible depth, and their defense is getting older. I think Spurs are on the verge of a collapse, and losing Eriksen will start it.
  6. Kind of hilarious that he is trying to say he is a blues fan. When Gardner scored against them last season, he celebrated like a madman, and when Barnsley scored against them, his face was priceless.
  7. I guess helping us survive would be a good challenge for him. Try a straight Conor for Eriksen swap? Levy seems all about those types of deals.
  8. Pretty much would have been like us sacking Bruce last season after we fell from 2nd to 5th. Made no sense.
  9. Wonder how Johnstone feels? If the takeover went quicker, I think Johnstone would have saved for us instead. Didn't blame him for choosing West Brom at the time since we looked like we'd go to administration, but if things went a little quicker, Sam likely would have been our keeper.
  10. He was. For some reason Elmo was our starting right back in 17/18 but Bruce saw Elmo as a winger this past season until Dean took over and put him back at right back.
  11. Czechlad

    Kortney Hause

    For me he is a smart buy. He can play in either division, and can play left back too. He isn't a starter, but good depth.
  12. Tammy is frustrating, but we need him. He is young, and he helped send us up. He has that potential. You could see it. He still misses loads of chances, but he gets in those spots. No doubt in my mind if Grealish was fit the whole season, or if we had Dean from the start, Tammy would have gotten 30 goals. Sign Tammy and we are set for years.
  13. I don't care. If we got Jota and Adams, I'd be fine with it. We need to stay up, and this would be hurting the blues. Win-Win
  14. I'm biased, but Schick is a good player. He is made for the premier league, and not Italy. He is a target striker with good feet. I think in Germany or England, he'd be a really quality signing. Plus there are rumors that Roma is willing to cut their losses on Schick.

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