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  1. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    I meant it by the defenders are given more time and room on the ball at Chelsea. Look at Luiz. He has turned into a playmaker who also plays center back.
  2. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    I think Stones would suit Chelsea. Great cover in front of him, and Chelsea's defenders are given license to pass.
  3. West Bromwich Albion

    Crazy that apparently we wanted Olsson to be our starting center back only a couple seasons ago.
  4. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW39

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Derby 2 1 QPR Derby Barnsley 2 2 Wednesday Draw Villa 3 2 Norwich Villa Brentford 2 1 Bristol Brentford Brighton 3 0 Blackburn Brighton Huddersfield 2 0 Burton Huddersfield Ipswich 2 1 Birmingham Ipswich Newcastle 3 0 Wigan Newcastle Preston 2 1 Forest Preston Rotherham 0 2 Fulham Fulham Wolves 1 1 Cardiff Draw Reading 1 2 Leeds Leeds Czechlad
  5. Jordan Veretout

    We got him for £7 million apparently. I am not sure a club would be willing to pay that for him.
  6. Tommy Elphick

    We need depth. We can't rely on Jedinak to play both DM and CB in a pinch. I'd rather have Elphick on the bench instead of Richards or Samba.
  7. Jordan Veretout

    St etienne are pushing for Europe league. We are clinging onto hope that we make the championship playoffs. Veretout was treated like absolute shite here. I understand him completely not wanting to come back.
  8. Arsenal

    But my point is who would Arsenal actually consider. I am sure the likes of Sherwood, Garde, etc would want the job, but there is no way Kroenke would give it to someone without a history of success or at least someone promising. The point is Arsenal won't fire Wenger unless they can get someone who would almost certainly get them champs league. Which manager could Arsenal get that would achieve that goal?
  9. Arsenal

    Who can they get that is better? Honestly which manager would leave their job to come to Arsenal that Arsenal would actually want?
  10. Champions League Draw Last 8

    Madrid hit teams well on the counter, but that is what Leicester will try to do. It wouldn't surprise me if Leicester sit very deep, concede possession, and hope to make Athletico uncomfortable. Leicester will also now be going against a world class playing in Griezmann. I don't see them stopping him.
  11. The Manager thread

    I am sad they got rid of him. They took Guzan, Traore, and Gestede off our hands.
  12. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    City need to sign Iborra, Matuidi,Carvalho, or Gueye. They need a DM.
  13. Leicester City

    As much as I am enjoying Leicester doing well in the champs league, I gotta say their opponents have definitely helped. The group Leicester was put in was arguably the easiest group, and then getting Sevilla whom have had a history of choking in the champs league was favorable. BUT still, fair play to Leicester because they still had to win those matches. If they make it past this round, then I'd really fancy them to win the Champs league.
  14. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    I see no difference for the better that Pep has made since Pellegrini was let go. I'd argue they regressed, which is okay if Pep is their long term manager. I am taking 5-10+ of Pep in charge. If Pep just stays in charge for around 3 seasons, this appointment is a failure.
  15. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Put a DM in front of City's back 4, and they will look good. Their defense is under too much pressure constantly. All the best clubs play with a true DM except city.