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  1. If Man U come and give us 60 million for McGinn, I'd take that.
  2. Imagine if they rehire Mourinho
  3. Czechlad


    There is no way they take the cup game seriously. The prize money for the carabao cup is a joke. They get more if they qualify for the europa knockouts.
  4. I actually liked the Hourihane-Grealish switching in the match. I feel like this gave Grealish a lot more free roam to find space, and he got on the ball a lot more. Problem is, Conor isn't a winger, BUT that was alright while Targett was on the field since Targett would overlap conor. When Taylor came on, Conor was stuck out wide with no support. I am not sure what is best. I like Trez's pace and directness, but then Grealish plays deeper. Our attack was doing well in the first half, and it really went bad once Targett got hurt.
  5. That's the main concern. I think Wesley will eventually turn into a threat, but I don't think it will magically happen over night. Same goes for Trez. In the meantime, we need points!
  6. I agree with you, but Targett really isn't great defensively. I think Dean worries about having two full backs that can get caught out in the attack.
  7. He is cutting it, but the players around him are not. We aren't as free flowing in attack as we were in the championship, so Grealish's chances are fewer, and not being finished. Grealish aint the problem. Our wings and striker is.
  8. Lukaku didn't want to be there. Huge mistake was not buying an adequate replacement. Lukaku may not have been the elite striker they needed, but he was still pretty good at finding the net. United desperately need a world class CAM and striker to sure up their team.
  9. Play the 2nd string. Burnley is far more important, and our subs are good enough to get a result.
  10. Don't think Ole's a good manager, but you just gotta look at their squad and think that is not a top 6 squad. They have a few quality players, but they are mixed in with a lot of mediocre players. United is a few injuries away from being Bournemouth level.
  11. Czechlad

    Wesley Moraes

    I wish he would press up top. Arsenal was able to build out of the back on numerous occasions because Wesley does not chase. I know it's not fun, but we need our striker to try to engage their defenders. Tammy was always hustling up top for us. Wesley seems to stand around, and wait for the ball to come to him.
  12. Czechlad

    Dean Smith

    It was literally just fatigue that cost us the 3 points. Midfield and wingers became tired. They stopped pressing Arsenal's midfield, and allowed them time and space. Arsenal exploited that and kept us hemmed into our half despite having 10 men. Dean saw this and our inability to hold onto the ball, but he did nothing. For what it is worth, I thought bringing on Elmo was smart, but maybe not for Trez. Guilbert was having trouble on the right since Aubameyang moved out to the left, and Elmo coming on to help was smart. BUT, Dean failed to recognize how tired McGinn was. After Ghoundezi was able to coast past McGinn for that shot that hit the post, Dean should have realised that McGinn could no longer press and bring on Conor. Then after Arsenal scored to tie it, Dean had another opportunity to realise our fatigue was costing us the match. Dean continued with his group and it cost us. Dean needs to have the balls to sub off our key players. I love McGinn and Jack, but I could see from the 70th min onward, they were spent. They weren't pressing, and they were making silly passes. I know our bench isn't amazing, but any of Conor, Luiz, Lansbury, or Jota would likely have saved that match. We needed fresh legs, and we didn't get them until we were losing.
  13. Yea I think he is a good player. His energy and pace is very good for us.
  14. Reminds me of Gueye. I think he will be decent.
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