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  1. Josh Onomah

    I'd rather see us playing our talents than Spurs talents especially if there is no future for Onomah at Villa after this season. I also don't see a huge gulf in ability between Onomah and Grealish, so I don't see a reason to favor Onomah over Grealish unless it's done tactically against a certain team.
  2. Scott Hogan

    It seems we all want to see him at least be given a chance with a real play maker behind him. Problem is after our draw, Bruce said he shouldn't have changed up the team. So I fully expect Hogan and Grealish on the bench with Davis and Onomah continuing to do little to nothing.
  3. Manchester United

    United also played essentially a full 2nd string squad against Bournemouth. That wasn't even close to their regular XI.
  4. Manchester United

    And yet they won 1-0. What does it matter how they won?
  5. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    2 points above relegation. They have Arsenal, City, West Ham, and Brighton in the next 4 matches. If they can't beat West Ham or Brighton, I think they will go down.
  6. January transfer window 2018

    Tall scottish striker, but basically no experience at all. Why would we sign him?
  7. January transfer window 2018

    We're investing a lot of money into a guy who was meant to just last a year. We are playing a risky game if that is plan.
  8. U.S. Politics

    There are far more democrats in the US than republicans. I think it's near a 3 to 2 ration for dems to republicans. Problem is a huge number of young democrats just can't be bothered to vote. Long lines, conflicting work hours, and other responsibilities get in the way. I know for the presidential elections a lot of places had 1-2 hour waits to vote. For people who have stuff to do, or responsibilities, that is tough to justify.
  9. January transfer window 2018

    Why do we have a manager in charge currently if the plan is to immediately sack him once promoted? That makes no sense. If he isn't good enough to be our manager in the premier league, then why is he good enough to be our manager now? I am not a bruce hater, nor am I on the pro-bruce train, but if we don't trust this man to be our manager in the premier league, then why are we wasting our time with him as our manager now? Also Bruce's constant dependence on hoof ball is hurting us now. If we have to make our signings to suit that playing style, and then go up and have to switch to a new playing style, we suddenly have numerous players that no longer fit the way we play. Then we are signing new players again, and essentially starting over. If Bruce's playing style doesn't work in the top division, he needs to go now. We can't say we will deal with it then.
  10. Premier league relegation watch 2017/18

    I am happy Palace are doing better. They've made the relegation battle more interesting. Currently 6-7 teams are in danger. This January will be pretty important for a lot of those clubs. I think Swansea are in trouble. I can see West Ham having a strong 2018. Palace under Roy are starting to do better, so I expect them to steadily rise. Stoke have a good team, so I expect them to eventually pick up form. Newcastle, Swansea, West Brom, Bournemouth, and Brighton I believe will be bottom 5 come January. Huddersfield is my unknown.
  11. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    As good as Benitez is, he can't keep this squad up. If the sale doesn't go through, I'd put money on Newcastle going down. Benitez is one of the managers I'd love to have if we got promoted.
  12. Burnley

    We have as much chance of getting Dyche as we do Conte at this point.
  13. The Chop List - Winter 2017

    Literally would just be paying out their contracts. Might as well keep them at the club just in case we get in an apocalyptic scenario where half our squad gets injured.
  14. The Chop List - Winter 2017

    De Laet needs to leave to save his own career. Richards is stuck with us forever. Elphick needs to go for his career as well. Lyden won't get any minutes here, so he needs to drop down a division or two. I think he has talent, but needs minutes. McCormack who knows. I doubt anyone will want him. Tshibola is the same thing. Couldn't cut it in league 1, so I doubt anyone will want him.
  15. January transfer window 2018

    Probably not, but Bruce literally only plays one style, and if he is our manager, we have to go for the players to suit that style. Hogan was one of the best strikers in the championship before Bruce signed him. Now Hogan is toothless and looks terrible. Hourihane was the top goal scoring midfielder when we signed him, not he has 3 goals and those came when Bruce actually played him in his natural spot. Bruce can't play a passing style. He needs a target man up top. He refuses to adapt his "tactics", so instead the club has to adapt with its signings.