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  1. Then go for Rose! I know they have been rotating this season. I've liked Davies for a while now. Wish he could play for us.
  2. Boro, Derby, and Bristol are all fighting hard to not get that last playoff spot. Sheffield Wednesday might sneak it.
  3. I want Ben Davies for our left back spot if we go up. Sign Mings, Tuanzebe, and hause in that order if we can. Jedinak will be released, so let's try for Cahill to get some leadership. Cahill-Mings can be a great partnership. We need a new DM, but I'd also give Whelan a year extension. As long as he is not our #1 DM, i'd love to keep him another year. Sign El Ghazi, and get another winger in. Unfortunately so much of this team is not really ours currently. El Ghazi, Tammy, Mings, and Tuanzebe are all key players for us, but technically aren't our players. The biggest mistake teams make when getting promoted is changing up the team too much. We need to sign the players that got us up.
  4. We have balance in every part of the field. Mings is helping making us so good. We have someone to rely on all over the pitch. Sign him up. He looks good enough for the premier league.
  5. Can't imagine the two yellows would be the case because then it would incentive players to get reds to avoid longer suspensions.
  6. They've had some bad results. Losing to Sheff Utd was terrible for them, and obviously the blues and wigan losses didn't help. They are still tied on points for an automatic spot. Just means our match against them might be very important.
  7. He is a very streaky player. Always was. There were months for us where Benteke was dreadful, but we had to play him because we had no other real options. At liverpool, he didn't suit their playing style. He moved to palace and started well, but when he hit a bad run of form, they had someone else step up. Now Benteke is in a pressure situation where he has to perform, and he can't. I'm sure if Palace played him constantly for 2 months he'd find his form again, but they won't do that. We did.
  8. Monday in the middle of the day.... Great idk how I will be able to fly into london and make it to wembley by 3pm
  9. Lots to still resolve. Hopefully nothing is rushed, but I am worried with only 5 episodes left.
  10. He was terrifying their full back. You just never know what foot he will cut onto. He is worth the 4-5 million they are asking for.
  11. Can't believe we won 6 in a row, and still can drop out of a playoff spot today.
  12. Czechlad

    Ritchie De Laet

    Wasn't there chat that we'd play Heskey at center back and we actually did one cup match?
  13. Sherwood motivated our squad that was capable of staying in the premier league. Lambert sucked the life out of VP and Sherwood brought it back. Tactics were not there, and it was basically the squad's talent that kept us up. When Sherwood actually got a summer to implement his "tactics", we won 1 match against the new promoted Bournemouth, and that's it. He was sacked. He also clearly had no idea what he was doing with the players. Richardson, Lescott, Gestede, and Bacuna were preferred over Veretout, Amavi, Gueye, and Ayew.
  14. Jack also took a while to find his preferred position. Idk if green is a winger. Seems more a striker to me.

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