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  1. Jordan Veretout

    Very true. Sad thing is, I don't think we ever tried those three in midfield. Typically it was Westwood, Sanchez, Gueye, Bacuna, and even Richardson. Sadly Veretout was always pushed out wing as a winger for some reason.
  2. Jordan Veretout

    Our midfield from last season was Sanchez, Veretout, and Gueye. All three have gone on to do very well for their new clubs. Says a lot about us. Those three are a good midfield, but we were so badly managed when they were with us.
  3. General Chat

    Yea it's a men and women league.
  4. Leicester City

    They have a talented squad. New manager will be told he has to keep them up and try to keep them in champs league as long as possible, but if Leicester stay up, next season will be very interesting for them. Will the owner invest heavily to get Leicester back to the top, or will he just be content with keeping Leicester in the prem?
  5. Leicester City

    Not confirmed.
  6. James Bree

    I like it but it takes discipline. Even our subs would slot in well. Jedinak for a CM, Bacuna for Bree, and then someone like Green for Grealish.
  7. General Chat

    I mean I can understand some human error, but that match was awful. I had been playing in this league for nearly 2 years and we've had some bad refs. This was just incredible. I've seen soft penalties given, and miscalls, but I've never seen a ref give a free kick when a player with no one around him simply tripped, then give someone a yellow when they tried to show sportsmanship. We also pay a decent amount for this league, so I expect my money to at least be going to training these refs properly. I just want them to know basic rules of the game, and not let their personal opinions make calls or wait till the opposing team makes the call for the ref to agree and give the free kick.
  8. James Bree

    Bring out the 5-3-2 again! I'd love to see Bree and Amavi as wing backs. With Hogan injured, we can always try the 3-4-3 that Chelsea play. I think that suits our available players at the moment anyway.
  9. Pokémon GO

    Moment of silence for your loss. But the valentines event was really good for Chanseys. I only ended up catching a few of them. A lot spawned, but they were a pain to catch so I only went for the ones with either really low CP, or the really high CP ones. It did help me get a 2000+ CP blissey, but I am a ways away from maxing her out sadly.
  10. Pokémon GO

    I really wish I caught more chansey during the valentine's event. I also regret evolving pokemon like slowpoke, horsea, etc just to get the exp. Now I am stuck trying to find those pokemon which would've been easy a week ago, but they are rare now considering there are a lot more pokemon in the game.
  11. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW34

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Burton 2 0 Blackburn Burton Wolves 1 1 Birmingham Draw Leeds 2 1 Wednesday Leeds Villa 1 1 Derby Draw Barnsley 0 1 Huddersfield Huddersfield Brentford 2 0 Rotherham Brentford Cardiff 1 2 Fulham Fulham Newcastle 2 0 Bristol Newcastle Preston 1 1 QPR Draw Wigan 0 2 Forest Forest Brighton 1 1 Reading Draw Norwich 2 1 Ipswich Norwich Czechlad
  12. General Chat

    I feel like I have to tell this story to someone. Last night I had a football match. Now this league is very much just for fun, but it still is a bit competitive. Anyway, we had 4 referees because they were training some new ones so the trainees just followed the main refs (in this league a ref stands in each half and officiates that half). Match started, and what followed was literally the worse officiating I had every witnessed. Field was very slick because it had just rained, so on an attack, their striker was dribbling at our defender. The striker tried a move, and slipped, but when he slipped, he slide straight into our defender taking him out. Ref blows the whistle and calls a foul on our player. Our keeper comes out to check on our player, but while he does that, a girl just grabs the ball and taps it into the open net. Ref calls it a goal. What?! First off how was it a foul on our defender when their player slipped and took our defender out? Then how can she do a quick start when we have a hurt player on the field? Later in the game our striker is dribbling and just slips. No one was near him, the pitch was just very slippy. Ref blows the whistle for a free kick. We all look at the ref in disbelief. Did casper get subbed on because literally the closest defender was a good 5 yards from our attacker when he slipped. I told the opposing team I'll just kick it straight to their keeper because it wasn't a foul and it wouldn't be fair to score (unlike their word removed of a woman who took advantage of our player hurt). Ref heard me say that, so when I just chipped it to the keeper, the ref blew the whistle and gives me a yellow for unsportsmanship. Says I was defying the ref by not actually trying to score. I am not joking. Game is tied at this point now. I make a long sprint to get to a ball and I am thru on goal. I go to take a shot, but their defender completely slide tackles me from behind taking out my planting foot. I didn't expect it, and it hurt. No call whatsoever. My teammates rush the ref and she says it wasn't a foul. Then their team says it was a clear foul and the defender admits he got zero ball and apologized to me. Ref back tracks and says she was about to blow the whistle. Yea sure she was even though she never did blow it. Last minute in the game, we are winning 5-4. Their keeper goes up for a corner and our keeper manages to punch it out. I am the only one up the pitch. I look in front of me and there is no keeper and nearest defender is still in our box. I start sprinting forward, and get into their box. I roll it into the net and the ref blows the final whistle before the ball crosses the line. We won, but my god I ran like **** hell to the ref. The league's manager or owner saw what happened, and immediately intercepted me from coming to the ref who already had he hand in her back pocket to take out the red for me. The manager told me he'd look into this game and make sure this never happened again. I hope to god those refs are fired. What is worse is they were training new refs. Unless they were showing the new refs how not to ref a match, they didn't the worst job I have ever experienced in my 20+ years playing football. tl;dr - I've never seen such incompetence from a referee in my life. It's an interesting read to see how bad they were.
  13. Manchester United

    Ok maybe Kante was a bad example, but Gabby back in the day was pretty much only a threat because of his blistering pace. His finishing wasn't anything amazing, but the fact that he could get behind defenses made him lethal. Carew also was a great player because of his strength. Carew was never a goal scorer, but his ability to boss defenders around made him one of the most difficult strikers to deal with. Without his strength, Carew wouldn't have been so successful. Walker is a decent right back without his pace, but a good one because of his pace.
  14. Manchester United

    Kind of a silly comment considering that is what makes him a good full back. It's like saying Kante is overrated, without his defense he isn't that special.
  15. Leicester City

    2-1 is a decent result for Leicester, but they can't defend to save their lives. Amartey should be tried at CB for them. He had a good African cup of nations in that spot.