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  1. That is because the majority of our club has never played in the premier league and are all young.
  2. Bree as our back up right back would be good to have in the championship. Remember when Bruce played him at centerback?
  3. Just give Vassilev a chance at this point
  4. Nakamba was playing Left mid today. I have no idea why. When played at DM, he has been decent, but yes he is very nervy on the ball and prefers just the simple pass.
  5. Czechlad

    Keinan Davis

    He is essentially a defender playing striker. If we had Samba up top, it probably would be the same as Davis.
  6. Dean is frustrating, and has made mistakes that has cost us points, but our season isn't solely down to him. The players we have bought, and the general recruitment has been iffy. I know as a newly promoted club, it can be difficult to sign quality players, so you have to take risks. Problem with our signings was most were either too young and inexperienced, or just not good enough to begin with. Dean to his credit hasn't moaned about the players or the quality, and he has been willing to change up his tactics and set ups to try to accommodate these players' shortcomings. I mean look how many
  7. If someone offers good money for mings (more than what we paid), we should sell him, but otherwise, we need to keep him.
  8. He came on, and was tidy on the ball. Kept the flow moving and allowed us to get forward every time he got it. Also got an assist albeit a bit lucky with the goal, but it's still a goal. As mentioned above, Conor should have started today. Any match where we might have the ball, Conor starts. If our primary goal is to hit on the counter and defend, Conor is not your man.
  9. We are very stupid if we let O'Hare walk. We desperately lack a creative mid.
  10. It's simple, Jack I believe we have a gentlemen's agreement to sell if we go down, but we will need at least £50-60m for him. Mings cost us a lot. We'd be insane to let Mings go for less than what we paid for him. Having Mings in the championship would at least make us competitive which is so important. McGinn I could see us selling for less than what we think. We paid very little for him, but apparently there is a hefty sell on clause. I think McGinn could go for £20-30m.
  11. A chance to play in the premier league... He couldn't get a work permit and with us offering such a huge sum for him, he could finally get one. He has also spoken he sees us as a stepping stone, and during the covid break, I think I remember reading he would want to stay in the premier league if we went down.
  12. He doesn't care about us. He'd jump ship immediately. He has something to play for now since we can actually be relegated and he wants to stay in the premier league.
  13. Nothing has changed in Conor's playing style fyi. In the matches we lost in the championship, it was the same rhetoric. Conor doesn't tackle, he doesn't chase, etc. Why did anyone think that would change in the premier league against better opponents? He is a #10. It's not like people expect Sigurdsson to do those types of tackles and runs.
  14. That is a fair point, but that is pretty much all we see from him. We need some elite winger because we give such terrible support to our forwards, and unfortunately Trez is not that player. Only someone like Jack is able to shine in this team because he genuinely is a talent.
  15. I understand why Westwood said Villa fans are the worst. You've watched a player play a way that got him recognized and promoted from league 1 to the premier league, and now his style is suddenly shit and he is a coward. Conor just doesn't suit the way we need him to play in the premier league. Doesn't make him a coward. He was never a tackler. Effort and stamina won't suddenly make him able to tackle and do things. Look at Trezeguet. He runs, but does absolutely nothing.
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