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  1. Czechlad


    Quality. He looks to try through balls constantly which Wesley loved. Keep him starting.
  2. Watching McGinn over hit corners, or watching us waste our freekicks was angering. Conor serves a purpose in this team. Grealish and McGinn draw so many fouls each match so having someone who can consistently whip in a great ball makes us a threat. We are struggling with goals, so we can't afford to waste the few chances we get. Conor needs to get into the team. 3-5-1-1?
  3. Throwing Trez and Guilbert to the fire day 1 would not have worked out. This was a smart move by Dean to start Elmo. I think we won't see Guilbert and Trez together for a while.
  4. Didn't he have 6 passes all match?
  5. Surprised to see him rip up his contract. Wonder where he will end up? Was never a starter, but filled a lot of roles for us.
  6. Can't see an XI other than that one assuming El Ghazi is fit for this one. Nakamba, Trezeguet, and Kodjia as sub options is decent as well.
  7. 20 minutes away from my wife's family. Might have to go watch some hearts matches
  8. He did. I think that was the formation Bruce wanted to play, but we had too many players that didn't fit that mold. Newcastle played 3 at the back numerous times last season so it would work.
  9. I think so too which seems to be the strange opinion according to a lot of people. Lukaku is prone to bad misses, but he is still a good striker, and I think he will suit the Italian league well. Dybala is basically a goal scoring #10, so United need to have a proper #9 to make this work which I am not sure Rashford is or ready to take on that huge responsibility on his own yet.
  10. Think we need to ship out Kalinic and Nyland before we can bring in a keeper.
  11. People love to hate, but hate to praise.
  12. Czechlad


    Both Ozil's and Kolasnic's wives were in the car. Ozil did the right thing. Just because Kolasnic was mad enough to fight two men with knives, doesn't mean Ozil should do the same. But wow Kolasnic is a beast.
  13. Czechlad

    Said Benrahma

    Don't think this will happen. We need a goalie more. I think Trezeguet was our back up option when we didn't land Benrahma. It's unfortunate, but we can't put this much money into our wings when other spots need work.

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