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  1. Czechlad

    Keinan Davis

    Back in training apparently
  2. Czechlad

    Jack Grealish

    So we have to put Grealish at right back to progress his career?
  3. Czechlad

    James Collins

    Send Elphick on loan only to sign an injury ridden half fit 35 year old Collins who was a prick to us years ago. Forward progress.
  4. Czechlad

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Doesn't Bolasie prefer the left though?
  5. Czechlad

    AVTV 2018/9

    Yea that was the first time I bought the service and felt happy with the quality. More of that please.
  6. Czechlad

    Pre-match thread

    Only change I'd make is Bolasie for El Ghazi, or maybe Kodjia for Bolasie, but put Grealish right under Abraham.
  7. Czechlad

    Conor Hourihane

    Hourihane is also quite good defensively. He made 3 good tackles and those were the only ones I noticed. If McGinn or Hourihane can improve their defense, I think we have a good midfield.
  8. Czechlad

    Jack Grealish

    Problem is that is where Bolasie likes to play. I still think the best role for Grealish is left forward as Hazard plays for Chelsea.
  9. Czechlad

    Alan Hutton

    I shout it again. HUTTON HAS BEEN CRAP. I do not agree with Hutton being an automatic starter even if the other option is Taylor. Hutton continues to mess up the simplest things going forward. I don't expect him to be overlapping our wingers and whipping in crosses, but Hutton was struggling to make a forward pass against Rotherham. Any pressure on Hutton and he boots it. That is a huge problem. He also is having defensive lapses.
  10. Czechlad

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    I'm only moaning about him being a winger and not a right back. We have a lot of quality options for right wing, and Elmo showed last season he is a good right back at this level, so I'd rather see Elmo at right back and Bolasie or El Ghazi starting at wing. A right side of Elmo and Hutton doesn't fill me with attacking confidence.
  11. Czechlad

    Jack Grealish

    No doubt a fit Bolasie is the best player in the squad.
  12. Czechlad

    Conor Hourihane

    Playing a DM with our squad is overrated. That first half was total dominance by us. Rotherham barely even got into our half. If we can play that way, there is no need for a DM.
  13. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    Bree coming on to play center back
  14. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    BOLASIE! Wow really put his body on the line there.
  15. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    I actually think McGinn might do a job there. McGinn's best attribute is his crossing, and he has good stamina.