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  1. Scott Hogan

    I'd still like to see him and Kodjia in a 4-4-2 against teams below 10th and when we play a better club, we go to a 4-3-3 with Onomah and Hourihane as the attacking mids and Kodjia up top alone.
  2. Jonathan Kodjia

    Problem was we were playing in our half for 80% of the match and Kodjia received only balls that we clearances and he was forced to control the ball, then try to keep it away from two defenders. We gave Kodjia a near impossible job today. Our wingers and midfield gave him nothing to work off of.
  3. Glenn Whelan

    Neither him or Jedinak have the legs to play in a 4-4-2 at a high level. Against bottom half clubs, Whelan can work in a 2 man midfield, but if we are playing a top club, I think we need to shift to a 4-3-3.
  4. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Come on. He made one slip and unfortunately it caused a goal. We can't jump on a player every single time like this. Elmo has looked pretty good at right back.
  5. Steve Bruce

    So this game was a pretty good example of why Bruce likely isn't the man for the job. We looked pretty poor all match. Really had no chance at winning this match. We can't keep coming out every single match with the same tactics and same formation and expect it to work on every team. Maybe the lower table clubs we can keep doing that, but we have to change up how we play especially on the road when we play very good clubs. Wolves' 3-4-3 destroyed us defensively and offensively. They had the ball in our half basically all match, and whenever we got the ball, they chased and put pressure on us very well.
  6. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    We’re doing well to hold on but I think Wolves will get a goal. Can’t see us getting a goal though.
  7. Pre match buildup

    Oh no Hutton
  8. Josh Onomah

    So with Grealish coming back, what happens with them? Onomah has played the #10 role, but wants to play Hourihane's role. I think Onomah is the better player over Grealish, but at least Grealish is our player. I don't want to stunt Grealish's growth if we are just going to lose Onomah no matter what next season.
  9. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Yup no denying they underachieved a while back. Dempsey at one point was one of the best attacking mids/forwards in the premier league. Howard was considered an elite keeper, and I believe that was when Bradley was actually playing in Europe pretty well. Plus throw in Donovan who always was a good players, and the likes of Bocanegra and Onyewu who were starting for pretty good clubs in Europe. USA definitely should've done better. Still USA has enough talent even with their bang average premier league players to qualify. Costa Rica does have some talented players for sure, but even their squad is largely poor players. 7 of Costa Rica's 23 players actually play in Costa Rica. Then you some players playing in India, Thailand, switzerland, Scotland, and a lot in MLS. Basically only navas plays for a quality club. It's actually quite amazing how well Costa Rica has done looking at their squad. It's pretty awful talent wise. USA's squad is mostly guys at least playing for some clubs in top european leagues with a few MLS players sprinkled in. USA has a big problem with trying to promote their league, but they are stunting the growth of their own players with their league. I'd say the MLS is comparable to the Scottish league, and look at scotland. Their squad is pretty similar to US' terms of talent.
  10. Pre match buildup

    Stick with what has been working. 4-4-2 with the same XI except RDL to left back. If davis is also hurt, then Hogan takes his spot.
  11. Neil Taylor

    Pretty sure RDL was seen as his cover since RDL has played left back before pretty consistently if I recall. Bruce needs to give RDL a shot. We won't even be angry is RDL has a poor match. It's the smartest option at the moment.
  12. Nations League

    I am confused, but excited for a change.
  13. World Cup 2018: Russia

    They still have Pulisic, Cameron, Brooks, Chandler, Johnson, Yedlin, etc. Plus being a bang average Bundesliga/Premier league player is more than enough to get you to the world cup. Look at Iceland, their team is basically just 1 pretty good player with a bunch of subpar players who play in weak leagues, but they made it. A lot of the players who play for these Concacaf nations are only considered semi pro and a lot of them play in their nations home league or in the 2nd or 3rd divisions of America. Honestly America should be able to qualify at minimum in 3rd or 4th each time with their C or D team because at least all of them are professional players.
  14. World Cup 2018: Russia

    The US team is actually pretty good. A lot of their players play in the top leagues which makes this even more embarrassing for them.
  15. Republic of Ireland

    I have literally no one left to root for at the world cup, so I am jumping on the Ireland bandwagon.