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  1. So why the f*ck did we recall him? Even before Reina we had Nyland and Kalinic. Now we have Reina, Nyland, Sarkic, and Steer is due back soon. Ruining his career with our stupid decisions.
  2. Yea but why not Mings-Engels-Konsa? Hause is really poor with the ball, and clearly not suited to play any type of passing style. Mings and Konsa on the other hand are very comfortable with the ball at their feet, and Mings especially can pick a pass. With Mings in the middle, he is forced to stay back more.
  3. He is very underrated. We always look better when Guilbert plays.
  4. Czechlad

    U.S. Politics

    That Lev Parnas interview with maddow was pretty crazy. Parnas was their fixer, and he was going around Ukraine doing all the dirty work. Pretty damning evidence that Parnas says via whatsapp investigate Biden, or else Pence doesn't come to the inauguration, and then when they blocked Parnas, Pence cancelled his flight to the Ukraine. Also that guy threatening to take the US ambassador to Ukraine...wtf. Seriously how is Trump still in charge? I feel like there is so much damning evidence against him.
  5. Really hoping we can have a striker in by saturday. Otherwise, this is what I think we have to field. I don't see us selling Kodjia before Saturday, and there is no way he will still be "sick". Gotta play him.
  6. Still think we need to be asking about Morelos
  7. Numerous photos of the plane crash make it look like there are bullet holes littered on the engine. I mean it could be a weird occurrence, but it looks like the plane was shot at.
  8. Wonder why he left? Euros around the corner and he was still playing for Ireland.
  9. Czechlad


    If he chimes in this season with a few goals or assists, then he was worth it. His contribution against Everton imo already justified his purchase. He is a veteran player with really good vision. If we play a team that will bunker against us, he is a fantastic option. That is why he has been so good in the cup.
  10. He actually hasn't play left wing in the league since september, but yea against Fulham he played there and was pretty underwhelming, but so was the rest of the team. Unfortunately if we are going to play the 3-4-3, El Ghazi will have to figure out how to play right wing.
  11. Just wanna say he is being played out of position this season. When we first signed him, El Ghazi was pretty meh because he was playing right wing. When he got moved to left wing, he looked more comfortable. Even this season in the few matches he played LW, he looked like an actual winger. El Ghazi just doesn't seem comfortable on the right. On the left he regularly attacks the full back and has the ability to use either foot when cutting in. Unfortunately that is where jack has been playing though.
  12. 3-4-3 but put Targett in for Taylor, and Conor for Nakamba. Rest keep the same.
  13. Doesn't mean much. Kalinic started for them, and defense is Croatia's biggest issue. I'd still take him, but I don't think he is good enough to be a starter for us at the moment.
  14. Would rather have us take in Batshuayi. He only has a 1.5 years left on his deal, and chelsea will be trying to sell this summer. Batshuayi also will need to showcase himself somewhere to earn a move, so win win for us. If he works out, we can sign him in the summer.
  15. He is a crazy player. Absolute warrior on the pitch, but he isn't that great. He'd at least be a good player to have in the championship, and he can play right back too. 6 million seems a bit too much though.
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