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  1. Every nation should have gone to lock down the moment they did. The virus still would have spread, but it would have been a lot less of an impact.
  2. It's pretty straight forward in our league. Liverpool should be champions. Liverpool just need 5 points to be mathematically declared champions, and they still have to play us. This is also assuming City win every single one of their last 10 matches.
  3. I mean their squad is destroyed by injuries. Losing the majority of your key players will make any club shit.
  4. Czechlad

    U.S. Politics

    Moderates are easier for democrats to elect, especially well liked moderates like Biden. Senators and congressmen/women fear that a Bernie presidency would make them lose their seats to republicans whereas a Biden presidency won't really cause alarm. Biden isn't a bad candidate too. He has a lot of progressive ideas that get shadowed by Bernie's because Bernie's are more radical. I think Biden will beat Trump pretty easily. I am sure Trump will spew his typical nonsense but I don't think it will work. My biggest concern is Trump will force the republican senators to open an investigation into Biden just to make Biden look bad/tie up his time.
  5. Czechlad

    U.S. Politics

    Warren is smart to side with the DNC and not Bernie. I like Bernie. His ideas are not radical and I think he could do some good, but I just don't see how he could ever implement them in a 4 year presidency. I think Biden's plan of expanding the affordable care act is smart and building on it. Plus I worry that a bernie presidency will just ignite the right to vote like a trump presidency did for the left. People like Biden idk why, but that is good for politics. I do worry that Biden isn't all there in his head, but it's not like Trump is either.
  6. Czechlad

    U.S. Politics

    I am actually surprised how quickly Biden rose up the ranks. If Buttigieg and Kloubuchar didn't drop out, I think Bernie's lead would have basically named him the democratic nominee today. I dislike a lot of the stuff I read on twitter and reddit saying the DNC is rigging the election again. No they are not. The candidates don't want Bernie so they made the logical choice to rally behind one candidate. That isn't rigging an election. They just want their guy to win.
  7. Anyway, I loved what I saw from Anwar. He was up against arguably one of the best right backs in the league, and did well for himself. Left wing really suits him. He seemed so much more comfortable. Only problem is Jack also seems more comfortable there. Do we continue with Jack at CAM? I mean it worked in the championship, or do we keep playing El Ghazi at right wing where he definitely isn't as effective?
  8. Appreciate you clearing that up. My local facebook group was discussing it so that is where I got the statement.
  9. I invested in the cruise industry last month. Half my investment is gone.
  10. I read that Dogs can actually get the virus
  11. Made it back from my cruise. No coronavirus onboard and it was a good cruise. But what was funny to me was they told me come to the port earlier than normal for extra screening due to the virus. All I had to do was fill up a 3 questionnaire asking if I had been to china, am I sick, or was I sick? Even when checking my passport, they never checked stamps. Could have easily come onboard with the virus. There was no screening coming off the ship.
  12. Going on one saturday. Hoping it'll be a quieter crowd since I've seen numerous posts on various message boards asking can they get a refund because they are scared of coronavirus. Although I am fighting a cold right now so I am hoping I don't get turned away when trying to check on board.
  13. Conor is a great player if we are playing with loads of possession. There is little difference between the championship and premier league in terms of Conor's ability. Conor could easily be a standout premier league player if we played a style where we'd have the ball more. The reason Conor was so potent in the championship was because the majority of matches we played, we would have the majority of the ball, and we were able to be the team attacking. In the premier league, we are typically the team on the back foot so we don't really play a more free flowing style. Now we rely on Jack to get the ball and dribble players to get us forward. At least with McGinn, we had another outlet to get forward. The reason McGinn-Conor worked as a CM pairing was because Conor did a lot of the little things right such as quick passes to Jack and McGinn. Then Conor would typically float in the box and pop up with a goal. He still does that in the premier league. At the moment, unfortunately Conor doesn't suit us and that is why he looks like a passenger. When we have 9 men behind the ball, it's hard for any midfield to shine. None of our midfielders have looked good since switching to the 3-4-3. If we ever go back to the 4-2-3-1, I'd like to see a midfield of McGinn, Nakamba, Conor. I think that would give us the most versatility.
  14. Czechlad

    Scott Hogan

    Hopefully they are stupid enough to buy him off us, or swap for Bellingham and 5 million
  15. New Halsey song that was produced by the Bring me horizon boys. You can tell this a BMTH song.
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