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  1. Czechlad

    Manchester United

    Definitely not disputing that. United also have some decent youth, but buying Sanchez while you have Rashford and Martial was silly.
  2. Czechlad

    Manchester United

    Mourinho was right when saying their squad needed a massive overhaul. Most are 30+ and need to be sold.
  3. Czechlad


    We would have been saying sack Bruce if we went up and had the results Fulham have had. Fulham have also started their seasons very slow for 3 years now. Will there be a turnaround this time?
  4. Czechlad

    Premier League Predictions 2018/19

    I am definitely terrible at this format. I'm also not putting in the effort I was last season. I would actually look up where the teams were in the table, look at form, etc and try to guess. This season, I am just mindlessly filling them in and hoping.
  5. Czechlad

    January transfer window 2019

    Lichaj a couple of seasons ago would have been great. Full back who can play either side would be great to have. Baker would be a great #3 center back Bannan is not needed. He is another Lansbury type player where he shows up once every few matches. Hogg would be nice. Robinson is not great.
  6. Czechlad

    Conor Hourihane

    I’ve said it numerous times, and I’ll say it again. McGinn and Hourihane need to be our CM pairing going forward. In that second half, they dominated the middle. Derby never had a chance. Their partnership will grow, and iron out some of the mistakes.
  7. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Abraham isn’t good. He misses far too many chances for me.
  8. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Abraham and Kodjia waste a lot of chances
  9. Czechlad

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Bolasie needs to come on. Then I’d bring Jedinak to strengthen the middle.
  10. Czechlad

    AVTV 2018/9

    Oh come on with this audio. This is worse than a phone call with no signal
  11. Czechlad

    Derby pre match

    It’s attacking which I can get behind. Alright hourihane, give us a good game!
  12. Czechlad

    Josh Onomah

    He needs to find his game. Bruce didn't help him at all by playing him in 4 different positions. If he wants to have even a career in the championship, he needs to perfect one spot.
  13. Czechlad

    Premier League Predictions 2018/19

    I also feel like we were able to engage with one another much more. It's november and this thread is dead.
  14. Czechlad

    Premier League Predictions 2018/19

    I gotta say, I am really not enjoying this new format. Feels more like a chore for some reason. I know it is incredibly difficult to do what you were doing last couple years @Chewie but it was definitely more fun imo.
  15. Czechlad

    Tommy Elphick

    Voted Hull's player of the month