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  1. Czechlad

    Wesley Moraes

    I'd be tempted to try El Ghazi through the middle almost as a false 9. This way we can keep Trez on the right. McGinn bombs forward well anyway, and El Ghazi's goals have been from center.
  2. Czechlad

    U.S. Politics

    I think it will be Pete Buttigieg. He is the most normal one out of them all, and he can actually take questions. I also think Trump is a little scared of Pete because he is probably the most calm and collected democrat so Trump's normal shithousery won't work.
  3. Czechlad

    Wesley Moraes

    It's just not enough. Yea Wesley is doing a lot better lately of holding up the ball and moving which has allowed our wingers and midfield to find space, but that is the basics of any target striker. Even Davis does that very well. The main reason Davis isn't our starting striker is because he rarely scores. Well Wesley is having the same issue. If we don't mind our striker not scoring, then we might as well have saved our money and made Davis our starting striker. My biggest worry is Wesley is barely getting any chances. Yes he had a shot against United, but that was a poor effort from out of the box. He got a tap in against Newcastle which he missed. He maybe pops up with 1 decent chance a match which is worrying. We are a club that takes a lot of shots, but Wesley is not contributing to that. He needs to do more.
  4. I think we will slowly start turning these draws to wins, and losses to draws. You can see we are a good side with a lot of talent. Numerous matches even against the "big boys", we have been very good, but lack the experience, stamina, or confidence to close it out. I think that will slowly change. If we can stay up this season, I really think next year we can be a good side if we hold onto our players.
  5. So at this rate we'd finish on 40-42 points which basically is always good enough to finish a few spots above relegation. Ideally come January 2nd, we can be on 30 points. We have 5 matches in the next month that are winnable/must wins for survival. If we can manage to knick any points off Leicester, United, Chelsea, or Sheffield, I'd be very happy.
  6. That steak is not cooked at all
  7. I think if Kodjia had the same minutes Wesley has had, Kodjia would have at least the same amount of goals
  8. Czechlad

    Wesley Moraes

    I am using minutes played because at this point in the season, kozak broke his leg and never played for us again. It's not like Kozak continued to play the rest of the season and never scored again.
  9. Czechlad

    Wesley Moraes

    Libor Kozak had a better strike rate than Wesley at basically the same age, and Kozak is regarded as a shit signing on here. Kozak also was much better at holding up the ball, and played with a lot worse players than what we have now. Wesley is really struggling.
  10. Just want to say, we have only lost 1 match this season in which Conor has started and that was the very first match away to Spurs. He is so underrated in this team. He does a lot of little things right, and keeps the ball moving forward. We need that. If we want to win, we have to start him.
  11. I bought a ps4 pro just to play this. Hopefully it's good.
  12. Cardiff 100% have to pay for his transfer. Sala was a Cardiff player and Nantes lost their player because of it. This is Cardiff's deal, and it's terrible what happened, but they are on the hook.
  13. Nope do not move Jack. One goal off a set piece does not excuse the 8 or so mediocre matches Trez has had for us. Moving Jack to wing got us wins, and we'd be stupid to move him back centrally where we struggled defensively. Have Trez as an option off the bench and pushing El Ghazi for a starting spot is great. But we cannot force him into the team.
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