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  1. Czechlad


    Nah he was shit for us remember so he has to be a terrible player.
  2. Czechlad


    I think Emery is actually a good manager, and Arsenal have one of the better attacks in the league. Problem is they lack a true DM, and their defense is crumbling. They need two new center backs, and a DM to actually compete for top 4.
  3. Czechlad

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Put hutton on Sessegnon, and Bree on the other side. Both can play right or left back, so we can interchange them easily if Fulham swap their wingers.
  4. Czechlad

    Pre-match chat

    Let's bring 38600 Vuvuzelas to drown out their clappers
  5. Czechlad

    Pre-match chat

    I'll be here don't worry
  6. Czechlad

    Demon Souls / Dark Souls

    Thanks for the tip! It's a lot cheaper using prime
  7. Czechlad

    The MLS Thread

    To be fair on Remi, Montreal is just horrid. I watched the LA match, and Montreal didn't lose because of tactics. Montreal had numerous good shooting chances, but managed to not even hit the target. It was like watching a bunch of amateur. Then LA's goal was down to the smallest player on the field winning a flick on header.
  8. Czechlad

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Wasn't there more to the story than Icardi just taking Lopez's wife? I remember hearing Lopez was a shite father and husband. Icardi was helping raise the kids even before he got with his wife. This is just what I read on reddit, so obviously I am not saying it's true.
  9. Czechlad

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Did something happen between Messi and Icardi?
  10. Czechlad

    Demon Souls / Dark Souls

    Remaster is out at the end of this week. I've been watching a few youtubers who got early access and I am disappointed. Better graphics yes, but that seems to be it. When Dark Souls 2 did a remaster, they at least added some new content and changed up enemy placement. This is literally just Dark Souls ported to new systems. I'm still going to buy it solely so I can play dark souls again with a bunch of people. Invading in the forest was loads of fun when dark souls first came out.
  11. Czechlad

    James Bree

    Does he start this saturday?
  12. Czechlad

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Naingolan and Martinez haven't got on ever since his appointment. With that being said, Naingolan is one of the best in the world, and would probably get into any national team's starting XI. Belgium's midfield is still very strong. De Bruyne, Dembele, and Dendonker is likely their midfield three. Also have Fellaini and Tielemans.
  13. Czechlad

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    Can't wait to sign Carlos Sanchez again after a strong world cup.