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FA to Investigate Clattenburg Over Racist Language


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Mark Clattenburg: FA confirms investigation into Chelsea claim

The Football Association has begun an investigation into allegations made by Chelsea against referee Mark Clattenburg following Manchester United's 3-2 win at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea have made a formal complaint against Clattenburg,accusing him of using "inappropriate language" towards two of their players on Sunday.

It is claimed Clattenburg used racial language, BBC Sport has learned.

Clattenburg has not been picked to officiate at a match this weekend.

It is understood midfielder John Mikel Obi is involved in the complaint.The FA issued a statement on Monday confirming it has launched an investigation, adding it will make "no further comment at this time".

Peter Herbert, the lawyer behind the potential black players' breakaway union, has made a written complaint to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) regarding the matter.

"Our information is that racist remarks were directed at John Mikel Obi and at Juan Mata. If so, that is wholly unacceptable in any circumstances," wrote Herbert.

"Although this matter may be investigated by the FA it is appropriate that the MPS independently see if a racially aggravated offence has occurred."

When Chelsea confirmed they would be making a complaint on Sunday, PGMO issued a statement confirming Clattenburg would co-operate with any investigation.

"PGMO is aware of the allegations and they are being treated with the utmost seriousness," the statement read.

"Mark will co-operate fully and welcomes the opportunity for the facts to be established."

Clattenburg, 37, is viewed by the PGMO as one of the country's leading officials and is on the Fifa list.

The Durham-born referee was put in charge of the League Cup final in February and the Olympic final between Brazil and Mexico in August.

Former Premier League official Graham Poll has suggested Chelsea's complaint could hinge on evidence from Clattenburg's assistants and the fourth official.

Linesmen Michael McDonough and Simon Long and fourth official Michael Jones may have heard conversations between Clattenburg and the players because all four officials wear microphones and ear pieces that allow them to hear what each other is saying during the game.

"A referee's microphone is on open. Everything he says is heard by [his or her] assistants," Poll told BBC Radio 5 live.

"So if Mark said something, the assistants would have heard it."

The Metropolitan Police have also revealed that an investigation has been launched into an incident in which a steward was injured at Stamford Bridge.

It occurred as Javier Hernandez celebrated United's winning goal in the 75th minute.

During the controversial encounter, Clattenburg sent off two Chelsea players.

Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres were shown red cards in the space of five minutes, with the latter's second yellow card for diving disputed by the Blues.

From the BBC

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My first thoughts were the same as Jims's. Surely Clattenburg isn't that stupid?

I find it hard to believe that he racially abused a player, more likely a player taking something he said in the wrong way, but I also can't see two Chelsea players completely making this up.

Doesn't do much for the English game this. The irony in all this is that it's not the players and officials that need to be protected from the fans, it's visa versa.

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Bring out the lipreaders.

Suggestions on youtube:

"You're a clearing in the woods, but it's not my fault"

"I know, you're Spanish, and that's not my fault"

"And now he's punished, and that's not my fault"

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Nawww, Chelsea accusing referees of inappropriate language?*

Chelsea have previous. And the Spanish are not a race. It all hangs on what he said to Mikel. By all means do him for 'inappropriate' language but don't pull out the race card.

* Terry's accusation was retracted and he was subsequently fined £10k

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It's definitely "I know you're [something], but it's not my fault"

Unless that something is "A sangria swigging, spanish cnut", then I don't think there's anything in it, not from that clip anyway.

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