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  1. Dang it, I missed the turn-of-the-century post-hardcore chat? Ah well. Emo peaked when someone La Dispute'd that guy having a meltdown on a scooter.
  2. Were the passes coming from Stephen Warnock?
  3. They say people die three deaths; the first one when you die. The second, when the last person living who remembered you dies. And the third, when you remember The Zutons were a thing.
  4. Wrong number most likely, he was trying to reach his Aunt.
  5. Tangentially related to thread, but I just found out for the first time tonight that Billy Idol was originally meant to play the T-1000. Dafuq?!
  6. Was a relatively middling Dynamite as well, by their standards. Hobbs vs Martin was great, though. Pac and Andrade is gonna be an absolute banger tomorrow.
  7. I did contemplate simply replying *clap clap clap clap clap*.
  8. My only point of contention there is the notion that any screen-time given to Monica Bellucci is a waste. Such a thing, it is not possible.
  9. Holy mother-loving shit, Bound easter egg! Wachowskis, all is forgiven!
  10. Interesting, that wee flash of matrix code over Trinity you see in the trailer. I mean, she was stone-cold dead; no argument, no ambiguity, no black-magic-feckery at the end of #3. Money's on the "Trinity" we see being another program designed to sedate/placate a newly re-inserted Neo, whom I could maybe buy not being all-dead at the end of #3, with the teensiest big of wiggle-room that his on-the-nose-Christ-analogous-posed body was only mostly dead when the machines carted it off, and as we all know; mostly dead is still slightly alive.
  11. Yaaaaasssss, really hope this leads into a fully-realised crossover sequel for both AW and Control.
  12. Veering away from films, Xena: Warrior Princess is an absolute treasure trove... Nathan Barley had a pre-breakout Benedict Cumberbatch and Ben Whishaw... ...and I'm not even going into X-Files, would take far too long.
  13. One of my faves after watching him Ben Wyatt-ing it up in Parks & Rec is Adam Scott being the Defiant's helmsman in Star Trek: First Contact...
  14. Yeah, I'd absolutely listen to that.
  15. In that particular instance, I'm fairly certain said band employed the tried & tested Random Wikipedia Article™ method of naming. A staple of the genre, for sure.
  16. Yeah, that's pretty much where I'm at. I mean, I found the fun in John Wick 3, I can find the fun in this for sure. God, it does make me laugh thinking back to a time when I desperately wanted one of those phones Neo gets in the first film that slides open all cool like.
  17. Portals festival up in London this weekend. First live music since the Pat Sharpe-compered 90's cheese festival from two Xmases ago, which means I can finally scratch off The Vengaboys as being the last act I'd seen (no regrets, mind, not many people can/want to say they've seen Cotton-Eyed Joe "performed" live). Sadly two of the main acts I was most excited about seeing, We Lost The Sea and Oh Hiroshima (that were due to travel from Australia and Sweden respectively) have unsurprisingly pulled out. Still though, plenty of good stuff and at this stage it's just going to be nice to catch up with folk I've not seen in 2 years. Hopefully that's all I catch.
  18. These are also not mutually exclusive.
  19. That line has always been pure BS even over here, a spider once made a scything remark about my weight and I've been self-conscious ever since.
  20. I'm equal amounts excited and convinced it's going to suck balls.
  21. Had two such moments recently with Giancarlo Esposito funnily enough, in Do The Right Thing and Usual Suspects. Back on-topic, watched Psycho Goreman a couple of days ago. Came out feeling like I'd watched this generation's Evil Dead. Some of the costumes had me howling.
  22. Ah, Dean Norris also in T2 though. /wellakshualalalay.
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