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  1. Massive step up from his original league. He's doing well in a premier league side!
  2. I think we should base all our opinions of Ashley Westwood when he was not very good. Not basing him on this season at all..
  3. Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ 1m Sky Sources: Premier League approved Tom Cleverley loan move from Man Utd to Aston Villa #SSNHQ
  4. Paperwork submitted at 1:15am, deadline 1am. System does not compute. :s
  5. Wow wake up this morning to find out about this - can someone give me the low down?
  6. i lol'd at that when my son asked me what i was laughing at had to say trampy lil scouse in the background fell over That silly man has gone and painted a sausage blue!
  7. On a positive note, anyone else see that reporter getting dildo'd?
  8. Look many are bound to be disappointed, its natural - we see other clubs around us on deadline day signing players that we think could have improved us. In reality we've done some tidy business, including Sanchez & Cissoko, who will definitely improve us!
  9. what a **** joker. Doesn't even deserve 50k
  10. Knowing Villa i think we all know which one it will be..
  11. Jack Grealish getting his own feature on MOTD makes my life. It just shows those horrific sloppy challenges on him!
  12. I didn't think he would set the world on fire when he joined, but he really has had a decent start. I do feel there are some howlers in there somewhere but I am very pleased with the start he has made!
  13. 2-3 points and i'd be pleased with that.
  14. If we can can get 12 points from the next 15 points available, that will stand us in good stead for the title.
  15. Yeah this tweet from Jack makes me so happy for him! Jack Grealish @JackGrealish1 · 3h Wow what a feeling comin on in the premier league at villa park, the holte end singing my name and winning the game.. Dreams coming true
  16. "Bent would have scored that." Oh wait.
  17. Had a good game today, but I feel he won't get the plaudits he deserves. That pass to Bent at the end! Should have finished it..
  18. All we need him to do now is draw those fouls in the opposition penalty box! Really would love for him to get his first Premier league goal for Villa. i'm dying for him to shoot every time he gets into the box because i know he can do it!
  19. Definitely should be starting in my mind. Such a good creative option
  20. I had a dream last night. Villa were playing at home and before the game the ground was just blasting seven nation army - white stripes over the speakers. Benteke was starting and he scored the winning goal. Everyone went mad. I enjoy my dreams.
  21. By the end of the season.....you'll br sick of them NEVER!
  22. Got a peach of a left foot, but it looks like his attitude is all over the place. and his diet come to think of it.
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