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  1. Bloody remainer, echo-chamber elite bubbles...
  2. "He was just doing what any good father would do", says terrible father of an undisclosed number of children.
  3. I think that they've just misjudged this as another minor thing that Twitter and The Guardian is going to rage about for the weekend and it'll all be forgotten by Tuesday. And they could still be right. Although I hope not.
  4. Not quite. "These stories are inaccurate and we will not comment on inaccurate reports". Just keep saying that until people get bored and move on. That doesn't say that they are lies. If the journalists really want to push it, if anything in the report, however trivial isn't quite right then "these stories are inaccurate" isn't a lie. I also think they've misjudged where public mood is on this and their response could have been much better handled. But I reckon once they didn't just say "fair cop" and apologise in the first place they didn't have many other routes available.
  5. Presumably if the Government are sticking to the "it's all lies, honest" line there is nothing more to say at this point.
  6. So just to confirm, that bunch of people who looked like they were morons, were indeed morons.
  7. Can't wait for the day three installment where it turns out that Cummings broke lockdown for a tour of Hubei's wet markets.
  8. They've already said - they're going for the "we will not waste our time responding to these false allegations" approach. Which after a day of a desperate PR crusade, I'm sure will go well.
  9. Turns out there is a sequel though...
  10. You'd think that Mary Wakefield's brother who also lives in London would have been a more appropriate first port-of-call for emergency childcare than a drive across the country.
  11. My kids lost their grandfather two weeks ago and didn't see him before he died, because lockdown. He only lived a 20 minute drive away. Anyone who supports these amoral shits should really be worried about the state of their consciences.
  12. The culture war. If people force themselves to believe that he's made a massive **** up with this then they might have to start to get their head around the fact that he's made a massive **** up with that.
  13. Government: Also Government:
  14. Play-off final was pretty good to be fair.
  15. Presumably his point though, is what were those people doing two weeks ago that meant they got infected? Given that we were nearly a month into lockdown by then.
  16. "Following the science"
  17. I guess they at least correct themselves where appropriate.
  18. To be fair, the actual BBC report doesn't use the word universal in its description. They just describe it as "a monthly basic income scheme for the most vulnerable households" That choice of "universal" appears to be a bit of a colourful journalistic flourish added in the tweet you linked.
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