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  1. You'd think. But if reports are correct this is basically everything the EU27 want. The original deal but with the massive concession they gave to May taken out again. This is their dream outcome. So if I were them, I'd be offering a short technical extension on condition that the deal is passed (which Johnson then accepts, nullifying the Benn Act), and if the deal isn't passed then the UK can revoke or just leave. Giving Labour the choice of voting for the deal or revoking. With no third option. Johnson then goes into an election under a bit of pressure from Farage but Labour and the Lib Dems with no idea what to do next. And their voters probably likewise. Edit - the only saving grace would be if it were amended to include a referendum. As it would be tricky to see them EU27 say no to that. And Johnson would have a tricky time selling the upside of May's Deal But Worse to the public.
  2. Deal basically agreed apparently. Effectively the old, Theresa May original one with a Northern Ireland-only backstop and the DUP cut loose. So that was worth wasting two years over.
  3. Erm...that's kind of why I posted it!
  4. Eh? He's taking about Scottish independence from the UK.
  5. There are apparently around 5m adults in the UK with neither passport nor driving license. I'm not all that fussed whether those 5m are old, racist Conservatives or youthful, lay-about Labour scroungers (delete according to your prejudice of choice) - if they are registered to vote then they shouldn't have that denied to them.
  6. Hmm. I'm pretty sceptical. I'd be amazed if the other 27 wanted there to still be confusion one way or the other by the time Multiannual Financial Framework 2021–2027 needs to be decided, which is next summer. So nine? Sure. 9-12? makes no sense at all from the EU side. Also, while it's not impossible that a random guy off Twitter is going to break the news ahead of the hundreds of journalists based in either Brussels or one of the countries making that decision... I think I'd still be taking it with a pinch of salt.
  7. Presumably there is quite a lot of overlap with those countries whose citizens all have a national identity card? Thus automatically providing everyone with the evidence that such a system requires.
  8. How so? The Irish seem to think that our latest position is just going back to the original Northern Ireland backstop, with a simple majority Stormont vote needed to end it, which wouldn't happen as the DUP are not likely to have an overall majority. It's all the stuff they didn't like about the original, EU suggested withdrawal agreement. The Tory rebels (mostly) voted for the original DWA every time and will almost certainly vote again for any deal brought back to Parliament.
  9. Whatever the elected leaders of Europe want to happen, subject to it meeting the approval of the European Parliament?
  10. A second: (MEP for Yorkshire & The Humber, speaking in the European Parliament)
  11. *shrugs* I'm comfortable with it. Do I think that Farage wants to round up and murder Belgians? No, I'm pretty confident that he does not. Do I think he'd be okay with a political system that concentrated more power with the executive and made the roles of parliament, devolved Government, the judiciary and an independent media more peripheral? Yes, I'm pretty confident that he would. So as I say, I'm happy enough with the comparison. Also (and I only raise it as it's you - I'd have made the "neo-Nazis in prison didn't vote" point myself if you hadn't), I never specified whom on the other side - I could have innocently meant that he really liked Italian Governor of Libya Italo Balbo because of his pointy beard...
  12. They're not. Vote Leave was the official campaign. Leave.EU weren't. Horrendous ****s in charge of both, but still different campaign groups.
  13. Trouble is, a lot of people don't think they have been conned - they think they've been betrayed. All that stuff they were promised is still there, and would be happening if only this, that or the other. We're in the early skirmishes of what is going to become a pretty ugly culture war. Chaos with Ed Miliband is looking really attractive.
  14. Yup. (bear in mind that it's the more fringe Banks / Farage campaign, not the official, reputable (sic) Gove / Johnson one)
  15. There will only be a delay with agreement from all 27 countries. A delay which will be agreed (or not) in a room that we are not in to witness the decision making. So all 27 countries either go to the front or the bottom (sic) of the queue. Solid work once again from Cummings.
  16. The former. I can't think of a single person on either side of this debate with a more solid grip on actual evidence than Richard North. Particularly when it comes to food safety, as that's what he's spent nearly his entire professional career advising on. His son is an obnoxious bell-end. But North sr. absolutely knows his stuff.
  17. It's something (like most points which are angrily shouted from partisan positions) which has a lot more nuance than it's often afforded. It's a pretty solid statement of fact that Norway follows rules that are put in place by the EU. And there is no direct representation to decide whether they should or not. So is that automatically a democratic aberration, or is the more pertinent question "how then, do those rules get made?". Norway cares about two things (with apologies for the generalisation), fish and energy. The EU fisheries committee don't really know much about fish. Nigel Farage was a member (and I think it's chairman) for several years. So where are they going to learn what they need to know? Most global food standards are established at UN level, through the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, and specifically via a body called Codex Allimentarius. There are tweaks here and there across countries and trading blocks, but broadly speaking that's where the experts sit and that is where your average MEP gets his/her information and follows the advice when making rules and voting on law. So the bit of that which Norway cares about? All handled by the Fish and Fishery Products Committee. Handy, given that it's hosted by Norway. And led (or it was until recently) by Bjorn Knudtsen. A Norwegian, obviously. So do they follow the rules? Yes. Are they worried about the rules acting unfavourably? Probably not so much.
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