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  1. "If they are paying more in student loan repayments, maybe they have less money to spend on petrol?"
  2. There are probably more eloquent politicians out there, but I reckon she's picked all the right words this time. Still, I expect more whining about "Keith" and Jeremy is probably more important.
  3. They don't need to come back do they? Brexit isn't to blame for the country falling apart. So reversing the post-Brexit policy decisions isn't going to do anything to fix it, surely?
  4. "By that time"? Was there any point since the mid-80s where that wasn't the case?
  5. This changes everything. It'll feel weird going to the pub and not ordering 568ml of beer.
  6. Sure, obviously she's terrible. But it'd hardly a massive drop in quality is it? It's Dominic Raab, arguably the worse ever. And considering Johnson has done the job, that's some accolade. It's not Ireland replacing Milner or Gestede replacing Benteke. It's Simon Dawkins replacing Jordan Bowery.
  7. I assume that we are now all going to performatively like this post for the lols?
  8. I'd definitely make an exception for Gove though - as long as it involved actual hot coals.
  9. I reckon Labour could just take the mantra of "do the exact opposite of anything that Len McCluskey thinks" and they probably won't be going too far wrong.
  10. But given the ingredients of the cake were dog shit and Nigel Farage's toe-nail clippings, it probably doesn't need much of a taste-test before we realise that it's probably not going to win Bake-Off.
  11. Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane in Game Of Thrones Rory McCann as Michael "yarp" Armstrong in Hot Fuzz
  12. Strange times. Those confusing, disturbing days when Rudy Giuliani was seen across the world as a dignified, unifying leader.
  13. It's a banger alright. NB claims in the sleeve notes that it's faithful cover version of a song by two Dutch folk singers called Henny Wassenaar and Corien Steenstra. It isn't, they've never heard of the song before. However, they did perform the half-time entertainment at the 2010 Korfball Championship Pool A matches in Leeuwarden. Uncle Rudi et al will be have been delighted as Netherlands won the competition. England finished sixth, one place behind Catalonia. [/meandering thread diversion ends]
  14. It's not really that surprising. As @HanoiVillanalluded to elsewhere, a drop in Tory support at the moment isn't Brexity throbbers suddenly deciding that they want a bit of Ed Davey or Kier Starmer, it's them running back to UKP / Brexit / Reclaim / whatever the political vehicle du jour for That Type Of Person is. There has always been a solid 15-20% for that type of voter, it's just that at the moment the Tories are being throbby enough to keep them onside. For there to be a significant drop in Tory support, it'll almost certainly come from them pivoting towards doing something unusally sane and losing TTOP because the Tories are now woke Marxists. Which is a problem, as if it looks like they are losing TTOP then they'll suddenly annouce something like the mandatory drowning of asylum seekers or a light bombing raid on Leeuwarden to get them back onside.
  15. Very excited to read a hundred different versions of how the shift is all to do with Whatever Issue In The News Is The One That I Think Is Most Important.
  16. I think by any realistic metric, that self-destruct button has been smashed a hundred or more times in the last five years. Doesn't seem to be doing much good for the current guy or his predecessor.
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