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  1. Olusoga presents the programme A House Through Time. It's currently on BBC2, and this series focuses on a house built in 18th century Bristol so a fair chunk covers Bristol and its relationship with slavery. He's brilliant, and so is the programme.
  2. Good pick up by the Cowboys! The Pats tank is still on How bad were the early picks in the 2017 draft?! So many fifth year options being declined
  3. 7/7 on defense. Needed tbf. Still not sold on a nose tackle as seventh overall though.
  4. Two more picks on defense. Four picks left and we’ve only got four corners on the roster, you’d think we’re going to be selecting at least too. Maybe a flier on a tight end and an o-line too.
  5. Yep. They’re definitely in win now and they’ve only got Tyrod. Do wonder if Bill is dropping him a call right now!
  6. A fifth rounder for Kyle Allen. Daylight robbery hahahahaha
  7. Panthers have probably got about 8 good players left. Winning 3 games tops.
  8. What the **** are we doing? Olsen also commented on the instagram post that it "feels familar" that he was forced out. Absolutely pathetic the way we treat our greats. Did the same to Steve Smith, Jordan Gross etc. Shite.
  9. Turner is fine. Paid him a lot of money, definitely only goes to the probowl because he's a well known guard. We needed a left tackle, more than we need a guard I think.
  10. Dissly is better. Surprised that the Hawks have picked him up tbh. Often injured, looked really average last year.
  11. Lost a couple of big names in our team already. Still devastated about Kuechly. The Cam situation is still up in the air but I think he signs an extension.
  12. It was a big game so everyone was obviously up for it, but the away fans in North Stand definitely improves the home atmosphere I think.
  13. Way too many defensive players go for the strip rather than just cleaning out the runner, very frustrating. Had a free hit on Mahomes ffs!
  14. Think you’d expect both home teams to advance, but I just don’t see the KC run defense slowing down Tennessee. If they get off to another slow start I think the Titans advance.
  15. Kuechly’s retired. Absolutely gutted. One the best ever middle linebackers, if not the best. The Panthers are just totally unrecognisable from two years ago. No Kuechly, no Davis, Olsen looks like he’s leaving, potentially no Cam, Rivera and half the staff have left. Matt Rhule has got a huge job on his hands.
  16. Sounds like a positive hire for us. The Giants...not so much
  17. If only it was a four dayer instead...
  18. Main commentator is even worse. Hate his faux-enthusiasm What an opening drive!!!
  19. Head: Bills, Pats, Saints, Seahawks Heart: Bills, Titans, Vikings, Eagles
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