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  1. Another win, probably the first time we’ve deserved to win since beating Arizona. Cam would do some serious damage in this offense, can’t wait for him to be back! Our defense is an absolute terror, must’ve had 30 sacks in the last four games
  2. Another vintage performance from Checkdown Tom. He’s looked terrible so far this year.
  3. I finally get to see the Panthers disappoint me in person now, can’t wait!
  4. What the **** were those play calls on 3rd/ 4th & 1. Absolutely horrific
  5. Very weird game this. DJ Chark is absolutely murdering us!
  6. Andrew Norwell at fault for our defensive TD
  7. What are you thinking today, @Brumerican? Defensive battle on the cards I reckon!
  8. We've been threatening to batter a team for the last couple of games and it's finally happened! Nakamba, Grealish, El Ghazi all great. Our central midfield options are absolutely ridiculous for a newly promoted team!
  9. Imagine how many points the Seahawks would score if they didn’t run it on 2/3 of their plays. Carson is obviously very good but you’ve literally got a generational talent at QB. The call to not go for it on 4th & 1 at the end of the first half...deserved to lose on that alone. Hawks had murdered them all half offensively ffs. Where’s the bottle?
  10. Annoying it went down to defenses rather than actual players. Could’ve won if I hadn’t left so many points on the bench!
  11. He’s out for half the season, don’t think you’ll be getting much now! My team finally goes off...second highest score in the league this week and I lose by 3. Lol.
  12. Not to mention trading away Zeitler in the OBJ deal. Strange move that was.
  13. What an absolute joy it will be to have both my teams disappoint me within six hours of each other
  14. Washington State’s QB threw NINE touchdowns last night...and lost.
  15. Ron storming out of a press conference The writing really is on the wall now.
  16. Cam more than likely out, season is already a write off
  17. Exactly the same as us vs the Lions last year. Don’t get it. Take it to OT. And certainly don’t call a run straight up the middle ffs.
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