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  1. We're just so bad to watch on offense. Every drive is just like pulling teeth. For all the hype around Joe Brady we're really yet to see it.
  2. This season is so much better than last. Fans back in makes all the difference.
  3. I am absolutely here for Bills and Chargers to face off in the playoffs. Will be carnage!
  4. One of the worst Panthers losses I've seen. Absolutely **** disgraceful.
  5. Yeah that was my opinion by the end tbf. Some interesting stuff in there nevertheless.
  6. Stephon f'in Gillmore for a sixth rounder? Yes please
  7. Halfway through the Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League four-parter on iplayer and it's very good.
  8. Just the 386 run lead. Starting to think that we might have an outside chance of winning this!
  9. In the lead without losing a wicket. Half decent first day!
  10. Don't mind the trade at all. I really liked Dan Arnold in his three games for us but you can't ignore Henderson's upside despite the character concerns. Another first round bust for the Jags to chuck on the pile!
  11. About the same as their rookie Javonte Williams. I imagine Williams will keep eating into that over the next few weeks though.
  12. But Danny Murphy said...
  13. Entire midfield three had stormers, but he was the pick of them. Sue perb.
  14. To a man, just absolutely sensational. This 3-5-2 whilst on the road just works beautifully. Only complaint is that it should've been a lot more comfortable than that, created a shit load of chances. UP THE VILE
  15. Another comfortable win but an expensive one. Horn gone for two months, CMC for four weeks, starting safety out for a couple months too. Only 30 points conceded across three games so far, some going.
  16. Managed to get down for the final session, great end to the week! The first team to win the Championship without scoring 400, some effort from the bowlers!
  17. Can't be getting to 5:30pm and wishing you'd had five more overs to get the last wicket. Good start from us, this is the session that'll decide it!
  18. Big wicket! Need to get one more in the next 22 balls for the extra bonus point. Not sure it changes much in context of our chances mind.
  19. Feels like this is slipping away. Not really testing Gregory or Leach. Need Woakes to find his form and finish these off within the next ten overs or so.
  20. Free entry for the last two days! Fantastic from the club, hopefully get the ending we want on Friday!
  21. Giants will be sick they've lost that. TD called back, Slayton drop, jumping offside. Great game though!
  22. For sure. As close to .500 is the aim, we lost out in a lot of close games last year (something stupid like 8/11 defeats were by less than a score?) whilst playing with a defense that had a load of rookies. Youngest team in the league too, absolutely convinced we're trending upwards with Rhule, Fitterer, Snow & Brady. Nice to see us loaded at WR for once, OL is a huge worry though.
  23. Ay, there's two of us! I'm not sold on Darnold at all but his ceiling is much higher than Bridgewater so I think it was worth the gamble. Looking forward to this season, we're nowhere near as bad as the power rankings have us (average is like 26th).
  24. Great game, but blatant OPI on Godwin at the end there.
  25. Yep. Last four wickets for four runs, last 8 for 80. Shite.
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