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Reactions & Ratings: Villa 1-1 Norwich


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Bennett
    • Lowton
    • El Ahmadi
    • Albrighton
    • Delph
    • Herd
    • Agbonlahor
    • Holman
    • Benteke
    • Lichaj (for Agbonlahor 54)
    • Bent (for Benteke 69)
    • Weimann (for Holman 76)

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Defensivly in most game we seem ok. When we have the ball we are turd, hoofing the ball at most oppotunities.

Albrighton shouldnt be starting games, rather n'zog/bannan/ireland play on the wing than him. KEA n Delph need to be better, placid in the middle where we should be strongest.

Benteke shone today, Gabs wasnt too bad but dont think Bent or Weinmann would have offered anything better.

Next few games highly depend on us getting better in the middle of the park.

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Just got back, awful all across the park. Can't pass the ball. No width. The only players who passed was in our defense, usually to another defender that put us under pressure so it got lumped forward for norwich to just attack us again. The progress we made at the start under Lambert (pressure the ball, quick passing etc) has regressed into the same as last season. Hoof ball with no plan b. I'm actually numb from watching that today. Relegation looks a probability, not a threat.

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I think we got exactly what most of us expected today, even though most of us had a blind hope of playing great. We were second best the entire game and had only one chance coming after a woeful defensive mistake by Turner. Great finish by Benteke, really good first touch and calm finish just like the best of the strikers in the world. Just one chance in 90 minutes against Norwich at home is absolutely horrendous, and we seldom created established attacks. Worrying, if it just is early times under Lambert.

Cohesion - 1 (One of the worst collectives I have seen in my life as a football fan)

Guzan - 8 (Great game by the American, no doubt about it. Would have gotten a 9 if he kept a clean sheet)

Bennett - 4 (First challenge was a yellow card and the second one was just silly of him. Stops an attack by taking out the man, it is a yellow card no matter what you say. Passing otherwise crap)

Vlaar - 7 (Think he was pretty solid today, especially in the second half)

Herd - 6 (Did not see him much to be honest, but he was very lucky to escape a red card around 80. mins.)

Lowton - 6 (Think he had a good game to be honets, given his ability)

Albrighton - 5 (Nothing really happens when he tries anything)

Delph - 6 (Our best midfielder)

El Ahmadi - 5 (Tries to be elegant, but he is really just creating trouble for himself when flicking and turning in the middle)

Holman - 4 (Good runner, sub-average footballer. Had a decent chance in the first half, but hit the ball like a 5-year old)

Agbonlahor - 5 (One point for holding the ball up before our goal, which was really good, otherwise very, very poor)

Benteke - 7 (Great goal and otherwise decent hold-up play. Could not have done much else in this game, where we are never creating anything or getting attacking possession)


Lichaj - 4 (His "fault" for their goal, not keeping his man covered. Not that I blame him immensely, but goals come out of nothing and he let him slip. Also getting into a lot of trouble)

Bent - 5 (Tried to enforce, which was good to see - and wasn't that a clear free-kick at the end? Not much he could do other than run at the end)

Weimann - 5 (Did not see him much either)

So all in all Guzan was best, Vlaar was good and Benteke the same. Good goal and some good headers, otherwise suffers from the same syndrom as Bent - not getting any service from anyone.

Delph can be satisfied with his performance, Lowton was ok and Herd too I guess, but the rest should be ashamed of themselves.

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Read the context of my reply to the post. Just because Norwich had beaten Arsenal doesn't make Norwich a good team. With that sort of logic does us beating Man Shite make us a good team? No i didn't think so.
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Bennett, he's young and has alot to learn.

Lichaj, he's just not good enough.

They would've won. We sat back and tried to defend a 1-0 result.

I know we had 10 men, but trying to defend for 30 minutes and just letting them play the ball about in our half was suicide.

Guzan our man of the match. Goes to show how close we were to getting beat.

Not sure where we go from here. If we can't pick up 3 points from Norwich at home, then i can't see where our next points are going to come from.

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Guzan was incredible. Vlaar and Benteke had good games.

The rest were bad and Bennett was worse than Warnock. Bennett was appalling last week as well and I do not want to see him starting for a long time.

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Awful game, awful display, awful tactics.

I am struggling to show any optimism now. Week after week I try to remain positive that we will eventually put in a commanding performance worthy of a Premiership side; but my hopes are always short-lived. I am still trying to remain upbeat, but it simply isn't good enough. Ok, having a man sent off didn't help - but let's be honest here; we looked woeful with 11 men let alone 10. It is becoming embarassing.

Plus points. Benteke was a handful today. Worked his socks off, won almost every header, held the ball up nicely, and showed great composure for his goal. Vlaar was a little sloppy with his distribution today, but again; showed his leadership qualities. Guzan was immense. Thank goodness we resigned him.

Negatives. Delph will never be Premiership quality to me. What does he offer, especially in a side with KEA in it. The two are way too similar and at least when KEA gets the ball, he looks to move it forward. To be fair, KEA was abysmal today, and although Delph's passing is improving, he still offers nothing. Mr average for me. Albrighton seems to only do two things. Give the ball away and then correct his error with another by making a needless foul in a dangerous position. Not good enough. Bennett looks very lightweight to me. Hopefully in time, that will improve. A shocking display topped off by a needless sending off.

Worrying times. My patience is beginning to waver. Ok, it has only been 9 games. But we have only played one team who finished in the top 10 last season (Spurs away) and we have 6 points from a possible 27. And with Sunderland away, Man Utd home, Man City away, Arsenal home coming up this month, I am struggling to see where any points are coming from.

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The weimannn sub in particular was bizarre. He did not have a clue what he was supposed to be doing. I sit on that touchline, and it was clear the kid was lost. Surely it should be been banana on left wing, keep Marc on the right. Bloke near me commented that the only way to win the game at point was on the counter, with Andi providing a better threat in that regard. True, but we were barely hanging onto a point.

Holman was absent on that left wing for the whole game - I presume that's where he was supposed to be playing. Funnily enough when he did get stuck in down that wing it led to our goal.

Boumsong must've been laughing when bent came on - he couldn't cope with benteke, but bent was easy fodder for him.

As much as dowd is a fat word removed, and as inconsistent as he was today, the red card was spot on, sadly.

Guzan motm, although vlaar had a cracking second half, given the barrage they were facing.

I need a win at Swindon, the merest glimpse of Wembley is enough for me at the moment, as there sure as **** aren't going to be many good times in the league any time soon

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We're shite.

Sums it up really.

Guzan, Lowton and Vlaar all had decent games along with Benteke but the rest were awful.

We have a real problem in midfield. I think it is the worst in the league and has been all season. We don't have anybody in there who can take a game by the scruff of the neck. Agbonlahor didn't do a lot today and absolutely brainless from Bennett to pick up those two yellow cards.

Substitutions were very poor, as was the whole performance. Really think we're going down.

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Well, Guzan and Vlaar looked good, but we've got lots of problems.

Chief amongst them is the middle of our midfield, where we don't have any two players with the pace, energy, aggression or power to play in a two - we have loads that can play in a three, but it'll mean giving up on wingers, giving up on Albrighton and giving up on the idea of crosses from him to Benteke - but you know what? If it doesn't happen we'll go down.

Lowton looks okay, Bennett has an absolute mass of stuff to learn and was dreadful even before he committed a stupid foul for his sending off and handed them the momentum - it was off the pitch and twenty yards behind play, exactly the location of Phil Dowds natural gaze - and having seen it he had no choice - a player having a bad game making a bad decision and changing everything.

Lambert then made a bad decision imo - Gabby should have stayed on, Holman should have come off, instead he took off our main threat and pushed the largely ineffective Holman further up the pitch. Even then, it might have worked if collectively we hadn't reacted to the sending off in the most cowardly way possible - we bunched up around our own box and hid in trying an heroic defense of a one nil lead.

Which we blew when our central midfield completely switched off for the goal, lazy, sloppy stuff.

I'm not sure what to say really, there's not much there and not much on the bench - I think ultimately the only lesson to learn today is that we need to put three in the middle or we're dead. Frankly, those three could be any of Herd, Holman, Delph, El Ahmadi, Bannan or Ireland - none of whom may prove to be good enough.

It's bad, and it could be about to get a whole lot worse - lets hope the manager can find a magic combination in there somewhere, we need something at the moment.

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That is what I saw today. Way too many times we gave the ball away. Central midfield is so weak. I miss Banan at least he can pass.

Albrighton should have come off not Gabby. Why do we commit fouls when they are going nowhere but we push them for no reason.

Bennett looks so shaky against players that can run at him -- major weak spot.

God help us!!!

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Just back and I'm livid. Yes Bennett was a cock end for getting a red but for the 2nd week running Lichaj switching off has cost us.

Lamberts tactics and subs today were dire, why take Benteke off !!

Why not start bent & Benteke

I'm losing patience with lambert to be honest

Norwich totally battered us today and should have won

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