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  1. Dean Smith masterplan. Many things about this team impress me but the amount of clean sheets we have kept is brilliant
  2. From today’s game you can see the line is drawn with a much finer line but for some reason when they process comparing the two lines they used thicker liners which make it look worse. on topic. Thought smith got his subs wrong today. Previously I’ve supported late subs or not makes changes but today need s Barkley or Watkins off from 70th min. Ppl calling for McGinn off including myself during game but to be fair to him he saw the game out comfortably
  3. Scraped the win but we way overdue a win like that. VAR was bang on. Not clear and obvious penalty and clearly offside by the rules. emi was fantastic. As was the whole defence. Don’t normally criticise Dean smiths subs and it’s usually logical but today he could have taken Barkley or Watkins off from 70th min
  4. When looking at this years and last years table it’s no coincidence that the teams in the top 4 are the best teams in the league. So I do think there is depth in looking at the stat.
  5. Interestingly 83% seems to be the percentage to aim for and most of our players fall short of that. I can only assume target cash el ghazi and Trez and lower due to crossing? surprised Mings is low stats taken from whoscored.com
  6. To answer my own question. We are currently 14th in the league for passing accuracy. Improving on passing and shooting accuracy could shoot us into European spots without sacrificing the way we play. I imagine the items above are more due to personnel and will improve with the quality of players we bring into the club
  7. The two things which stick out to me are our finishing. Which costs us probably 5/6 points this season and would be interested to see what our passing accuracy/completion is like compared to top four teams. I don’t doubt we’ll improve on the items above. Fun times ahead! UTV!
  8. Excellent result. Nice to get a win after a tough run. Thought VAR would overrule our first goal illogically but thankfully didn’t. team didn’t need to get out of second gear. Never risked much as we didn’t need to. Concentration and composure could be better but that’s uber picky. konsa was fantastic and was especially happy to see Marvellous has a faultless performance UTV!
  9. Doubt it. They probably all in unison that’s Bruce is shit
  10. There was a stat knocking about where villa have scored 3 or more goals in 6 games this season whilst Wolves have not since promotion. Or something like that
  11. His stats and trophy cabinet speak for itself. But for me he declined hugely after RVP left Man Utd. Tried to reinvent himself and never established a position. Personally liked him as a no9 but he never stuck around the box long enough. I’d take a primer Shearer or Kane over him any day.
  12. Michael Oliver is the new Mike Dean. Absolute shocking decision!
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