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  1. Love it! Especially like this one as I used to stare out of the window looking at this building only last year
  2. I loved this piece by Dylan Izaak but couldn't afford it at the time and now its sold out
  3. good shout! I do get a bit tired of the same old New York/London paintings. I'm from brum why would I want a picture of another city?!
  4. Bought my house three years ago and still haven't added any artwork/paintings/pictures up etc. I enjoy walking around some of the galleries in Solihull but never took the plunge into buying one. Anyone on here a keen art buyer? Anyone commissioned any works by local artists?
  5. The ground Corbyn has made up since the 80% no-confidence vote is phenomenal pairing that with a dirty campaign by the media makes it even more miraculous
  6. I echo using myfitnesspal app. I find whever I use this app it maintains focus on what you eat, to a certain extent you can eat what you like as long as it within your calories
  7. BTW this also happens at MMA/Boxing events, especially the lower level of shows.
  8. I think society forget football is a working class sport. VERY generally speaking the kind of people who kick off probably drink in the kind of boozers in the kind of parts of the town most wouldn't be likely to visit. Go out to a major town centre on any given weekend and there would be just as much trouble if not more than at a football game. Football has tribalism, mix this with alcohol and you get a rowdy bunch of people. Some people find this outlet as the only way of being able to express themselves. Likely someone will post 'what about the dr/lawyer/solicitor' whose part of a "firm", but the numbers compared to the working class pale insignificant.
  9. I've got a couple cars to sell around £3k n £6k. Where's best place to sell them? thinking of staying away from Gumtree and torn between eBay and autotrader. Money says eBay as classifieds lists but head saying autotrader as I assume most ppl use that as the go to website/app.
  10. Giles Barnes - He had a decent season at derby nearly a decade ago. Wiki says he's now playing in MLS, played 120 times for one club and only scored 30 goals.
  11. Cant believe how this has turned out for Bruce, was so convinced that he was the right man for the job but at the moment he really isn't showing any signs of being a good manager. A man of his experience shouldn't be on a run as bad a this. I can see we are starting to create chances but the lack of goals in a team with the quality we have shouldn't be restricted to 1 goal a game. Teams all over the league are scoring (and conceeding) 2 or more regularly. Not sure if I want to have him sacked yet, more due to lack of options than giving him time.
  12. zlatans high kick disallowed goal the other game is one of the worst decisions I have seen in recent times.
  13. Saw Benteke trending on twitter l, amazing how much stick he gets, specially from those gobshite Liverpool fans. Benteke has scored more league goals than any of their players and scoring recording is top quality. He has huge flaws but if he keeps putting the ball in the net he's doing his job
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