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  1. What an evening! Nyland was incredible first half. Second half I thought we were the better side. Think they underestimated the influence Tyrone Mings has on this side.
  2. Not that much can be done other than sack Smith, but I’m not entirely sure many others around may get a tune out of some of these players. Our recruitment in the summer is looking a complete disaster at the moment.
  3. The Burnley player cleared the ball afterwards. Absolute joke that is.
  4. On the flip side we were getting beat comfortably by sides like Norwich in the Championship just last year. I know we’ve spent money but shows that we’ve come a fair way in a short space of time. Feel we will need significant reinforcements in Jan though.
  5. Looked up for it when he came on. He will have his bad games but he’s a useful player to have in the squad at least.
  6. Hanky

    Dean Smith

    Least he made the Hourihane change early. Also tweaked the system slightly to play two in the midfield with Jack in front. Reinforcements needed in Jan.
  7. He was much better today than Guilbert has been in his past few games.
  8. Hanky

    Tyrone Mings

    He won’t. He’s better than the rest though.
  9. Hanky

    Tyrone Mings

    When is this guy back? We’ve been an utter shambles defensively without him. Although he was prone to the odd error here and there his general play is head and shoulders above anyone else.
  10. We were completely torn apart down the wings in the first half. Out 4-3-3 has been figured out now. It was by Leicester and now Southampton. Their two full backs had a field day down our sides. El Ghazi and Grealish pressing their centre halves doesn't work as our midfield is two pedestrian to get out to the full backs. The amount of times yesterday that there was a two on one situation against the full backs down the wings and it has happened a lot this season. The problem is, we don't appear to have a plan B formation. When we went two up top the midfield was still a complete mess, and I'm not really sure where anybody was playing. I doubt they work on it in training hence the players still don't know their roles. I like Smith and want him to do well, but the last two home games have been worse than some or a lot of the games in the season that went down. Devoid of confidence and ideas. I agree with what someone said earlier in the thread. At the moment it looks like Grealish and Heaton are the only two players that look Premier League quality. I have serious concerns about the midfield. Looks piss weak to me. The amount of times that teams can make one or two passes and slice us open. Happened against Chelsea, Sheff Utd, Leicester and yesterday. I really don't know what the answer is there as some of those players just do not look good enough at the moment. It looked like Grealish had gone in there a bit more in the second half but that lead to nobody being out wide left. I'd rather bring Trezeguet on at half time and gone 4-4-1-1 with Grealish behind Wesley or Kodjia. Massive work to do. Both tactically and possibly in the January transfer window if we want to stay up.
  11. Giving them far too much room here. They haven’t had to be too good either. They’ve played plenty of stray passes.
  12. Letting them counter on us here. Will be playing into their hands.
  13. One thing I will say. How the mighty have fallen. Just going round kicking Jack to shreds.
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