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  1. In exactly the same position also. Hoping this comes in the next few hours/days.
  2. Hanky

    Dean Smith

    I still think the recruitment has been awful. Some of these players aren’t bad but as has been said on here before, reminds me of 15/16 when we bought players with potential such as Gueye and threw them together. In actual fact, against Man City at home, we ended up with 8 players (or close to as I recall) that had played in the championship the season before. I’m not sure if Smith is the answer and I think he may have run out of ideas having watched his post match comments yesterday. It’s often the beginning of the end slating his own players in public. However I don’t think Purslow and
  3. They’ve now admitted all Celso should have been sent off. Human error watching the TV.
  4. Looked up for it when he came on. He will have his bad games but he’s a useful player to have in the squad at least.
  5. Hanky

    Dean Smith

    Least he made the Hourihane change early. Also tweaked the system slightly to play two in the midfield with Jack in front. Reinforcements needed in Jan.
  6. He was much better today than Guilbert has been in his past few games.
  7. He won’t. He’s better than the rest though.
  8. When is this guy back? We’ve been an utter shambles defensively without him. Although he was prone to the odd error here and there his general play is head and shoulders above anyone else.
  9. But quite I’d guess if the ref didn’t blow the whistle he can in theory overrule the linesman.
  10. Young and true other defender clearly saw the flag up so definitely have a fair argument to say they’d stopped. A strange one that was.
  11. Referees seem to be actively looking for diving now rather than actually doing the job they are paid for. Happened to James at manure a week or so ago. People are so obsessed with it their actually calling clear fouls as dives now.
  12. Top season for us. Will watch his career with interest, hoping he improves even further and gets a chance at the top level.
  13. Faf got it completely wrong at the toss. Think there was a little fear there after the England game. Easy to say in hindsight but he gave the post match interview about batting he should have given at the start when winning the toss.
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