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  1. In exactly the same position also. Hoping this comes in the next few hours/days.
  2. I can’t see anything other than relegation. Defending is shocking and we’re not much better going forward. Haven't criticised the manager too much but today was poor. Guilbert was having one and kept him on the pitch which ultimately cost us at least a couple of goals. Not that the rest weee much better.
  3. This back four must have cost 50+ million surely? I mean I know the market is inflated these days but you’d expect footballers who can at least do the basics.
  4. Guilbert has had an absolute mare here. Not sure how he survived the hook over Elmo.
  5. Brought his arm out at last minute though. Could well have been off shoulder but looked dodgy.
  6. Desperately in need of Davis here. I’d worry about the midfield going 4-4-2 but they’re pretty non existent anyway.
  7. My word that was as bad a decision as I’ve seen from a goalkeeper.
  8. We’ve no chance unless we defend better off set pieces. Really poor.
  9. Hanky

    Dean Smith

    I still think the recruitment has been awful. Some of these players aren’t bad but as has been said on here before, reminds me of 15/16 when we bought players with potential such as Gueye and threw them together. In actual fact, against Man City at home, we ended up with 8 players (or close to as I recall) that had played in the championship the season before. I’m not sure if Smith is the answer and I think he may have run out of ideas having watched his post match comments yesterday. It’s often the beginning of the end slating his own players in public. However I don’t think Purslow and Jesus etc. Should be free of any blame.
  10. Been poor but we’re somehow still in this unless a Southampton player gets a red card.
  11. They’ve now admitted all Celso should have been sent off. Human error watching the TV.
  12. That’s sickening. Can’t legislate for a mistake like that. However those last two subs we made were an utter disaster. Both Samatha and el ghazi were doing well.
  13. That’s the worst result this season by a mile. In serious trouble.
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