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  1. Giving them far too much room here. They haven’t had to be too good either. They’ve played plenty of stray passes.
  2. Letting them counter on us here. Will be playing into their hands.
  3. One thing I will say. How the mighty have fallen. Just going round kicking Jack to shreds.
  4. Typical us. Handing it to them on a plate.
  5. Least that ones out the way. Was impressed by Keinan at the end. Still don’t think their second should have stood. Ah well, we were losing 3-0 away to Wigan in January.
  6. He’s right in Heaton’s eyeline in the middle of the goal isn’t he?
  7. That seems a real pivotal moment. Next goal is really crucial. Hope I’m wrong.
  8. But quite I’d guess if the ref didn’t blow the whistle he can in theory overrule the linesman.
  9. Young and true other defender clearly saw the flag up so definitely have a fair argument to say they’d stopped. A strange one that was.
  10. According to Lansbury himself he has a slight ankle problem. Reckons he’ll be back for the weekend.
  11. We’ll still mess this up (it worked after Arsenal equalised so sticking to the fake negativity theory).
  12. This is about what I expected so far. In fact, Mings and Engels look the real deal at centre half, and a decent debut from Nakamba bar a few loose balls. Missing that cutting edge in the front three positions. Feels like McGinn and Grealish are trying too hard to create something when it should be the wide men getting involved. Both were too far apart in the last ten minutes.
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