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  1. 15m for JM, wobble you head.. all depends on what areas BR thought celtic needed bolstering ,he fancied JM to add to their midfield, it makes no difference ,if another prem club wants him..my view is villa can not provide the same platform at this moment as lesser clubs in the top flight, with payments dropping & ffp gripping, ..
  2. thats because spurs did not pay what villa wanted, the owners took over the ££ crisis & were allowed to invest, now ffp will be knocking again come the end of year. chester,,no one was willing to pay the figure villa wanted,he looked good next to terry, since terry has retired, chester has been at the heart of the worst defence record from all league teams
  3. Leicester can offer a better grade of football, more money,better pool of players to learn off & a top coach.. silly me thinking JM will say no to the above. villa have & will sell their better players when to whoever. the list is endless. barry, milner,downing,young, just plucking a few..the modern day footballer will go,-fact, & villa need the ££ to plug the ffp -fact.
  4. JM will be off to play under rogers, matter of time now, paid £2 or £3m. villa will get 10m to rebuild
  5. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    i can tell you DS has around 18 months to manage villa from his appointment being day 1, this time frame is getting shorter as "they" are hot happy, if the ratio of points v games continues in the current vain ....
  6. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    crikey..you must me over joyed with smith progress. football has changed, their is not long term plan , man u wont have a manager for over 15 tears again. come to think of it many villa fans were not happy when we was linked to solskjaer its all about the here & now & villa NEED MORE THAN YOU KNOW TO GET BACK UP FOR THE DOE.
  7. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    promotion, stable in Premier League , look at his track record, he was good enough to get the national job, or shall we stick with smith? the worst defence of every league team, look at the performances, its not getting better ,
  8. no one notice west brom was with out gayle, could have been worse
  9. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    its never to early to call for his head,its a results game & performance etc. its clear that under ds its not working,i personally think its because hes come from a lower club & the players are not buying into it . villa need big sam, said it pre ds & i stick by it, dont be fickle..big sam knows his stuff & would clear the woods,his a big manager & the players would buy into his plan. sticking with ds will be a mistake,hes a rookie,villa need a big manager.
  10. one of the few players to have a set of bollox but he needs to lift his head when hes running with the ball.
  11. this is the problem. 42 points to play for..its all about coming to the table & doing it,delivering ,performing, this set of players have not got the minerals to do it. brentford out punched,out classed & beat villa to the punch . i would bet the same posts will be put up on here this time next year with smith in charge. were all have our view on it but DS was a gamble, its clear its not working -fact- look at performance & table. its all about levels,its just how it is..you excited about next year under DS? JUST GET BIG SAM IN ASAP , HE WOULD GET VILLA UP..LEVELS
  12. close the thread..its over..the sinking feeling when you know your relationship is over with your ex girl.. start again... get big sam in, give your self a shot at it next year or the same posts will be on here next month ,next week etc. only playes with a set of bollox are mcginn & mings ..the rest can do one
  13. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    That’s the problem, denial ,
  14. cbr600rr

    Dean Smith

    Theirs a tool for every job.. just bet big Sam in, he would get villa up , commands respect, get villa organised from top to bottom.
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