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  1. they would , they are a selling club, offer the right ££ you have the player, its dead simple. no different from villa selling jack , offer the ££ , they are off .
  2. team looks too soft in the middle, needs a footballer, west ham would sell Tomáš Souček , not cheap, they want hause too. jwp would add too , nakamba has really not sold it to me , over run to many times ,
  3. few players did not look match fit ,need a few more in , long season
  4. get lingard in. his performances for wh was great,
  5. wes can be sold on now , balance the books nice too.
  6. me too , how ever when you see pic of him training with villa & talking with smith . kane on the other hand ... lets just wait & see , villa are on the move
  7. ssn have no idea whats going on -fact. for all we know jack might stay, jack might go ,,who knows. the buying of ings shows that ssn & the rest of media have no idea whats going on
  8. jack has not been sold , it may happen , it may not! do you trust ssn? for all we know he might sign a contract tomorrow with ings & bailey unleashed
  9. great signing, no risk in any way way, proven etc high light of the day was watching SKY SPORTS NEWS talking about jack etc all day long , AND BOOM ! INGS SIGNS , MADE SKY LOOK THE IDIOTS OF THE YEAR! THEY DID NOT HAVE A CLUE! THEY SHOULD SACK sheth! for all we know jack might be staying! who knows,,kane is the only player that is pushing through a move,, jack is training with the villa. WELCOME INGS, special mention to our owners.i have no words for them , the best thing to happen to our club ever UTV
  10. it will be won in march /april time, when kane goes their too , if city win league & cups sky might have a problem ,,,they will have to try & get subscribers on board to settle for other teams to fight for second spot. the race for second hots up etc, its not a fair system,ffp is worthless, the pig 6 wanted their nose in troth only a few weeks ago to get richer, when will it end .UTV
  11. the next week will determine whether villa of 2021 is the one to move forward & fight off advances & compete . you can not replace him, the £ is not a breaker under these wonderful owners better player attract better players, if jack stays its a massive statement
  12. jack will stay & sign a improved contract
  13. we have tried the masks , lockdown etc ...it has not worked at some point you have to let it go, stop all the rule of 6 & open every thing again, holidays, gigs, pubs , the lot , just let it go
  14. found out in every way. has to be removed when west ham win last game
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