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  1. we have tried the masks , lockdown etc ...it has not worked at some point you have to let it go, stop all the rule of 6 & open every thing again, holidays, gigs, pubs , the lot , just let it go
  2. found out in every way. has to be removed when west ham win last game
  3. dean smith has relegated us months ago, he was up to the job then any more than he is now, relegation is dead on now, bookies are not wrong. should have got big sam in long ago, villa would be safe in sure if that was the case but it is what it is. you reap what you soe
  4. louis van gaal would be a good long term , big sam i think would improve villa in many ways
  5. louis van gaal. perfect fit
  6. the hard facts that face the club, this season is gone, the club will go down, which manager the board select to get villa on a consistent winning mentality , to which they they win the league & hold its own in the prem league.
  7. i was at gig sat yes, was a great night till some one died in another room, the gig ended at 1.30 am sunday when the poor last lost his life, was supposed to go till 5am . RIP fellow raver
  8. well im off to passion later for a dance gig , still on , will make most of it
  9. its not fair on any club.. liverpool have not won the league, they could loose every game & city win all theirs. villa last year went on a mad winning run so any thing can happen, villa could win last 10 games ..30 points, we all know we can not but it could happen like last year. draw a line through the season in every league & simply start again if & when its safe again the legals in the clubs would go mad if the bottom 5 in prem were relegated . is it set in the rules ? NO ! so it can not happen. the virus is getting worse, players will get it,no games will s
  10. right off the whole season in every league,only way, just all start again, in every league liverpool win nothing , villa stay up,only fair way
  11. yes, bookies have made smith the next prem manager to be fired,
  12. what good has smith done? he has spent big in the summer , is this team doing the basics on the pitch? NO! the buck stops firmly with the manager, how many goals to villa let in every game ..2-3 on average? chelsea will win 5 nil , thats not good for villa , if your happy with smith -great! i think big sam should be next, smith will not get villa solid next year in the championship, hes had a free ride with jack being the player he is, when hes gone ! you will see how bad smith is
  13. smith will be sacked after chelsea defeat , john terry will take over for the run in
  14. big sam.. only option who knows the game, smith is clearly out of depth, the league does not lie , the performances are woe full.
  15. see what the owners do when chelsea shaft 7 past us live on sky sat
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