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  1. 1 GK Pierluigi Gollini 2 DF Nathan Baker 4 DF Micah Richards 5 MF Henri Lansbury 6 DF Tommy Elphick 7 MF Leandro Bacuna 8 MF Aaron Tshibola 10 FW Jordan Ayew 11 FW Gabriel Agbonlahor 12 DF James Chester 13 GK Jed Steer 15 MF Ashley Westwood 17 MF Jordan Veretout 18 FW Libor Kozák 19 MF Andre Green 21 DF Alan Hutton 22 MF Gary Gardner 23 DF Jordan Amavi 24 MF Carlos Sánchez 25 MF Mile Jedinak 26 FW Jonathan Kodjia 27 DF Ritchie De Laet 28 DF Aly Cissokho 31
  2. Too many players have arrived and gone from good player to donkey to close this thread yet.
  3. Ok what this means is.... (50%+50%+50%) 1/3 - We are working on 3 to bring in but will only need 1 of those (1 in) -50% - 50% - Trying to remove 2 players (2 out) + 50% - 50% on bringing in a 2nd player (another 1 in)
  4. There are certain teams that if they seriously bid might force Xia to back track on his obvious intent of keeping Ayew......... WBA is not one of them!
  5. Given the fact he is only given end of game minutes I don't see how will suddenly start this weekend but I would start him. He looks the part. I know he is young and needs treating gently but...
  6. Who said he can't or won't??? Our manager decides, not him and given we have at least 3 already in the squad, I would say it is sensible and prudent to not squander a few million on some crappy squad player so that we now have 4. WE NEED BETTER PLAYERS THAT WILL REPLACE A CURRENT FIRST TEAM PLAYER not add to a bloated group of squad players.
  7. No 2 at anywhere will probably see him lose his place as USA goalie. Something he has waited years to claim. Can't see him going anywhere he is not the starter
  8. Well with anyone who is anyone when it comes to signing players over in China, I doubt any new signing is immanent. What I am waiting for next is the leaked list of players who have been told to find other clubs............ Next Weekend should be good for that as we will have to start playing the team we want to start the season with.
  9. Last season the whole team was a disaster and none of them worth anything of value. But that was then and this is now. It is more than possible Sinclair could score 10 - 12 goals even as a bit player or someone to bring off the bench. Why give that away if we don't have to? and BTW I happen to think we don't need him if Ayew, Gabby, Libor remain but it is knowing who stays and who goes.... for now he should be valued like that.
  10. Made half the mistakes than Guzan did?
  11. You are giving people named Michael a bad name.... stop it!!!
  12. Out of all of our signing last summer, I think he needs 1 more year to see what he can really do. He arrived young, not able to speak English with no home and a pregnant wife. What he needed was to be slowly integrated into a winning team, not a team that lost every week. Who would look good under those circumstances. Keep him, play him and lets see what he is made of.
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