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  1. Another silly mistake leading directly to a goal against. No shame in letting in goals against City away, but that’s not the kind of goal we should be gifting them.
  2. Huh? He was invicible alright, but it’s not like he did any worse than most others on the pitch.
  3. A bit like Pogba, in that he looks a bit clueless just because the players around him suck. So many times he’s inviting obvious runs, but nothing happens and it leads to a lost ball or bad pass - making him look bad instead of bagging a key pass. The ones that understand football see the problem, then you have the ones only seeing the bad passes without context. Saying that, he had two unforced errors leading to possible counters today. If that’s Pool or City it’s 100% a goal at the back.
  4. Mings is a good addition to the squad for his physique and toughness on set-pieces, but the lack of quality was very evident for their goal today. Very clumsy and terrible defending to be honest. That goal was coming one way or another with us being down to ten, but still... feels crap when that kind of defending settles everything.
  5. The kind of decision that can make you want to quit football (at least until you wake up the next day and don't give a damn anymore). Reminds me a bit of that James-fella at United, who has been booked twice already for diving without actually diving - it must feel terrible. The referee in this case should be ashamed of himself as a person for booking the player for diving and he should be even more ashamed of himself as a professional for not waiting to blow the whistle. As Grealish actually releases the ball, which in itself takes away all doubts about simulation, the referee must wait until
  6. It's been a while since I last posted on here, but I remember this lunatic banging on about Barry Bannan being the next Gazza mixed with Ronaldinho. Is he still around ?
  7. Oh I will! Not being an ass here, just stating the obvious. Here’s for hoping, a new manager always needs time - but you always hope for the extra points in the beginning.
  8. Not a great start Dean... hope you aren’t a fraud like Bruce, RDM, Sherwood, Garde and Lambert. What an awful list that is.
  9. Dodged a hule bullet with Thierry Henry. The guy knows nothing about management and would bounce immediately if something bigger came along. We need to realize that the Championship is very far from being sexy enough, so we can forget many of the candidates mentioned already. It will be someone like Moyes or Allardyce, nobody else wants to go to the second tier.
  10. I take huge offense in the fact that he says he did everything he could, like he's not to blame. His utmost responsibility is to run the club in a responsible way for the fans - that's why a football club exists in the first place. He has taken risks based on us managing promotion within two years, something we have not managed to do. This outcome was not unthinkable, in fact, it was always not in our favor when there's 23 other clubs with the same problem as us, all chasing those millions. Xia is a fraud, a novice when it comes to the business of football and he has ruined our club by throwin
  11. I said it the second this fraud started to spout his illiterate propaganda on Twitter. Completely unprofessional and dealing with stuff he had no knowledge about, but people were on the train already. Xia should be charged for what he has done with our club. I hate to be right in this case, but now look what's happened.
  12. Not getting us second or better is a sackable offense, not managing us to create a single chance with 11 vs. 10 over 20 minutes is too. Steve Bruce needs to go, he is a very, very dull manager without any clever ideas. A huge travesty not getting us up in the Premier League. God... another year in the fecking Championship, it's so bloody sad.
  13. I must admit I have no idea how this player looks or how good he is. I do remember picking him in my Fantasy-team just to have the cheapest option in the game and never play him. God, the Championship is so incredibly boring. I know he is just on loan and that we will clear out a lot of players, but what the heck will we do when we promote this season? For the first time as a fan, I wish we'd stop signing players
  14. I find it quite rich and hilarious that "Sanchez to Man Utd is all about the money" and now suddenly a move to City would be about the football and nothing else. Come on, City is all about the money and they are built on lottery money - they are only great because they could literally buy talent like Sanchez because of just money. I do agree City have a better team right now and play excellent football, but United are in fact second in the Premier League and only a few players away from being a great team. Especially funny to read all the tweets from Ballague, he is seriously hurt about the fa
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