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  1. For all the crap Adama was getting about this Gil is much worse. Completely invisible in both attack and defence.
  2. I'd love to see Kozak on for Gil and for us to to a 4-4-2 and try to actually score.
  3. Why do none of our players ever get in the box and make themselves an option.
  4. That looks a very very poor line-up
  5. Ffs that sums us up perfectly. A great cross and not one player made a good run for it.
  6. That's blatant time wasting by Antonio
  7. Really want to see us make an attacking change here. We need a win.
  8. The player Gil should be marking in acres of space
  9. Well it looks like its finally our year. Season after season of poor transfers and bad manager appointments have finally caught up with us.
  10. Kevin Friend is such a **** shit ref
  11. I've resisted betting against Villa all season despite how shit we've been but i've finally decided to put $100 on Arsenal. Our team just looks so shit
  12. This is why we'll be relegated. Mentally weak players switch off after the delay.
  13. Good sub. Lets see some of those trademark Adama runs
  14. Subs on for Vert and Gil soon. Both are looking a bit flat.
  15. It's good we are getting a spell of possession but you can't help but feel we aren't trying to create shooting chances enough.
  16. We look so much better on the ball than we have in a long time. Unfortunately Sinclair and Ayew are not on the same wavelength but we look dangerous, we are getting shots on goal. Defensively we look very suspect. Desperately need to win this.
  17. And he's well offside as well. A bit of much needed luck
  18. We look awful at the back but at least we look better going forward... its something.
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