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  1. Pleasantly surprised..Let’s Hope we can keep up this tempo in the second half.
  2. Shit team, shit manager, we’re going down,.
  3. Utter dogshit... Smith is a lovely bloke, but he’s way out of his depth and has to go.
  4. We are absolutely piss poor, anyone that sees a positive in this is deluded..
  5. Robbed, it should have been 1-1 that aside, well done the team, we did much better than I expected.
  6. I just can’t get excited over this, I’m so used to being let down and embarrassed by Villa, I no longer have any optimism left. Somebody on here earlier said the record for losing the LC by the most goals is 5-0, enter Smith’s Villa team today, they’ll be like “hold my pint”...
  7. Piss poor, all my optimism has vanished, I think we’re going down.
  8. Another dog shit half of Villa football, kin bored of this now...
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