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  1. Dog shit first half, a much better second. Grealish is class, we’re nothing without him, what a goal! I don’t want to see Drinkwater playing for us again., Vassilev impressed me when he came on, I’d like to see him start the next game instead of Trez, who is also piss poor.
  2. I don’t want to see Drinkwater in a villa shirt again..
  3. The commentators have mentioned three times Grealish is being played out of position and should be up in the middle, why can Smith not see this?
  4. It doesn’t matter that McGinn and Wes are missing, no matter who we field, Smith is simply out of his depth, he will take us down for sure.
  5. First half was great to watch, didn’t enjoy the second at all.. Grealish is absolute class, he’s doing it week in week out now, don’t know how long we’ll keep hold of him? I was wrong about Kodjia, he’s shite and shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team..
  6. He doesn’t help himself does he..
  7. Smith needs to go now, he’s way out of his depth, as are most of the players he’s signed.
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