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Scientific Experiment V2#12-MON(thly) Approval Ratings


Are you satisfied with MON as manager  

166 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you satisfied with MON as manager

    • Yes - MON can take us forward
    • No - end of the road

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Stealing an idea from the long lost and dearly lamented IainG (even if he couldn't spell his own name)

Quick one, no discussion needed. Based on current feelings only, should he stay or go?

Will repeat the poll on a weekly [edit]MONTHLY[/edit] basis until we get bored or he is replaced.

Yes - it is that time of month again, and we're all in a state of befuddlement at this surprising lack of activity so far this transfer window and with the season just two weeks away.......

So what do WE think? Previous result here

And other results here

Poll open for 28 days.....

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I think we are in for more of the same i.e. late transfer dealings. I do anticipate a better start to the season though if transfers do not come about. The squad has been together for a while now and this can be an advantage over teams at the start of a season.

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I am quoting a message i wrote on a previous thread about O'Neill.

My personal opinion of our current manager is the following:

He did a great job taking us to this level.

But he is not the right man to take us to higher levels.

He is too obsolete in his decisions, he cannot manage the cash during the transfer market, and, most important of all, he can't (as we say here in Italy) "read the match". If a match is in a tough situation, he doesn't have the ability to settle thins up.

It's just a "hope everything goes right and nothing goes wrong".

You can get lucky once, twice, three times, but that's not enough in football at certain levels.

I thank Martin for the past years, but it think it's time to change.

Time to start a new cycle.

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... why stop now...

The Ellis effect. Villa fans as a collective are still traumatised by the reign of Mr Ellis whereby every 3 to 4 seasons a manager would leave and be replaced.

Some fans are now terrified of managerial continuity and are unable to see the benefits of allowing a good manager, good time to manage the club with a long term vision. The footballing abuse these fans have suffered is horrific and are not to blame for their trauma.

They often demand for MON to be replaced without considering a suitable alternative or the negative impact this approach has had on the club previously.

If Mourinho were interested or the club were performing way below (realistic) expectation in the league and cups then it might be a relevant time to consider a change of manager.

You need a good reason to sack a manager who has helped the club qualify for European competition for the 3rd season running as well as reaching a domestic cup final and semi-final. Maybe even Ellis would have struggled for a good reason.

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Bah, I can't vote on this now. Give me a few more weeks...

I'm speaking rhetorically, of course. I KNOW I can vote now, but I'm declining to, because I'd like to give MON more time to assemble his team, which will in turn allow me to make a better assessment as it pertains to the poll.


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We'd be an absolute joke if we sacked the manager after last season so of course my answer is yes.

And in response to a post on the first page, do you really think the prem is so weak that a manager can finish 6th 3 times in a row and finish 6 points off 4th place by just hoping for the best?

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On the fence a bit on this,if we dont dont do any better this season i think this will be his last season at Villa Park. Either he will walk or Randy will look at a manager who can take us to the next level.Imo i cant see us moving forwads this season unless we get some good signings in.Top ten we will be,higher than sixth i doubt.

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