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  1. We didn't realise what we had did we. I suppose Gordon Brown wouldn't be acceptable to many within Labour though would he.
  2. This thread is a great example of the issues Labour have isn't it. Plenty of people posting who have voted for Labour at one time or another but couldn't bring themselves to vote for Corbyn's Labour or now won't be able to bring themselves to vote for Starmers Labour. I don't know if Tories have this issue do they or at least not to the same extent Labour do. They'll come together when it matters and vote for any old Tory as long as it means they don't end up with a Labour government. I have got to be honest I'll vote for Labour in any guise if that is the best chance of getting rid of the Tories. If not I'll go to the polling station with the sole intention of voting for the party/candidate most likely to beat the Tories, so long as the party they represent isn't more right wing. It is long past time that those within the Labour party, or who have been part of the Labour party, put any internal differences aside and focused their energy fully on getting rid of the Tories. Pipe dream I suppose.
  3. I am not suggesting it is a new phenomenon I just think at a time when the country is completely on its arse being led by incompetent dangerous bastards the situation within Labour is further highlighted as we are crying out for a decent opposition. The least we should expect is they could put on a united front and show they are a viable alternative and can govern. Given the current government that should not be difficult.
  4. Sickening really that at a time we have the worst government we have possibly ever had destroying the country the Labour party are too preoccupied with infighting to try to do anything about it. They are letting so many people down.
  5. I can't remember the last time I posted in this thread but in terms of Dean Smith I feel the same now as I would have done the last time I did. That is that I believe he will again do this season what he has done in the three previous seasons and take us forward. I thought Smith played a blinder yesterday with how he adapted our tactics to nullify Chelsea whilst still allowing us to be an attacking threat and bar 30 seconds in the first half it worked a treat. Second half Tuchel adapted, as you would expect from a manager/team that are champions of Europe, and we found it more difficult but had it not been for a stupid mistake, which can happen, we could well have taken something and in fairness based on the whole game we probably did deserve something. I listened to Smith's post match interview last night and he did as he always does and described exactly the game we had all seen. No bullshit. I also listen to his pre match interviews and despite being given opportunities to do so he never plays on the injuries we have had, the covid problems, the issue with the two Argentinian lads. He hasn't got close to putting his best 11 on the pitch this season but he has made no excuses and still over the last 3 games I have seen plenty to be positive about. We get our best 11 on the pitch fit and firing and I think we are in for a real treat. It may well be we are going to have to be a little patient as it may take a few more weeks yet before we are fully up to speed and I think we may well see the opposite to last season and a slower start but really kick on in the second half of the season. I just hope as supporters we don't become impatient and start getting on the managers and players backs as that will only hinder our progress.
  6. I take it all back then. The racist bastards probably did you a favour and gave you the push out the door you needed
  7. Sorry to read this mate. Terrible that something that had absolutely nothing to do with you turned out to be so life changing. People can be so ignorant and cruel.
  8. I hadn't long bought my first house and had a young family so was working two jobs at the time one of which was working for a driving agency driving a truck straight after my regular job finished until about 1am. I didn't see any tele but I can remember listening to the radio and eventually driving in the dark along some really quite roads and the world seemed a really scary place and I was genuinely scared. Got home and my wife was still up glued to the tele and I can remember giving her a really big hug. Doesn't seem 20 years ago and in those 20 years the world certainly hasn't got any safer. Far from it.
  9. I am not so sure. Of course they will offer some sweeteners pre election but for the next 3 years at least people are going to be worse off, due to a rise in taxes, rise in food/energy costs and for some a cut to in and out of work benefits. Add to that people not being able to be seen by a doctor and will be waiting months if not years for operations or treatments. There will also be no noticeable improvements to social care before the next election and homelessness will almost certainly rise. Then throw in shops with empty shelves. They will hide behind covid for all the above for as long as they can but it isn't going to wash for very much longer. The Tories have presided over a shit show since 2010 and finally their chickens are coming home to roost. Sadly almost all of us are also going to reap the consequences of that. All oh so predictable as well.
  10. I have been saying for years that we should raise taxes to help fund better public services and help those with the least so in that regard I have no argument with tax rises and I am happy to pay more in tax. What I do have a big problem with is that this tax rise will also apply to those who already have next to f all and simply can't afford it. It should have been targeted at those with the broadest shoulders and anyone on say less than 20-25k should not be included
  11. Drug overdose apparently. He was a brilliant actor. Loved him in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.
  12. Comedian Sean Lock gone at 58.
  13. Tom Cleverley is in Watford's midfield. We aren't getting over run in there today mate.
  14. I think a realistic expectation is top 8. If we take it that Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea will take up 4 of those top 8 spots then we are competing with Leicester, Arsenal, Spurs, Everton, West Ham and Leeds for one of the other four spots. We'd need to finish above three of those six to finish 8th. It is not beyond the realms we could finish above all of them but it is just as likely we'll finish below all of them Regardless of what we as supporters expect I'd imagine the owners will expect progression and a top 8 finish and ideally qualifying for Europe. If we don't qualify for Europe the worry then has to be that the likes of Konsa, Martinez, Watkins will be poached by a club who have. This is a huge season for us and could well define the next 10 years.
  15. It is definitely a sellers market and a completely different one to when we last moved house nearly 10 years ago where a house would have a asking price and you'd usually offer a few k below then meet somewhere in the middle. Now most houses have a offers over figure and the agent is telling you and a dozen other people to put an offer in by X date and you don't where you are or what to offer.
  16. It is ridiculous really as it is more like an auction. A lot of houses you put an offer in and they then come back asking for your best and final.
  17. We are currently looking to move. Almost every house we seem to be looking at is advertised as offers over X amount. Have put in offers on a couple of houses over last couple of months and gone in around 7k over offers over price and not been successful. Have just looked at another house this morning which we like and that is again offers over. I have looked on zoopla at what recent sales in same road have gone for but trouble is there are only a couple that have sold over last couple of years and the house we have looked at needs everything doing (rewiring, central heating, windows, new kitchen, bathroom etc) as it was built in 1955, original owners since and last one has died. A real project and I'd say it needs 40k+ spending on it so it is hard to gauge against other houses that have sold. We want to go in high enough to get it but then if we do get it don't want to be left thinking have we paid 4,5,6k over what we could have got it for. We are in a pretty decent position as we are selling my house to my eldest daughter, way below market value but that is another story , so have no extended chain.
  18. I am not sure what to say about Grealish really. I'd love to make out he is just another player leaving but I'd be a lying b**tard if I did as it doesn't feel like that. I'm 47 and you'd think by my age you wouldn't get an emotional attachment to a player but like many of us I did with Jack. Believed hook line and sinker in him being one of us and it was great seeing one our own who just happened to be the most gifted attacking player I have seen in a Villa shirt. To me that was clear from very early on that he was exceptional. Watching him develop was about the only good thing about the club for a while. To then witness him captain us back to the Premier league, be a big influence on us retaining that status and then kicking on was fantastic. I felt so much pride also seeing him at the Euros but conversely it ruined the Euros for me as well as I was so pissed off when he wasn't picked. Given all the above now he has decided to go it all seems a bit hollow. He is leaving before the fairytale has finished. The club is on the up and striving with every sinew to reach the top in the next 2-3 years and for him to bail now before even reaching his prime is a real kick in the teeth. I'll never now see him in the same way as I see Cowans and McGrath. 213 appearances, 96 in the top flight and none of them in his prime isn't anywhere near enough to warrant legendary status. Not at this great club it isn't. Shame as I feel he robbed us all of being able to say we were around when the legend Jack Grealish played for us. He may just also be the last player I really buy into emotionally but even at 47 I hope not.
  19. 25 mill is not a lot of money is it for a proven premier league striker in his prime who has scored 34 goals in 67 appearance in last 2 seasons. Harry Kane, a better player no doubting that, is going to be bought for 120mill - 150mill in the next few days. He is pretty much exactly one year younger than Ings. Ings has signed a 3 year contract at the end of which he will be coming up to 32. It is reported we have the option to take up a further year. If he has been here 4 years and banged in 60 or 70 goals, which his record suggests he is more than capable of doing, and then leaves on a free so be it as he will have achieved on the pitch and have been a big influence in terms of developing the likes of Louie Barry.
  20. I wouldn't be too concerned about Ings being 29. He is not a forward who relies on his pace. Dion Dublin, another forward who didn't rely on pace, was a few months older than Ings is when we signed him and he gave us 6 years great service. He has a career record of better than a goal every 3 games and is also a very clever player in terms of finding space and bringing others into the game. He is in his prime and is a real leader on the pitch. So much to like about this signing and another show of intent and proof that regardless of Grealish stepping off the train we are still hugely ambitious and our forward momentum is not going to stop.
  21. It is when we stop taking the steps forward, as we did when Barry, Young, Milner left, that we have to start worrying. I think at the moment this is more akin to when Yorke left. The preceding season I think we finished 8th or 9th after a really good run at end of the season. He then wanted out and we replaced him with Merson and Dublin and kicked on. Any club can lose their best player/exceptional talent. It even happened to United a couple of times with Beckham and Ronaldo. It doesn't mean the club has to take a step back though and I think the way the club is set up now means we will still be able to kick on and reach the heights our owners and the club as a whole are straining every sinew to reach.
  22. You can twist that round and say Jack can't just expect us to make it easy for him to leave 11 months after he signed a five year deal saying he believed in the project. 11 months in which the club kept its side of the bargain and made some big strides and progressed and has again backed up its huge ambitions by once again investing. If he wants out and the hold up in him leaving is us playing hard ball then ****** fantastic.
  23. This is the vid I assume. I don't think he is answering that question.
  24. Very much this. Jack has made 213 appearances, 96 of them in the top flight (none of them in his prime) with us. We are fortunate to support a club where you have to do far more to achieve legendary status than Jack has done. He isn't even close yet and it would be an insult to those who have achieved that status to put him alongside them. I thought creating that kind of legacy mattered to him. We are about to find out if it does.
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