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  1. RMC ‘beat’ Lescott in my final based on the grid in the OP.
  2. Friedel Mellberg Laursen Bouma Young Milner McGinn Grealish Benteke Carew JPA Subs: Bosnich, Lowton, Vlaar, Barry, Petrov, Dublin, Yorke Gifs: Bowery Wanted to put Kyle Walker in there but feels like that’s cheating.
  3. In doing so though he has left it so that insurance companies won’t cover money loss for these businesses and in turn the staff lose out on money and have to look to Universal Credit. On another note in response to the chat above about keeping kids out of school - I don’t think any school is going to kick off about this under the circumstances - do what you think is safest for your family. Surely surely surely closures will be announced soon?? Current advice is basically work from home if you can, don’t attend any social gatherings but send your kids into the largest social gathering going on in your community every day. Senseless!
  4. Can be rescheduled free of charge Theres more info on the link. If you want to cancel it should be covered by your travel insurance. If you don’t have travel insurance you should be able to buy an annual policy now that will cover the trip. If the flight is during the travel ban it may be that the airline will provide a refund anyway. We are in the same boat - hope it can be resolved!
  5. It’s ridiculous isn’t it. Whilst I don’t want to make it political it isn’t such a surprise under this government. I understand what they’re trying to do re. herd immunity but I think it’s incredibly irresponsible to effectively have schools as spreading centres; what about members of staff/pupils with underlying health conditions or with relatives with underlying health conditions - collateral damage? We will all carry on but it doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve been taking steps all weekend to reduce risk of contraction but will be plunged into a Petri dish back at work. The government need to take it out of individual school leader hands - they will be feeling incredible pressure from above to stay open but what if they do and then there’s a case confirmed in school - then you get parents saying ‘why didn’t you close?’ - it’s a no win situation. I also get the point that school closures will cause inconvenience for parents who need to work. Surely there is some way around this - for people working for NHS, police etc there will be a way of ensuring childcare from skeleton staff - for others who are able to wfh, I think it’s inevitable that the kids will be around at some point soon... this is a global pandemic, it’s not like an inconvenient snow day! There is plenty of work that staff can do at home if schools are closed too - please don’t think of this as ‘lazy teachers want extra time off’!
  6. Was due to be flying to NYC on the 6th April, back on the 14th with the middle weekend in Toronto. Hopefully the announcement this afternoon means we can get the flights refunded. Virgin Atlantic are saying you can reschedule flights free of charge but we need to get in touch with the third party website we booked through - they don’t have a phone line - might be easier to just claim the money back and rebook new flights for the summer (if it’ll even be alright to fly then)
  7. That’s not what it’s saying. It’s saying that the 3pm games won’t be shown live. All other televised games (including ours against Chelsea) will presumably go ahead as planned.
  8. Awful keeper error and ridiculous VAR decision and then we capitulate. Rubbish.
  9. Can only assume we’re not playing midweek this week because we play Monday and Saturday
  10. Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton, Liverpool and Southampton. Theres talk of this game being rearranged for next Wednesday like Man City Arsenal has been. We’ve also got to fit in the Newcastle game and Sheff Utd have to fit in their match vs Man United from FA Cup QF weekend too. If they go through to the semi finals they’ll have a match against Wolves to rearrange too (neither that or the Man U game could be played in a European week while the latter two are still in the Europa). It’s a mess!
  11. Yep was just coming back to edit my post after seeing that!
  12. Isn’t there a rule that they need to give 6 weeks notice for away fans about a rearranged game? (I could have made that up) *edit- this isn’t correct!* I think the Sheff Utd game will be 22nd April. Newcastle game could be as late as 5th/6th May. I imagine rearranged games will be announced soon - maybe after the FA Cup QF draw.
  13. Tale of two corners. Incredible save Bravo to keep out Engels at the end, was sure that was in. Then there’s the absolute shambles from the linesman for their second goal... that is an absolutely unforgivable error and has effectively cost us the game. Yes we should have defended the corner better but it shouldn’t have been a corner we needed to defend in the first place. I thought Dean got it almost spot on today actually, definitely the best performance against City of the three this season. I’m wary of setting up to contain as I feel we invite too much but soaking up the pressure worked well today and for all their possession, we restricted them to limited goal scoring opportunities. I say almost spit on as I wouldn’t have taken Samatta off when we needed a goal. MOTM was a toss up between Samatta and Engels for me, went with the former as he kept going all afternoon in what was at times a thankless task and scored a good goal to boot. Engels showed us his early season form - hope he and Mings can reform their partnership in the coming weeks. Guilbert seems to be coming in for some stick on here. He kept one of the best players in the league pretty quiet today! Overwhelming feeling walking back down Wembley Way today was one of pride. Now to put in similar performances (and get results) against Leicester and Chelsea.
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