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  1. Gremlins* was outstanding today, by far the best player on the pitch! *that’s a new autocorrect
  2. ‘VAR’ is the official in the truck so it is saying that there was a human error, just not the human on the field of play
  3. Root said Stokes is too much of a risk for bowling which is why Curran comes in for Roy. Also said Woakes back in for Overton as the latter was picked for conditions at OT - also that he had a back spasm during the game (didn’t seem to affect his batting on Sunday though!) Cant see Broad retiring now, I reckon he’ll want another Ashes series and possibly even another home Ashes- he doesn’t play limited overs so should be fine fitness wise and he’s bowled as well as ever this summer.
  4. Pulp Fiction, Se7en and Toy Story my top three!
  5. Dean reffed us away at Forest last season in the game after Grealish got punched at the sty. I thought at the time we had a lot of decisions go in our favour.
  6. He isn’t allowed to be under the terms of his ban
  7. Vince averages 24.9 in tests to Buttler’s 32.9 - I like him but he hasn’t shown he has the temperament for a test match any more than Buttler has.
  8. Add the guy who presented Sunday supplement yesterday on to my list - clear Grealish dive in his opinion
  9. Absolutely outrageous. Listened to the game and only saw the incident afterwards, I have no idea how it has been chalked off.
  10. Excellent debut. Very calm on the ball and seemed to be in the right place all the time.
  11. To give a player a bit of confidence who’s had a relatively tough start to the season after being so dominant last year? Top man management for me.
  12. chappy

    Keinan Davis

    He was great tonight and glad he got his goal too!
  13. Hmm, typed out a post and pressed send but the train went through a tunnel and it seems to have been lost. In summary: Nakamba looked great, oozed class and composure. It may ‘only’ be League 2 oppo but so were Bradford that time. Honourable mentions to Konsa, Guilbert, Davis and Lansbury. Nice goal by Crewe too. Fun evening out!
  14. Absolute dude, bowls 95mph and liberates beach balls
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