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  1. Interesting that Sky are showing the full 90 mins of the Brighton WBA PPV game from this evening right now on their standard Premier League channel
  2. He probably won’t be able to answer this question but I’d love to hear some insight on the PPV games - is it what the clubs want? Would they prefer to provide coverage themselves, is it feasible etc etc, any opinion on the £14.95 price from the club and so on
  3. Sorry should have posted a link! No BT selection in November.
  4. Absolute shocker so far this weekend! 19 from 7 players including captain Salah (who blanked with a disallowed goal and a post hit)
  5. In the direct period before I was talking about, Grealish had a great run where he could have scored and possibly should have set up Watkins to score. Then Konsa hit a great chance at the keeper. First half Jack had one cleared off the line. “Didn’t create a whole lot”? Do me a favour, that’s three big chances at least...
  6. We were awful between their first goal and their third. Aside from that it wasn’t a bad performance. Very disappointing to see us lose our heads like that though. Really annoying it was that cheat that capitalised. Two bad dives in his last two games against us but unfortunately he’ll get the hat trick hero headlines. Two nice finishes to be fair but definitely should’ve been booked after that VAR pen check at 0-0. Voted Cash MOTM. Midfield looked ok. Grealish has one of his poorer games tonight despite some nice moments - could’ve released an unmarked Watkins after that mazy run.
  7. Looks like we’ll have two more on PPV in November. Arsenal and Brighton not selected for live coverage. West Ham will be on Monday 30th November 8pm on ‘normal’ Sky. 5/6 games not picked when 5/6 Everton games have been!!
  8. You’re not eligible for the weekly prize if you’ve used wildcard or any of the chips. So they might have the top score that you can click on to see ‘Highest Pts’ but they won’t win the prize. I think most people must do it for the screenshot - you often see teams made up of only players from Saturday’s fixtures for example.
  9. chappy

    Dean Smith

    This is excellent. What an inspirational leader!
  10. The way Trez has really kicked on lately makes Traore a great option to have. As others have said, the two of them will suit different games more than each other. Amazing to have some really effective squad depth (albeit just in the one position for now!). Whilst I thought Trez was my MOTM on Sunday, I was impressed with the way BT played when he came on and gave us something a bit different.
  11. Excellent signing. I really liked the way he was talking to everyone as the team lined up for the ‘handshakes’ before the game. Looks to have a good relationship with Cash already too.
  12. Brilliant win. At half time I felt they were shading it but we were better second half and deserved the win in the end I think just about! Voted Trez MOTM, thought he was absolutely excellent tonight, everywhere. Barkley had been pretty quiet and I’m not surprised to hear he hasn’t trained all week. The mark of the man though is the class of the finish - it was the only time in the whole game he was able to drive like he did against Liverpool and he produced a moment of magic to win it. Konsa was fantastic again. Good performances across the board you have to say. 4 from 4
  13. Cagey is the word. Both look terrified of each other.
  14. I genuinely think this is why our shirts have longer sleeves this season. Play the system.
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