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  1. Spurs game was moved beyond the 17th May (along with all the other penultimate games) so fans could be in stadiums.
  2. Wow - I’ve been without Bruno for a few weeks and was going to leave him for the DGW... gonna have to bring him in now as he’ll be the ultimate rank killer if I don’t. Annoying as I had already planned transfers for this week!
  3. I’ve entered. One thing I’ll be interested in (and I presume the answer is yes)... if a group of 4 ST holder friends all apply for the four of them and are all successful, will the 12 tickets that aren’t taken up be re-released? Logistical nightmare for the ticket office to sort this, might have been easier to make everyone apply on their own and then let successful people book in their bubbles after. Although I am saying that as someone who only wants one seat anyway so would suit me.
  4. I really enjoyed the LoD finale tonight and was surprised to go online afterwards and see so many people slagging it off.
  5. Best we’ve been attacking wise since Palace on Boxing Day! I imagine this is a great one for the neutral!
  6. That wasn’t what you were suggesting in your original post that I quoted “200m spent + Jack”
  7. One of the best players in the league who hasn’t been available for ten games...
  8. He’s a good player. Our whole team has struggled lately hence why a winger is going to look inconsistent. As for he needs better players around him... he seems to win games for Burkina Faso every time he goes on international break...
  9. Really happy for Keinan and Wesley. Should have won today but couldn’t make domination of the ball count and they got a dodgy penalty. Also Ezri Konsa had a shocker (he’s been so good all season I’ll let him off one bad performance). Actually thought Barkley had his best game for ages. El Ghazi my MOTM. Targett also played well. Emi some top saves as ever. Should’ve won so v frustrating but always nice to get a late late equaliser.
  10. **** sake not another of these wannabe ITKs
  11. Didn’t look at my phone for a couple of hours last night to avoid Line of Duty spoilers before watching it at around half 10. Picked up my phone after finishing it to have a look at episode reaction on Twitter... Not much to say that hasn’t been said, this is a disgusting move by these clubs and I feel they’ve really not predicted quite how big the outcry was going to be (English sides at least). Utterly ridiculous and laughable that Spurs are involved too... you can see the weasel Levy already doing the bidding of the bigger boys at his new canteen table by sacking JM this morn
  12. Also 26. We have had some forgettable players!
  13. chappy

    Louie Barry

    Lock him in to my FPL team for the next 15 years. Brilliant free kick, although a less demoralised keeper might get closer to that. Really good for him to be playing in a confident side full of goals surrounded by quality players. Would like to see him on the bench for a few first team games as we get toward the end of the season. Training with Watkins would do him good too, in the same way that Ollie will have benefitted from training with Kane at England.
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