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  1. Wow!!! My wife said “that’s the loudest goal celebration I’ve ever heard from you!”. LOVE a last minute winner! Gutted I couldn’t be there but unfortunately I can’t get a train back after midweek games (got a hotel booked for next week) - no doubt my empty seat was one of the 40k+ in the announced attendance. Voted Douglas MOTM but could’ve given it to a few. Thought Guilbert, Targett and Nakamba were both very good today. Drinkwater was better than the last game but still isn’t match ready. My view on the Mings ‘handball’ - it was fired at him from point blank range, surely he couldn’t avoid it hitting his hand? So nothing justified for Watford to complain about there for me. The extra 30 seconds that were added on for their time wasting on the other hand... how sweet! Want to say I was wrong re. Reina - he’s been fantastic so far! Looking forward to getting Samatta in this team so Jack has an option at the end of his many dribbles!
  2. Can Samatta play against Leicester if registered ‘in time’? Does it matter that he wasn’t registered before the first leg? (Genuine question)
  3. Fantastic goal by Jack. Great Reina save from the Maupay shot. Mings marshalled very well. Will Samatta be available for Tuesday? We should play Vassilev if not, we looked much better when we had a striker on the pitch, although it also coincided with Luiz replacing Drinkwater, which may be the real reason. Top noise from the travelling fans throughout that second half, especially at 1-0 down.
  4. chappy


    Can’t make this one so have put my seat up for resale. It hasn’t gone yet and isn’t showing up on the seat map as available so I asked AVFC Support on Twitter about it - they haven’t opened the resale window yet and may not at all, presumably because they want to sell the tickets in the upper Trinity first.
  5. Will remember him fondly, without his goals in his first season we may have ended up in League 1! He was pretty good when called upon last year too and seems a fun character. Cheers Jimmy Danger!
  6. It was a Christmas joke. Of course there are signings. I spent ages on the internet researching them.
  7. Thought Drinkwater looked class for the first five mins... then he was responsible for their first three goals. Really bad performance but at the same time City are an excellent side. Low point of the season for me remains Watford away, if we’re doing that kind of comparison. Guilbert should’ve started and we're dying for a striker. Glad I stayed til the end to see the goal I guess.
  8. Strange one Elmo for Guilbert
  9. That’s what I meant, I don’t think that’s fair!
  10. I’d be fuming if we had a goal disallowed for that. Really disagree with this new interpretation of the rule. Yes the bell hit his hand but he couldn’t have got it out of the way and if it had happened in his own penalty area I don’t think VAR would’ve given a penalty. Snodgrass loves that end in added time though!
  11. chappy

    Pepe Reina

    Decent cover but hope he doesn’t take Nyland’s place straight away, would send out completely the wrong message
  12. Logic says otherwise but part of me really wants this to happen
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