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  1. 10 in a row, unbelievable! It’s my birthday today - have been let down on plenty in the past by Villa so thanks boys for stepping up today! There was an expectant atmosphere at VP today but hard not to be when you’ve won 9 on the spin and the opposition are low in the table. I felt we dominated and the result should’ve been much more comfortable if it weren’t for some good saves and poor finishing. Voted Kodjia MOTM as I felt he filled in for Tammy on the work rate front which can’t always be said of Jimmy Danger. Great finish for a lovely team goal too, moments after fluffing a one on one. Nobody had an off day - was impressed with El Ghazi again and I think he’ll be good in all our games from now on - none of the physical battles he has sometimes struggled in earlier this season. Defence was calm and composed, Taylor and Elmo look different players to around Christmas time. Jack showed yet again that he’s a class above this division and I love watching him and McGinn keep the ball away from opponents in the corner. I think that was the most confident we wouldn’t lose the ball I’ve been throughout injury time ever at Villa Park! Onward to Leeds!
  2. If there’s an international tournament they do the Championship play off final slightly earlier. Not including the Nations League apparently!
  3. So annoying when every goal of the month or goal of the season candidate is a thunderbolt from 25 yards
  4. Not every goal is checked. Celebrations won’t be curtailed on the off chance a goal is going to be checked - the reaction is too natural to do so (look at Sterling last night). At the Benfica game on Sunday a goal was checked by VAR, the players had all celebrated as they would a normal goal - they didn’t wait for the VAR check. You don’t see bowlers not celebrating when the finger goes up for LBW on the off chance the batter is going to review it.
  5. We are now level and you are ahead on points difference by 6! Very tight!
  6. I was on my stag do in Lisbon over the weekend. On Sunday we went to Benfica vs Setubal. Cracking game for the neutral - 4-2 home win. There were two VAR penalties awarded in the game. Neither had been given in real time but the ref went to check both on the little screen at the side. One to Benfica and was a definite penalty (they missed it) and one to Setubal which was an awful decision! Shouldn’t have been given - they scored. However, that can happen without VAR too. All added to the drama of the game and didn’t hold it up at all. First time I’ve seen it live in action and I liked it! Off topic - Joao Felix looks a class player for Benfica!
  7. Reports that the situation has been resolved - John McGinn is planning to perform all their roles whilst also playing for us on Friday afternoon
  8. Second brilliant away day in five days in South Yorkshire. The noise from the away end after half time - top drawer. Awful ref despite giving us two pens. Kodjia was fantastic. One of his best ever Villa performances - an absolute nightmare for their defence. Bringing him on was a master stroke by Smith, love that we have an attacking manager! Jack again provided the quality when we needed him most. MOTM McGinn - I have no words for his second half performance - never seen anything like it from one player! Just take a moment to let it sink in that he’s not in the Championship team of the season... My next game is Millwall. Do the business for me in the meantime please boys!
  9. Kodjia is unfortunate to miss out on MOTM last night but there were too many John McGinns on the pitch to not give it to one of them. You couldn’t really tell we had ten men at times in that second half - unbelievable performance.
  10. chappy

    Tyrone Mings

    Looked a definite pen to me from behind the goal. In fact, the ref didn’t give it straight away and I though we’d got away with one for a second. Harsh to book him when their player didn’t get a yellow for giving away the pen. Mings’ first yellow was ridiculous too.
  11. Completely agree. The ref was awful for it on Saturday and his inaction basically sanctioned it from the Wednesday players. Hoping for a better ref tonight.
  12. See the promotion race thread last night.
  13. Hasn’t that Bristol City fan got anywhere better to be during a Bristol City game?

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