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  1. Hope he’s ok (if he was one of the covid sufferers) - his work rate and running has been so big for us this season
  2. To get to an hour level was absolutely brilliant. What a night for these boys no matter what happens now. Very proud.
  3. Most I’ve celebrated a goal all season!!! Great goal too. Whatever happens over the next hour, these lads can be so proud of themselves.
  4. Up the **** Villa. Go out there and enjoy yourselves lads!
  5. Youth players don’t count toward the 25 man squad, you can have as many as you like I think. Don’t think the PL will make us play the kids vs Spurs though.
  6. Will Liverpool want to risk sending their first team squad players down for this? Can see U23s vs U23s happening here. Or Klopp will want revenge for the 7-2 and we’ll be up against Salah, Mané et al...
  7. Don’t think that affects whether we could rearrange for then as Liverpool have a midweek league game then anyway.
  8. Fingers crossed everyone ends up OK.
  9. It’s great if everyone in the league plays actively. I play with friends on a different site to FPL though with a custom scoring system that rewards defensive midfielders slightly more. Also I can’t really knock the VT league on the official FPL draft site as I’m currently top of it Only problem is when you play normal FPL as well you keep having conflicts of interest.
  10. We’re good aren’t we. Didn’t take our chances tonight and frustratingly gave the ref the chance to give them a penalty. Real time I was cursing Dougie for a stupid foul but on the replay it does look like Pogba tripped himself. Unfortunately we can’t rely on VAR against man United. Watkins and Mings both missed golden chances to equalise, DDG made a good save from Cash and there’s a good block right at the end. At the other end, Emi has made some good saves and Pogba has slotted one wide when he should’ve scored. Overwhelming emotion tonight is frustration. We deserved more fr
  11. Fantastic point. At half time I was worried they were going to run riot but we came out after the break very well. McGinn motm. Beglin awful.
  12. I know we were good on Boxing Day but we should probably put the other 7 out too, just in case.
  13. Definitely. Different tactics to employ depending on how many people you are playing against too.
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