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  1. It shouldn’t as the October TV games are locked in now
  2. Come on Emma! Quality match so far!
  3. The least ‘three nil’ 3/0 I’ve seen in a long time. Lukaku was pretty anonymous yet got his two goals. We were good in the first half but were absolutely killed by the second from a Mings error. Positive signs but v disappointing. Looking forward to having Emi back, Steer seemed very deep all the time? McGinn, Luiz and Ramsey all good for us, went Dougie as MOTM. Need to bounce back vs Everton!
  4. Very annoying. Hopefully he atones like vs Fulham at home
  5. Oh and also no idea how it’s 0-2 on yellow cards. Atwell capped off a crap half giving a foul against Konsa when he’d been pulled to the floor.
  6. Very good so far. Should’ve taken a chance, Watkins rounding the keeper probs our best. Mendy having a day out. Axel switching off once and diving in is very annoying as we should be at least level. Luiz looking good tonight.
  7. It’s pretty poor from Man United to move it so late after people have booked trains etc when that gig was announced months ago
  8. Covid protocols as an entry requirement at Chelsea
  9. I’ve wildcarded. Had wanted to save it for longer this season but Ronaldo (or no viable route to him or Lukaku) has forced my hand
  10. It’s not going well is it
  11. Another thing on the ref… 8 mins added on and blew up after 7:30!!
  12. Toward top of L8. May relocate next year, hoped these blokes would calm down post pandemic but if anything they’re worse! I like my view and being able to stand but not sure I can deal with the negativity for another season!
  13. Ref was terrible is the first headline today. On train back now. He completely lost control and got to that stage where he was making up for farcical yellows with the next foul by the other team. Ings’ yellow in particular was ridiculous. Obviously annoyed we didn’t win but we were without 3, arguably 4/5 first team players. Assume McGinn and Mings have Covid? What about J Ramsey? Anyway, given the line up, we did pretty well. A fit Watkins buries one of those late chances. Martinez 7 solid enough Cash 5 skittish today Konsa 7 solid Tuanzebe,zebe,zebe 8 solid Targett 6 also skittish Dougie 8 did his job Ash 6 not a CM but did fine Carney 7 decent on full debut, did what he needed to, obvious player there Anwar 7 always an option and did some good things. Once again the fellas in front of me embarrassed themselves with the anti AEG agenda. I called them out today but either they didn’t hear me or ignored me. Unfortunately there are others around who lap it up. You’re boring lads! Ings 7 decent without much service. One of the least deserved yellows I've ever seen. Buendia 8 MOTM brilliant. Everything I hoped we were signing and more. Up to speed now and a lovely goal to boot. Other grumbles: O2 signal… I couldn’t get on data from being in the Aston Tavern onwards. Needs sorting! Beers in the ground… I was at the Purity bar in the lower Holte, they really need to sort a system where pints are ready before half time, maybe a machine like you see at cricket and festivals. Representatives for Wellingborough in front of me going after El Ghazi again The ref
  14. Excellent Anwar, Archer, JPB. UTV bright future…
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