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  1. Great first fixture - very excited. I’ll be away on my honeymoon so will have to go to the new Spurs ground next season instead.
  2. 0-2 McGinn, Grealish
  3. Think we’ll be at Goodison for the first weekend
  4. Tbf other countries are playing international football this weekend. Silly time to schedule qualifiers for me, let them have a rest in a non-tournament year.
  5. This week’s Years and Years (episode 4)
  6. Had mine there in April - perfect destination for all the reasons you mentioned
  7. Probably already mentioned but more details on resale scheme for ST Holders please. Would like to have one again (especially for earlier access to away games) but already know I won’t be able to make every game due to prior commitments.
  8. Wasn’t it concussion? There are protocols that have to be followed.
  9. Top class performance all round yesterday - sensible batting to build a good total and electric in the field.
  10. Dean Smith said no to a parade - good man
  11. chappy

    James Chester

    An absolute pro and hope he gets the credit he deserves from all sides. If his recovery continues I’d keep him.
  12. Just realised I’ve never posted in this topic, weird. Well in Jack! Will be a pleasure to have you back in my fantasy team. What he has done since his return is unreal, completely galvanised the team - so happy for him!
  13. Very good yesterday. He’s been fantastic as a signing if you look at his stats since joining - bit weird that he was made a scapegoat before our winning run. I do agree that he has got more ‘stuck in’ recently but I think he was feeling the pressure mid season of playing in front of a leaky defence and having to also do much of the creating without Grealish - difficult to cover both bases. I like him.
  14. A massive part of our Championship era and clearly well liked in the squad. I would definitely want him as an option off the bench in the prem, could even start against some of the lower sides.

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