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  1. Point taken but our win percentage without him in the Championship was 15% compared to 56% with him. I'm also conscious of stats being able to prove whatever you want really!
  2. I've heard Pep strikes a hard bargain
  3. In the league (Prem in brackets), play offs also included: Elmo starts 81 games (9) Wins 42 (2) Draws 16 (0) Defeats 23 (7) Elmo comes on as a sub 20 games (7) Wins 6 (1) Draws 9 (3) Defeats 5 (3) Elmo doesn't feature 32 games (19) Wins 7 (5) Draws 9 (3) Defeats 16 (11) So when he starts, we have a 51.85% win ratio (47.52% in all games he features including sub appearances) and when he doesn't feature at all, we have a 21.88% win ratio. In the Premier League, our win ratio when he starts is 22.22% and 26.32% when he doesn't feature. His starts have come against Spurs (A), Bournemouth (H), Chelsea (A), Leicester (H), Norwich (H), Watford (A), Man City (H), Leicester (H), Palace (H). I also looked at cup games Elmo starts 6 games Wins 4 Draws 0 Defeats 2 Elmo comes on as a sub 2 games Wins 1 Draws 0 Defeats 1 Elmo doesn't feature 7 games Wins 3 Draws 1 Defeats 3 Win ratio when he starts in cups is 66.7% and when he doesn't feature it is 42.86% Overall win ratio when Elmo starts: 52.87% Overall win ratio when Elmo features: 48.62% Overall win ratio when Elmo doesn't feature: 25.64% He should play in our next three for my money! NB. he started in each of our 10 match winning run last season.
  4. Has under the radar become one of my favourite players!
  5. I felt he looked chunky today, first time I’ve noticed it since lockdown. However I also thought he played well today for the most part.
  6. Agree to an extent but Zaha wasn’t to know it was a 12 year old and he was 100% right to publicise the awful messages he had been sent. The child in question will have been taught in primary school about online safety and digital footprint etc - and was old enough to know what he was doing by logging into Instagram (having set up an account despite being too young for the site) and sending such despicable messages to Zaha.
  7. The clip doing the rounds on twitter looks bad. Real time it looked like a pen. It wasn’t a penalty but I also don’t think he dived. Fuming at the inconsistency too compared to the pen given against us on Thursday!
  8. Trez built on his hustle and bustle with a meaningful contribution - well done to him - hope he can kick on. We looked so much better with Elmo at RB. same team on Thursday please.
  9. First time it was replayed I was saying it has to be disallowed as we had that pen given against us at Leicester for Mings handball in the same place
  10. We even beat them at home last time we got relegated...
  11. Obvious fuming about the injustice of the penalty but have woken up and thinking about it, feel more angry about our lack of reaction to it (Luiz and Taylor aside) - surely a decision like that is a spark for us to show some grit?
  12. Absolutely outrageous decision that, never a penalty
  13. Could be wrong but I don’t think loan players were eligible to rejoin their parent clubs
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