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  1. L8 toward the back. Never been in the lower before but was impressed by the vantage point.
  2. Fantastic cross for Grealish who really should have buried the header
  3. I thought we were good enough to win that game but we were let down by two early errors. You can’t legislate for your keeper mindlessly wafting a foot out after 43 seconds - Wilson was going nowhere. Then a mistake by Douglas but still unlucky to concede once Wilson got the ball. I thought Douglas was great today btw, lots of criticism of him around me (more on that later) for ‘slowing the game down’ - surely that’s part of his role?! Would these people be happier if he lumped it 50 yards forward in the general direction of Wes within two seconds of getting the ball every time? Sadly I think some of them would... “FORWARD!” The rest of the midfield: SJM was great and I really enjoyed watching Trezeguet (think he is gonna be class for us - just needs a bit more composure in front of goal but I think one goal will bring more). Unfortunately, Jack and El Ghazi weren’t great today and we need more from both (especially Jack) to drive incisive attacks. Wesley was another one getting a load of stick around me. I thought he showed a big improvement on last week and this was evident right from his first touch. Give him time and again, like Trez, I think one goal will bring many. Or, if you’re impatient, spend the entire game shouting “s**t John Carew” every time he’s near the ball and castigating him for not pressing two central defenders and the keeper all at the same time “LAZY”. Some people!! Mings and Engels were great again - they do not deserve to have conceded 5 goals! Really impressed with Engels in particular as I had read a couple of unspectacular write ups when we signed him. The fullbacks. The most controversial aspect of our season so far (other than Billings somehow staying on the pitch). It’s a tricky one because Taylor has put in two decent defensive performances and Elmo could’ve been given MOTM today. His understanding with Trezeguet is really helping Trez settle in the prem and he has been putting in our best crosses. I’d love to see Guilbert come in but at the moment, Elmo is the man in possession and doesn’t deserve to lose his place. Tough call for Smith to make and I imagine we won’t see Guilbert and Targett until Crewe. Finally, it was great to be back and I’m really happy with my new seat. However, I appear to be surrounded by several ‘characters’ who expect us to be challenging for the title already. Some of the negativity was astounding today. I really hope people can get a sense of perspective and give the players time. We had a lot more depressing games and performances last season than the two we’ve witnessed so far! I’ve seen nothing to suggest we’ll get relegated, do I hope everyone calms down a bit! Unfortunately, for one reason or another, I can’t make the next few home games, hopefully we’ll have picked up some points by the time I’m back and I might be surrounded by a bit more positivity. Ps. the Purity Pale Ale is possibly our best summer signing!
  4. Our potential pen for Wes today (I was interested in a pen shout real time);VAR checked and ruled no pen. Bloke in front of me without any hint of sarcasm: “I’ll have to see that on MOTD, VAR probs a blues fan”
  5. Buzzing for today! Back with a ST for the first time since Mcleish - hoping for a better season
  6. Appears that you can only do this for the Bournemouth game at the moment, I assume they’ll add future games at some point
  7. A few baffling comments in this thread for me. We held our own against a very good team for 80 odd minutes. Not a very good team like Leeds or Norwich last season but a very good team that got to the champions league final a few months ago. Disappointing to see a mistake from Jack give them the winning goal but that’s a lesson for him and us to learn quickly - mistakes are punished in this league and we can’t dawdle on the ball. Inwas very impressed by Engels and Mings in partnership and Heaton made some great saves. I also thought Taylor had a good game having been less than impressed to see his name on the teamsheet! We really struggled once Trezeguet was replaced by Jota. I assume it was a fitness based sub but we lost all our threat on the counter. I thought Trez was very good today and with a bit more composure could’ve had a debut goal. Jota is a player for games when we are going to see more of the ball, not away at the top 6 sides. El Ghazi was also quiet second half but again I think he’ll come into his own against the lesser teams (of which there are 13+!) A few people calling out Hourihane - I wouldn’t choose him to play as our DM (and I’m sure Douglas will replace him when he’s fully integrated in training) but I thought he did a decent enough job today given the opposition. I noticed him out of position a few times but on the whole he wasn’t massacred like I feared! Wesley needs to get up to speed with the physicality of the league and what defenders are allowed to do to you. Looked like he was expecting more protection from the ref today. On that note, I wasn’t impressed with the referee, seemed like he was desperate to keep Spurs fans happy in their new stadium. A note on our goal - absolutely brilliant from SJM; the initial header followed by the dummy (intentional?!) and calm finish. Shame Trez couldn’t show such composure in front of goal! 3-1 was a fair result based on the stats but not based on the performance and the way the game played out. Saw enough tonight to say that we’ll be fine this season, just need to tighten up on a few things. We won’t be pushed as hard in all our games. Looking forward to Bournemouth next week, hope VP is rocking - I expect it to be!
  8. chappy

    London and England

    I wouldn’t worry about crime, just keep your wits about you. Not entirely sure how to go about getting the away tickets as they may not even be available for season ticket holders who attended less than 9 away games last year, but people tend to advise asking your local Lions club on here (not sure how that works) I think over £1000 should be enough for two weeks for spending money but it depends what sightseeing you want to do and how expensively you want to eat. For train travel you could look at the journeys you want to make and book in advance (12 weeks in advance - use the National Rail website) or you could look into a BritRail travel pass (I only know about this as it has been in the news this week!). For taxis, you can use Uber (other companies are available before I get warning points...) and get around for reasonable prices. If you’re based in London I’d expect to pay £5 if not more per pint of beer (that’s a guess - I’m from the North and avoid London where possible). Consider looking at AirBnB for accommodation and booking in advance on Travelodge/Premier Inn websites if you’re happy for basic hotels to maybe keep costs down. Edit: for trains if you’re going for the pay by journey option it would probably be worth getting a ‘two together rail card’ - costs £30 and will give you a 33% discount on all the tickets you book (you’d both need to be travelling). Any advice with booking trains just ask in this thread as the system is a mess - seemingly designed to trick people into paying more than they need to (there are lots of loopholes to get cheaper prices)
  9. Yeah although Gomez is a bit of a gamble minutes wise
  10. Congrats to those that got Robertson and TAA early, was going for the former as second pick but swerved to Pepé - then had to get Alisson in earlier than planned for the Liverpool clean sheet points. Not particularly happy with my team but I wasn’t last year either and that ended ok!
  11. Any news on the resale scheme? Can’t make this as I’m at the Ashes test match in Leeds that day and won’t be able to make it down in time (cheers Sky)

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