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  1. It's a bit of tosh reallly as last season we had people who wanted to put a positive spin on anything they could find. But now we're going back into VT topic area. Lock thread please, silly in the first place. It's all a facebook thing - that forum is lame, so I'm moving next door. We didn't want to know. Just contribute something.
  2. Domenyk Lattlay Fottfoy
  3. A committed bunch of chaps trying hard. Which is an improvement on the majority of last season, so onwards and upwards.
  4. If we turn Bent into a winger d'ya reckon we can flog him for £20m in the summer?
  5. Jol's had a look at the Villa set up and realised he has to change things to get a grip of the game. Now it's our turn to show we can respond to the challenge.
  6. Aye, but if it was deschamp's bus they'd be even more attrractive going forward.
  7. A glorious start to a New Era. Same as last season's opener - 3-0 to the mighty Villa.
  8. dr who might be easier than star wars........... + ==>
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