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  1. Looked like he can fight for a spot in the starting 11, which was very promising and still lots of room for improvement if you consider how little he's played in England. We just need him to stay fit
  2. If Ross Barkley wins the ball off you you're obviously doing something wrong. Jokes aside, looked bright
  3. I seem to be in the minority in having Tuanzebe as man of the match, thought he was absolutely immense all evening.
  4. From the coin toss I had a feeling he'd miss, you could see how nervy he was which I wouldn't expect from a player of his pedigree
  5. Not much of a home advantage when it's Chelsea, I could only hear the Villa fans singing all first half
  6. I wish we started Watkins and had a stronger bench as if things go wrong I can't see improving the side in any way to turn it around, but overall I'm quite happy with the starting lineup
  7. While that may very well be true, I'm not expecting their second team to be particularly gelled, which is a potential weakness we can exploit. We'll see what team we are going to field, it's good that we have enough options which allow us to field a strong side while at the same time resting many players you'd expect to start against United .
  8. He has improved massively on last season, where he showed glimpses but overall didn't seem ready to be a regular starter in the prem. Well, he is now, and still lots of room for improvement. Feels like a new signing really. You can tell he desperately wants his first goal and his decision making suffers from it at times, but that won't be a long term problem.
  9. I'd rather we played Young as an 8 and kept Luiz as a 6, I think that would have allowed us better ball retention,as well as set piece threat.
  10. I'm not sure that's the case, for the most part people who favour Fred realise he's not good enough to be our starting 11 but is adequate cover for Cash, has a similar playing style to Cash, and if we were to sell him we probably wouldn't get enough money to buy a suitable replacement. Unless Dean thinks we already have a replacement in Young, Konsa or Tuanzebe, which seems to be the case. That's where I stand on it anyway.
  11. Trez gets a lot of praise for keeping us up in our first season back with his goals against palace and Arsenal. While this is absolutely fine and I take nothing away from him, I believe Conor deserves as much praise for his goals keeping us up as well, as he scored the winner against Norwich on boxing day, and scored one and assisted one against Newcastle. That's also 6 points to which he played a vital contribution, but as it wasn't towards the back end of the season it gets hardly any notice. Thanks for everything Conor, all the best for the future!
  12. Worst case scenario, a championship club will take him on loan, I'm sure plenty of clubs would love to have him
  13. He's a bit like Bacuna, except he's actually good
  14. It is. Nowhere near as high as playing in the Euros though. And the other points still stand.
  15. Who's Jack? The situations aren't parallel though. Firstly, the Euros didn't take place in the middle of a season. Secondly, the Euros are a major tournament and the stakes are much higher. Thirdly, nothing about them being in the squad directly hampered their clubs' progress. Sure,they might have picked up an injury,but then so could any player. This is in stark contrast with the current situations, whereby players would be guaranteed to miss games If they leave.
  16. Can't see it happening, and I don't think Cash was that bad yesterday, an average performance ( he was much much worse against Watford). I don't know what's going on behind the scenes with Fred, but I think it's more than safe to say that he's possibly the first name on the sheet of players we are looking to move on
  17. To be honest, even with a fully fit squad it didn't usually take a lot of reasoning to figure out how we would line up last season....
  18. Except Argentina aren't paying his wages. Villa are. He lives and works in England and would have to travel in the middle of a pandemic with restrictions in place to play for Argentina, and then be unable to work for his employer. Nothing of the sort would happen if he was to stay in Birmingham during the break. The situations aren't equal.The Argentinian fans being upset would be just like Bruce being upset about the penalty being last Saturday.
  19. I'd they willingly put themselves into a position in which they won't be able to do the work their employers pay them for, i.e. playing football for them, then they can be bomb-squadded as far as I'm concerned. This is a massive f u to the club, especially from Martinez, who wouldn't even be in the squad if he hadn't come here, but also on Buendia, on who just broke a spending record. If they go through with this then as far as I'm concerned they join the various McCormacs, Irelands and Lescotts of this world.
  20. WooJung

    Ezri Konsa

    Just out of curiosity, did his injury come from that corner that shouldn't have been due to tuanzebe being fouled and losing his shoe in the process? Doubly infuriating if so....
  21. If he isn't scoring he's assisting,three goal contributions in three games! Good lad
  22. Toney, Janelt and Wissa all did enough to get 2 or more yellows. The fact that we all appreciate Brentford for what they are building doesn't mean we have to advantage them on the pitch. Not that I Think that would have won us the match, they'd have shut shop and we know how bad we are at breaking through when teams do that. 4 points from the last three fixtures is very underwhelming, but I juries are killing us. Best game in claret and blue by Anwar, he really took responsibility and stepped up.
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