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  1. Decided to go down today as it was only £9 in a restricted seat and that's all Lambert's team is worth. Even for that it was a painful performance, not made easier by the fact it was bloody cold! Our back four are a tight unit and rarely make mistakes, which is good to see. However we have become such a boring, tame team anywhere in the middle and going forward. Joe Cole looked to be the only one who tried in that abysmal first half, and it didnt really get any better in the second half. Grealish had a mare today, but he's young and will learn. What is unacceptable is players like Cleverly constantly giving the ball away, misplacing simple passes and prolonging the crab football we now play. What is plain to see it that they all seem scared of HAVING A **** SHOT ON GOAL! About 10 times today they could have troubled the keeper but decided to pass it sideways instead. Lambert must be trying his best to tell them to get those possession stats up! Final rant, although Benteke got the winner he was a passenger all game. However an individual bit of skill and the balls to have a shot meant we won the game. See, its not rocket science! The only other piece of entertainment was when the Blackpool fans let their flare off.
  2. true but was a cold monday night and game shown on Sky. Think if the next Saturday home game is as low as that then it will be a cause to worry in the boardroom Aye, but people were turning up in droves under MON, because it was exciting and there was hope. People including myself would drop everything to go down because it was FUN. Once the fun and belief comes back, so will the fans, but it will take a long time.
  3. We can't keep this up all season as our only tactic to try to win matches.
  4. Yeah, me neither. Looks way out of shape, and can't even be ar5ed to track back.
  5. Well it sets things up for a 45minute backs to the wall Lambert special, but sod it, we are winning. Southampton must be sick as parrots to concede that goal. But balls to them.
  6. What are you saying about Sanchez? He doesnt even look like he's trying there. Get him off.
  7. Nah he's having one of his four good games in a season. He'll be the invisible man for the next six.
  8. Lambert to the players: "BACK TO THE WALL LADDDS!!!"
  9. Absolutely. Shows just how bad things have been and will be if we get relegated.
  10. Only a matter of time before Southampton have another meaningful attack and score.
  11. Looks even emptier than the league cup game against Rotherham last season. How many there? Got to be only 25,000? What a sad indictment of this regime.
  12. Glad I'm not freezing my ar5e off at this, but full credit to those who still make the death march down to the ground. They must be dedicated sitting there in the freezing cold, watching that shite.
  13. "mumble mumble cannae fault the effort mumble mumble we go again mumble mumble just gotta have a wee bit of luck mumble mumble pick ourselves up and go again mumble mumble" I would have rather seen him inject a bit of passion....he's got nothing to lose. Perhaps this: "We shall pick ourselves up and go again to the end. We shall pick ourselves up and go again in France, we shall pick ourselves up and go again on the seas and oceans, we shall pick ourselves up and go again with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our penalty box, whatever the cost to Chris Herd's hipster hairstyle and beard may be. We shall pick ourselves up and go again on the beaches, we shall pick ourselves up and go again on the landing grounds, we shall pick ourselves up and go again in the fields and in the streets, we shall pick ourselves up and go again in the hills; we shall never surrender! (actually, we will surrender when we concede the first goal)"
  14. I don't think action will be taken if we lose tomorrow, but if we lose to Burnley as well, and drop into the relegation zone as a result, he'll get the McLeish treatment at the next home game. What a sorry state the club is in. Its a matter of when not if we get relegated at the moment.
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