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  1. "mumble mumble cannae fault the effort mumble mumble we go again mumble mumble just gotta have a wee bit of luck mumble mumble pick ourselves up and go again mumble mumble" I would have rather seen him inject a bit of passion....he's got nothing to lose. Perhaps this: "We shall pick ourselves up and go again to the end. We shall pick ourselves up and go again in France, we shall pick ourselves up and go again on the seas and oceans, we shall pick ourselves up and go again with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our penalty box, whatever the cost
  2. I don't think action will be taken if we lose tomorrow, but if we lose to Burnley as well, and drop into the relegation zone as a result, he'll get the McLeish treatment at the next home game. What a sorry state the club is in. Its a matter of when not if we get relegated at the moment.
  3. Can't see it. Can't see him throwing away money. There will come a point when the pressure will get too much for him. Humiliation tomorrow with a fan backlash similar to Bolton under McLeish and then a few weak losses away from home with all the away fans calling for his head for example. When it happens it will probably be written up as "mutual consent". Its not that astonishing that according to the poll only 10% of fans think he should continue as he's largely hated across many other sites. Another run of losses like before and he'll be out.
  4. I think that when we go into the bottom 3 after losing to Burnley, and then look like we are going to stay there after losing more games, he'll resign.
  5. We would be the next Sheffield Wednesday if we went down. I doubt we'd come back up for 10 years. Initially I'd worry more about surviving in the championship with whatever was left of the current pathetic bunch. They'd be taken apart in that league.
  6. Happy birthday. Its a bit of a love/hate relationship with me at the moment, but I'm sure I'll come back when the circus of clowns have left.
  7. "Jewish people chase money more than anyone else" is what he was reported as saying. Can't see how he can survive that, blatant anti-semitism. But he broke his leg in an FA Cup final though? Can he use that as an excuse?
  8. Most recently the 6-4 win over Blackburn in the League Cup to reach the final and pitch invasion at the end, didn't realise that was the best it was going to get for a very long time. Further back, that 3-2 win over Arsenal under Gregory was pretty special, coming back from 2-0 down and taking Vieira, Henry apart was something else. What a team we had then, compared to today's weak streaks of piss. Even though it had its shortcomings and Gregory had his limitations, that team would totally thrash the current bunch of tosspots that play for us, and Gregory, even using tactics from 1998, wou
  9. 19th under Lambert 12th under someone else and they get the "new manager bounce", 18th if they don't. To be honest, it's only a matter of time before we are relegated with Lerner in charge. It's quite saddening to watch the car-crash from afar, and I don't think the worst is over under this manager. We will probably go on another two or three of these losing streaks before the end of the season.
  10. Pah, Liverpool at number 3. I stopped reading after that. They only sing their silly anthem for the first 5 minutes, then go silent til they score.
  11. Has been starting to happen to me recently. Either happens as soon as I enter the site or every few pages or so. Opens another tab or tries to take you to another page. Usually scams to get you to download malware. Stuff like "your browser is out of date" or other sh*te.
  12. With every extra game that Lambert gets from now on is a game closer to going down, so you could say I'm totally pessimistic and depressed about this joke of a football club.
  13. Well he's got his new contract, he's had his one good game this season, so that means he now doesn't have to try. I bet you the next manager will bomb him out the first chance he gets. He's a passenger.
  14. If we lose the next two, and then go down to Burnley as well (they will be rubbing their hands for that one), I can see him getting sacked after we lose to Palace. No manager can surely survive losing 10 games in a row. What a waste of a season this has been. Could have been avoided with sacking Lambert in the summer along with his two mates.
  15. The manner of our defeat today could have been avoided with better organisation and discipline. Aside from the shit tactics, I don't think Lambert has the respect of the players and that's why we lost the way we did. He's way out of his depth in this league.
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