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  1. I have been obsessed with Cheetahs since primary school inspired by buying a Cheetah bookmark at a school book fair. I still have it today. The obsession has grown into cheetah art, books and charitable support. @useless makes a good point above. It amazes me how quickly some of these animals adapt to a 'new' surrounding, or have to adapt. I recommend 'The Spotted Sphinx' by Joy Adamson as a powerful read into the life of Cheetah mother. It has one of the most incredible viewpoints on 'man' I think I have ever read. There is also 'Pippa's Challenge' which is the ill-fated sequel but also
  2. It is a very good observation and one that can be detrimental to your own morale given any thought; it was for mine on many occasions during my lifetime. Thankfully I do not come across these degenerate types so much anymore although it took an extravagant move in order to achieve it!
  3. I'm with the OP. The older I get, the less I want to leave England, even for a holiday. The day does not get enough recognition so Happy St George's Day to all. I'll be on St Austell Tribute rather than Carling.
  4. I'd recommend 'The Train Now Departing' from the late-80s as a quick watch for those who like Steam Railways. There is a great episode that depicts a middle-aged and grumpy man attempting to re-live his childhood Holiday to Devon.
  5. Thought Watkins did very well in that half - I admire his effort as always and he has caught Dawson out on more than few occasions. Would like to see us being a bit more direct and exploiting that. Much of the team look jaded but West Ham can be got at I feel.
  6. I started reading the Tom Thorne series having been without a book travelling in Italy in 2008. I bought Death Message (eventually went back to the first book Sleepyhead as I was out of book order) from the book shop that was on a mezzanine floor in Termini station. I am a few books behind now but they will be read. Currently reading The Spotted Sphinx by Joy Adamson. Highly recommended particularly for those attached to animals and wildlife.
  7. The 747-400F and 747-400CF Converted Freighters are holding strong, but, they have very little presence here sadly. Same with the 747-8F. I'd love the chance to get on a Lufthansa 747-8i but at the moment I am dreaming. At least the 747-400s had longevity in service. The A380 fleet has an average age under 8 years, and over 90% of the fleet is in storage. I just hope the remaining operators do not follow Air France. Some have opted for long-term storage. I remain hopeful given the likes of Emirates and Qantas have recently done some cabin refits in Premium Economy. I've never flew on one
  8. Everything is compounding at the moment. I try my best to make the most of the simple things in life; those things that have been around forever, and some that are traditional. Tonight I walked and the full moon was spectacular. In the clear sky I spotted a shooting star, and this was all after having fish, chips and mushy peas after work from a van that stops in the area every Thursday evening. There are fascinating things around us constantly, it may just take a bit of imagination. I hope things pick-up for you.
  9. I have a car nicknamed third gear.
  10. Exotic colour scheme burgundy and cream - I wonder what the price was around that time. Interesting on the South African 333i because they also got the GTV6 with a 3.0 V6 Busso whereas we only got a 2.5 V6.
  11. Just a very distinctive car was the E30. I have a 1:43 model of a Will Hoy Touring Car somewhere. You're not wrong on the prices either; even the 320i and 323i seem to fetch a good price these days. The 323i is fairly rare as well as I think as there were limited numbers as an early run model here. I could be wrong on that, just something I think I have read or been told. I think the charm of the car outweighs the performance even today, and as you say, it was light, you also had great visibility all around the car, and in that straight six, you have purist motoring. A shame it was sold,
  12. Puts the dross you see on roads today to shame. Lovely car especially when unmolested - distinctive exhaust note (stock exhaust). Good picture find.
  13. I agree with your post and echo your concerns because I work in the Aviation/Aerospace sector and can report on similar impacts. Our business sales will have halved compared to calendar 2019 come the end of December. Other than Private Equity buyers looking for good value opportunities largely due to this crisis, as well as the largest aircraft component suppliers, our work as consultants has diminished. When we do sell we cannot sell without a substantial discount in place ~50% in some cases. A few months ago I was given the option to take a temporary pay cut or go on furlough (both op
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