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  1. What do you drive?

    Engine porno.
  2. Ross McCormack

    Absolute joke. A player that describes his greatest attribute as intelligence. Get shot. I'm sick of our football club being held to ransom and dictated to by moronic fools like this. Raus!
  3. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW27

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Brighton 1 1 Wednesday Draw QPR 2 1 Fulham QPR Villa 2 1 Preston Villa Blackburn 1 0 Birmingham Blackburn Cardiff 2 0 Burton Cardiff Derby 2 1 Reading Derby Huddersfield 1 1 Ipswich Draw Newcastle 2 0 Rotherham Newcastle Norwich 2 1 Wolves Norwich Forest 1 0 Bristol Forest Wigan 1 2 Brentford Brentford Barnsley 1 2 Leeds Leeds knoppy1987
  4. R.I.P Graham Taylor

    This is sad Mark - good people always shine through though and I do not think anybody could rob Graham Taylor of that. More people today could do with those qualities exhibited in that video and throughout his career. Thanks for sharing.
  5. R.I.P Graham Taylor

    Very sad news. Rest in Peace Graham.
  6. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW26

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Reading 2 1 QPR Reading Leeds 0 1 Derby Derby Bristol 2 2 Cardiff Draw Birmingham 1 0 Forest Birmingham Burton 1 1 Wigan Draw Fulham 2 0 Barnsley Fulham Ipswich 1 0 Blackburn Ipswich Preston 1 2 Brighton Brighton Rotherham 1 2 Norwich Norwich Wednesday 1 1 Huddersfield Draw Wolves 1 1 Villa Draw Brentford 1 2 Newcastle Newcastle knoppy1987
  7. Modern day club legends

    Of course I can AVFC1982 (I recently did) - I wanted him to be at Villa for his career. The fact is, he wasn't. I like Gareth Barry and I do not look at him as the spawn of the devil. He is fondly thought of in knoppy1987's world so I apologise if I offended you in any way. I agree with your view on Randy Lerner. Sheer humiliation and soul destroying to this very day. Even so, I intend to have a good time at the game tomorrow and at the rest of the games I go to this season.
  8. Modern day club legends

    In recent times, certainly the player whose performances caught my eye more than anybody else in the last 15 or so years. A class above. As you mentioned, the injuries meant we simply did not see the years of his capability as we should have. I admired Petrov - a lionheart and not just for the battle after football. He always gave his all for me particularly when we reached the doldrums. I enjoyed the years Gareth Barry gave to Villa but when I see him play or I think about it, it still hurts that it was cut short. It would have been nice in 2017 to have a player playing for us since 1998. Sour grapes on my part possibly. As fans, we all need something to cling on to and we have our favourites and for some of us, they will be legends in our eyes. Ian Taylor and Petrov for me. Choices are not on ability but more the association to Villa and they're former players who speak well of Villa or look out for us.
  9. Henri Lansbury

    Me neither. Looks like Tommy Lee.
  10. Henri Lansbury

  11. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW25

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Birmingham 1 1 Brentford Draw Blackburn 1 2 Newcastle Newcastle Bristol 0 1 Reading Reading Burton 2 1 Preston Burton Cardiff 2 2 Villa Draw Fulham 1 1 Brighton Draw Leeds 2 0 Rotherham Leeds Norwich 1 1 Derby Draw Forest 2 1 Barnsley Forest QPR 1 0 Ipswich QPR Wednesday 1 0 Wolves Wednesday Wigan 1 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield knoppy1987
  12. New Year's Resolutions 2017

    Similar predicament. Having passed my certification exams in December I got right onto the job applications over Christmas. Told myself I am going to tackle it head on in January but long-term I can only see the same problems. If I am going to put under shit loads of pressure like yourself, I want to do it closer to my Mum, Dad and family. Best of luck!