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  1. Agree with the above on Milan. Serie A needs a good Milan just to put a stop to all the Juventus domination. Historically they have been the team to do it, and lets not forget in Europe too. Pioli seems to have them positively well-drilled unlike Giampaolo. Samp looking down and out at half-time yesterday but put on a great show in the second half. Bonazzoli again looked unstoppable when he came on. Ranieri has again done a terrific job.
  2. Impressive from Verona in the first of the live games. Fiorentina have got themselves a player in Amrabat. Gollini was at fault for the Verona goal in my opinion. Game 2 is just about to begin. Looking forward to watching Francesco Caputo.
  3. Ashley Young has looked good for Inter as has Candreva of late. Samp have pulled a decent gap now. I was impressed with Federico Bonazzoli's goals this week. Both are worth a watch. Being back on the road for work has put a dent in my Italian football evenings which is a shame. I'm having to resort to YouTube catch-up. That being said, my partner is out all day Saturday so Premier Sports 2 will be fixed on from later afternoon until night.
  4. A sad day for us Aviation enthusiasts with BA's 744s going. I'll miss the fan whirring of those RB211-524s.
  5. I switched the game off at half-time to do some housework. Shameful.
  6. Amazing statistic considering. I read a snippet about him finding the net with a free-kick for the first time in forty-something attempts as well; I suspect that sounds/looks worse than it actually is. I never manged to get as many games in this weekend due to garden centre visits and a day cooking for family. I will await the highlights on Premier Sports early this week for a full catch-up. I did watch Cagliari Atalanta though; Atalanta were not at their best yesterday but it was good to see Ilicic back. He was just starting to find his feet when the game ended. Cagliari impressed as they often do. I thought Marko Rog was exceptional and has been on a number of occasions I have watched him this season. Sampdoria got a good and expected win against SPAL. The commentator really needs to brush up on player names though. Karol Linetty is now Karol Litenny.
  7. @VillaChris - your man Robin Gosens was a handful again last night. Atalanta were tactically spot on against Napoli I thought and just let them play in front of the defence. I laughed at Gattuso's post-match comments saying that there was too much talking on the pitch; all you could hear was him roaring the whole game. There was a great period in the first half when church bells were ringing which really emphasised the lack the crowd support. The Roma Udinese game was less of a spectacle. Roma were disjointed and played with no team fluidity; probably down to making eight changes and eventually having Diego Perotti sent off.
  8. Pleased with the Sampdoria win in a game that was effectively a spread out miniature penalty shoot-out. Federico Chiesa could not hit a cows backside with a banjo. Seems to have gotten worse as the season has gone on, albeit he is a young player. Impressed by Atalanta's Musa Barrow for Bologna against Cagliari. Sergio Floccari's goal against Milan is worth a watch as well as is Vicari's own goal.
  9. He always pops up with a few goals as well; another strength of Atalanta.
  10. Great team to watch throughout. I think their game tomorrow against Napoli will be a good test for them. When Gomez and Ilicic get going it is just a joy to watch. I like watching Gollini' development too. The Golazzo Podcast covered Atalanta well, particularly their youth system and how much talent it churns out. A shame the podcasts are not very regular throughout the season or focussed on the current goings on. If anybody has other Italian Football Podcast recommendations, do let me know.
  11. Good win for Lazio last night. Just a shame Genoa could not keep it up for another half but to be expected. Immobile and Caicedo out for the next game against Milan after early and harsh first offence bookings. I could not really see how Immobile was going to get his hands/arms out of the way for the Torino penalty. Fairly consistent from Italian Officials all season though I suppose even though I would love to believe Juve are still paying off the referees. I thought Torino were very poor although I was impressed with Meite, and as ever, Andrea Belotti. Expecting a football feast tonight especially with four games to choose from. I will probably avoid both Milan teams and go for the more closely matched games in Bologna vs Cagliari and Fiorentina vs Sassuolo.
  12. Been some cracking games the last week or so. I am looking forward to Torino Vs Lazio tonight. I am hoping Sampdoria can put a bit of distance between themselves and the bottom three with a win tomorrow against Lecce as well.
  13. Impressed by Luiz - head and shoulders above anybody else in terms of team and individual play. I thought McGinn had some good moments cutting back in from the right when he came on and I really could not fault Keinan Davis' effort today. Smith appears and speaks like a beaten man whenever I see him. Clearly lacking in any confidence and that cannot be impressionable for the players and those around him. Whether the buck stops at Smith or the initial recruitment, I really do not think we can just keep on replenishing the squad, and we have to start seeking some sort of continuity. I'd like to see somebody else try and get something different out of what we have which will now likely be in the Championship barring some extremely good fortune and/or an unimaginable improvement in results.
  14. I share my birth date with Black Monday. I am not sure of any famous folk.
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