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  1. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

  2. Cats...

    Cheers fellars - not a great job but one that has to be done, likewise getting the cat out of road. On a far brighter note, my cat decided to smash everything made of glass during the night. Tail wagging and the domino effect. I just have to laugh really .
  3. Cats...

    Seen a dead cat on the road during my walk tonight that had been run over. Did not like it at all . Black cat and it had a precautionary reflective collar on as well. Phoned the owner who was distraught. **** miserable.
  4. The Careers/Jobs thread

    I think my company played on the cost of living (from what I gather from him) - North versus South. I do not think it was substantial, but there was a slight difference. However, I cannot comment on anything contractual - I am not sure on what basis his role changed. I know he does not travel on 'jollies' and is largely desk based at home but he completes the same work from what I can see.
  5. The Careers/Jobs thread

    We do not have an office in the North West, but we do have one in Dublin. I work in Aviation so we can be here, there any everywhere at various times and I would not put any obstruction to spending a certain amount of time at our offices. In addition, there have been people who have been allowed to work from various locations. One much more inexperienced colleague of mine works from Durham. He took a slight pay cut, but to be honest, that would not bother me at all at present. Cheers for the insight.
  6. The Careers/Jobs thread

    Does anybody have experience of manufacturing a move away from the workplace to work from home or in my case, a different location? Do I simply just present my ideas and tell them why this can work? Are there any drawbacks to asking? I would rather go about it this way as I do like my job and I would like them to give me that opportunity before I start gunning for various other roles within the industry I work within. The reasoning is that I want to buy a house, but not in London, market prices elsewhere are attractive and the closer I get to 30, the more I want to move away and closer to my family up in the North West. I'm in my 7th year down here and there is not a massive requirement for me to work from the office and I am not enjoying the lifestyle as much as I was when I was in my early to mid 20 somethings. Of late, I have been returning home a lot more and I am start to feel the pull much more; family, beach walks and general slow down amongst other things. Hopefully this is not out of the ordinary and some of yourselves can offer up your experiences and advice. From my point of view, I do not want to feel like I am getting stuck in a rut because I am not enjoying where I live even though I am sure there are much more serious things going on in the world. Thank you in advance!
  7. What's your tipple this evening then?

    Many, many beers.