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  1. Always early. I get very jittery if I am late for even the most trivial things. I enjoy being early for Villa games and waiting in suspense. My partner and her children are the opposite. The word 'ready' is a fallacy to them.
  2. I agree. I like navy as well. Good colour. I may even buy it.
  3. The reviews are brilliant as well.
  4. It would be nice if Radio5 Live would report on a pass between two players to make my listening of the game worthwhile. No, over to the John Smith's Stadium.
  5. The GTV6. Clarkson's favourite. I was laughing my head off when watching his farm show and it was in a container when he was trying to locate some chemical equipment (excuse the non-farming world terminology). Not sure if you watch Harry's garage, but this is a good watch for Busso noise (this is actually Clarkson's car - awful wheels). Good for many vehicle brands though so worth a look through the history.
  6. No problem at all and sorry about the compressed image quality. I can send high res images to an email if you want to see more. None are concourse, and all are driven when healthy. The GTV image is an old image I've taken off my Facebook. The others are fairly recent. My GTV is currently in Culgaith awaiting a new Q2 differential, a clutch, flywheel, timing belt, and other things I cannot do on the drive or trust myself to do. I think Alfa Romeo had/has a reputation that stuck unfortunately. Many like you love the look and sound (of some), but stay clear. I understand that. They are not exactly stocked with choice like other manufacturers either.
  7. I share that sentiment on modern cars. I do try and have a word with myself now and again about going out and getting myself something modern. I'm finally in a position to do so, but find myself enjoying my old cars time and time again, mainly because I have struggled to operate a car daily, unless it has an Alfa Busso powering it. I've had other Alfa Romeo vehicles (too many), but feel a bit lost without a Busso under the bonnet. When I started out driving I had a quest to own an Alfa Romeo (~2004), and then it turned into working my way through affordable models from the brand, and here we are today. I've had some that have got away that I should have kept (last off the line 147 Collezione and a GTV Twin Spark I posted on here some years ago now), others that were awful, and others I have grown an affinity towards and just keep. The keepers have become my perfect garage and I will never get rid of them. The youngest is 21 and the eldest 30. Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 (cost £2k and has 155,000 miles on the clock) Alfa Romeo 75 Veloce Twin Spark (cost £3k and has 102,000 on the clock) Alfa Romeo 156 Veloce 2.5 V6 Q-System (cost £2.3k and has 88,800 on the clock) It will come as no surprise that I need a bigger garage. In the coming years I'd like to own a 166 V6 and I would also like a GTV6. I always wanted an Alfa 75 3.0 V6, but when test driving a few years back, I just found the twin spark to be a much better drivers car, so bought one instead. I suspect my next car will be a second-hand Giulia Veloce (petrol) as I come to terms with the realities of my future motoring after it. We will see.
  8. In the event, you and we all, will still have Aston Villa. UTV
  9. This will be on repeat for the next 62 minutes. Thanks.
  10. A guilty pleasure Friday tune. You can direct yourselves to the original video for a bit of morning swooning. I will be doing the same.
  11. I have not had an email. Constantly looking though!
  12. I do not think so - I am sure the article was probably generalising but I thought it lazy to get something wrong like that. I did like the comparison to Rui Costa. He certainly drives like Rui Costa did, particularly at Fiorentina. Better than some of the other comparisons I have come across.
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