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  1. I am certain McClaren was getting the sack at Boro before he managed a lucky run to the UEFA Cup final.
  2. If Jol is our first choice, why is he expected to join Fulham? Anyway, that list is terrible. I hope it's not true. They have Jol on their list according to the majority of papers. I am not personally enthralled by the mention of McClaren, it would be disastrous if he became the manager.
  3. Guardian - Martin Jol expected to join Fulham, and Steve McClaren is in our thoughts as a serious contender but behind our first choice Martin Jol. Owen Coyle is being considered.
  4. Martin Jol and Carlo Ancelotti are emerging as our top targets.
  5. If i was 7 you would be my cyber hero! I do not want to hear of any cyber relationship
  6. Was Pat Murphy correct about Hughes's contract last night? I do not believe he was.
  7. No, he/she is just asking who would you want in charge. And for that matter, who would you like in charge?
  8. The clause has been removed in Carlo's contract apparently.
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