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  1. Gael Kakuta to Vitesse on loan. Wilfried Bony on season long loan to us then (Sell Fonz and loan Weimann) or are we happy with "just" Benteke?
  2. Looks like we'll get Benteke now, can't say I know much about him, hopefully a good move although I must say I'm a little sceptical based on what our Belgian based Villa friends have to say about him. I think we'll get Parker too, which would be exactly what we need in the middle. Get Dawson and I'll be very happy. Throw in Benayoun (or another creative midfielder/winger of some sort) as well and I'll be very very happy.
  3. This whole 'bad attitude' thing has been blown way out of proportion imo. IIRC Lambert said Vlaar was a top guy with a top attitude, or words to that effect, after their little 'chat' at VP. I smell misunderstandings, things being lost in translation, and a player desperate to join Villa. In fact I think he's our new captain.
  4. Houllier said he had always considered us a mid-table club, not just 'at the time'.
  5. I found that 'Houllier spoke like a winner'-comment quite funny too. Houllier who said there was no way we could beat City (when we had beaten them just weeks before) and was happy to lose to Liverpool. Yeah, that was a real winner. Lambert>Houllier>McLeish
  6. If we sign Holt and he scores lots and lots of goals for us, then I don't mind us signing Holt
  7. Not about the video for me, although that helps in terms of learning more about how he wants the game to be played. I think Solskjær's way of playing football could take us further than Lambert's. I think Solskjær has a bigger name internationally that might help us attract better players than Lambert can, a name that might make players choose us over the Everton's, the Newcastle's and the Sunderland's of this world. With Lambert I think it's more of a 50/50. Besides, I think Solskjær would fill the stadium from day one, and create a much needed buzz around the place. Lambert wo
  8. For me Lambert would be the safe (although a bit boring?) option, whereas Solskjær would be the exciting (and of course risky) one. Now after two of the most miserable years I have ever spent being a Villa fan I know I could do with a bit of excitement.
  9. Which is basically the most important thing that came out of this PC. If he's offered the job, he'll take it. IMO
  10. Reporting live from the OGS PC : - Several meetings with players and executives earlier today. - No offer from Villa. - Informs that he will stay on as Molde manager (for how long though?) So there you have it. Nothing we didn't already know then.
  11. Live press conference from Aker Stadion (Molde's ground) in around 20 minutes time. Solskjær will speak to the press himself.
  12. Has this been posted? Latest interview with Solskjær with Norwegian TV2. Interesting choice of words. Link in norwegian
  13. Like I said I'm not a fan, but 9th at a club like sha is good achievement and should be mentioned as a counterpart if you're going to bring up the two relegations. Imo 9th is a position a "popular" (with many) and "positive" manager like Roberto Martinez will never achieve at a comparable club like Wigan with his positive, free-flowing style of football. However like Trent says, it's the here and now that matters, and that's just not good enough. But hey ho, imagine what he could have done with some proper backing, eh
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