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  1. Liverpool was a big part of his life and he wanted to show his appreciation to their fans. Nothing wrong with that, what he did wrong was not acknowledging our fans. But it was 3 months ago, and he apologised. Let's get over it! He made a mistake, everyone does.
  2. It's never going to be an identical situation. I don't think it's totally different though. And it proves that you can sack a manager who is severely underperforming, and the guy who comes in can do significantly better with the same group of players. So to say it takes us back to square one is ridiculous. It could take us anywhere, depending on who we appoint. (We could appoint Jol or Ranieri or whoever and climb up the table. Equally we could appoint Fat Sam and slide even further down it.) Examples can be used to demonstrate how giving the manager time can be beneficial too. Moyes finished 17th one season and the next finished 4th, they were injury hit and the season never really got going but the next one everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet and they proved how good they are. Ferguson at United too. The Moyes one has similarities to ours but obviously not the same. Ferguson's is not similar at all except that he required time.
  3. Well, if we could secure 10th now, and appoint someone better in the summer i'd take your hand off. Right now we are 3 points off the drop with this useless clown in charge. Fair enough, I want us to play nice football, back our manager and board, hold our reputation as a respectable club and most importantly get back to winning. Firing Houllier, hiring Sam then firing Sam and Hiring someone else in the space of 3 months would make us a laughing stock. Thankfully Randy knows this.
  4. We'd probably be a little higher up the league but not much higher. I don't think that would count as a better position, next season we all start from zero again. After Houllier's time here I think he is in the best shape to to put us the best positionfor next season, our style, fitness and player mentality is changing for the better. Sam would secure 10th place and have us playing with Carew and Heskey up front. Thanks but I'll keep Houllier.
  5. This. Some faith and some time is needed. I think he will do us very well the summer and a presason. You see, I think this, but then I think about the proposition of having another season like this one.... :cry: We won't know until next season, imo we will be brilliant next season. We'll sign 5-6 players, get rid of most of the dead wood and then have the squad to compete for Europe and in the cups. I genuinely cannot wait!
  6. This. Some faith and some time is needed. I think he will do us very well the summer and a presason.
  7. Most of the 'sack him' bunch are impossible to find any middle ground with so the rest just don't bother anymore. I'm bored so I'm posting way more 'back him' posts than usual.
  8. Arguably taking an average of 2 polls gives a better idea and of course the views of more voters. If you change your vote so quickly then I think it's right that your overall vote is neutral which it would be using this methodology. :winkold: Everyone is entitled to change their mind based on what has happened, I might have voted after the Liverpool game where we lost 3-0 as I was livid. BUT in January we signed some quality players and results and performances improved. Since then I can see what Houllier is trying to do to our club and I like it. A lot changed from the beginning of December until the end of January.
  9. That's not accurate at all. The other thread only contains votes during our worst spell. I think I voted 'out' back then but have changed my mind as I now see what he is trying to do take shape.
  10. He is flawed and has said some silly things during his time here. None of which have been brushed over because the results haven't been great. Next season, with a few quality signings and his own team and everyone on the same page and we start winning he can say whatever he likes. It's what happens on the pitch that counts, and I think we will be fantastic next season!
  11. we went from the tightest defence last season with same defenders to leakest why scrap them. something big happening A lot of injuries and Dunne continuing his poor form from the back end of last season. Warnock having a hissy fit. Young's brother then injury then paternity leave. Collins' drop in form. Yeah, some big stuff happened.
  12. Exactly how many players did Houllier "get rid of" before he splashed £6m on Makoun and £24 million on Bent? Sidwell and Carew would have shifted over 100k from the wage bill, which I'm sure covers Bent and Makoun's wages. Exactly, we needed to free up some wages. We will still need to get rid of others before we buy anyone in the summer. Our wage bill was a disgrace!
  13. It's not a fair comparison as has been pointed out many time. MON had a much worse squad to start with. A much lower quality of players overall, and probably not ones that would automatically play to the style he wanted either. Ged took over a squad that had finished top 6 for three seasons in a row. He had some problems with injuries, and the fact that Milner had left, which I'll give him a little bit of leeway for, but it was still a much much better situation than the one MON had walked into initially. MON was given no restrictions in the transfer market, Houllier had to get rid of players before he could bring anyone in due to MON putting average players on huge wages for many years. Most were unfit when he took over too.
  14. Good post, he is flawed but overall he is pointing us in the right direction. I think a major factor in next season is that he will have his preseason. Fitness has been an issue this season, the extra workload to improve fitness caused injuries but our players weren't fit enough at the start of this season. That is inexcusable imo. On the corners, it is clearly a problem but against Bolton it looked like a lack of desire from our players to win the ball that really cost us. I do not know how defending corners is coached but if players are not willing to go through the opposition to get the ball then that is a worry.
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