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Weekends Football 29/30 November/1 December


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Swansea v Fulham SS3 

Premier League 

TV Games 

Newcastle v Man City 12.30pm BT Sport 1

Southampton v Watford 5.30pm SS2

Burnley v Palace

Chelsea v West Ham 

Liverpool v Brighton 

Spurs v Bournemouth

MOTD 10.30pm 


Charlton v Sheffield Wed 12.30pm SS3 

Barnsley v Hull

Small Heath v Millwall 

Brentford v Luton

Bristol City v Huddersfield 

Derby v QPR 

Leeds v Middlesbrough

Forest v Cardiff 

Stoke v Blackburn

Wigan v Reading

EFL on Quest 9pm 


Premier League 

Wolves v Shef Utd 2pm 

Super Sunday 

Norwich v Arsenal 2pm SS2

Leicester v Everton 4.30pm SS2

MOTD 2 10.30pm


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I am actually watching old matches on Norwegian TV. NRK 2 (the second channel of the national broadcaster) have something called Tippekampen 50 år (the betting match 50 year). It is 50 years since NRK sent the first English football match, and they broadcasted one match every Satursay all the way up to 1995. Now they will send some legendary matches throughout the weekend!

The «Tippekampen» is THE reason why there are lots of Norwegians that support Stoke, Luton, Ipswich, Nottingham Forest, etc etc (even Aston Villa, who I started to support after watching them on tv in the early 1980s).




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30 minutes ago, DeepDish said:

I am actually watching old matches on Norwegian TV.

Same here, obviously NRK, SVT and DR had some shared agreement with ITV to broadcast a game per week. First one 50 years to the day, Wolves - Sunderland 1-0, Hughie Curran scorer. Probably more famous around our parts that in Britain :D (And the reason there are a disproportionate amount of Wolves fans in Sweden compared to similar clubs)

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4 minutes ago, Dr_Pangloss said:

At a club like that with the resources and expectation he has to deliver something big each season, whether that's the league or the champions league.

Listen to the owners, it's really not

Infrastructure and brand growth, the latter is obviously linked to success but can be achieved without it thanks to his playing style

He's neither underachieving or overrated 

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4 hours ago, LakotaDakota said:

Honestly think Leicester are going to win it again. They play each other on boxing day which will be fun

They will have to get a lot more than 82 pts to win it this season. Could get 2nd though which is as big an achivement really.

Liverpool have not played that well this season yet still only dropped two points. Hope they don’t start playing well because not only will they win the league they will break the points record 


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