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  1. I disagree a lot with that. His first touch is actually great, it is one of the reasons why the goals looks so easy. See the video over when he passes the keeper against Brann. It is a perfect first touch. He hit the ball a bit longer than most of the player and it gives him a easy ride when he passes the keeper. You can see that in a lot of his goals, a nearly perfec first touch which makes putting the ball in the net an easy job.
  2. His first touch is so good! And from the Norwegian season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1lnwL79DDk&t=4s
  3. We started to notice him in Norwegian football in the summer of 2018 when he single handed crushed the defenders of Brann, scoring 4 goals for Molde before he was solgt to Salzburd. But it was in the U20s this summer people really started to believe that he would become a star. Check out the phtoto from the match against Honduras.
  4. Mings and Grealish held us in th ematch, and then Luiz came on and turned for us. Bit worried seeing both Hause and Konza with lots of errors!
  5. Yeah, hopeless is maybe the wrong word. I was thinking about a Norwegian word and could not get the right word in English. Maybe a bit erratic and immature is better, as I also see something in him, but he struggles with choices in important situations.
  6. So, I have decided to take two days off work in order to see the Watford match in a few days, spent money on a plane from Oslo to London and train to Birmingham and booked a hotel Tuesday. To see a team that doesn't give a shit? Think this was THE game that defined our season. Either it is downhill from here (with early relegation) or we get our act together and turn the season. Now I am afraid it is the former and not the latter that we have in front of us.
  7. DeepDish

    Kortney Hause

    Today I missed Collins and Dunne and the hoofball they played.
  8. Would rather have a bit of a hopeless footballer always trying than the no effort we had on the pitch from the start.
  9. DeepDish

    Dean Smith

    My faith in Smith took a beating today. Have always said I will give him the whole season, but today was dreadful.
  10. Hope he don't start the next time we play City, because the development of those stats indicate murder one!
  11. **** me, I regret taking two days off and buying plane tickets from Oslo to London and hotel in Birmingham to see this shite against Watford.
  12. DeepDish

    Ørjan Nyland

    I was a bit surprised that Nyland was so bad when he came to Villa. He was very good in Molde in Norway before he went to Germany. But I think he has found his olf selv again and even improved. Shows that a good keeper who turns bad can turn good again.
  13. I did before, but not now that Targett is the other option. He is miles ahead of Targett. Don't think he is good enough, but I feel a lot more sade with Taylor in the team.
  14. Because they can't or are not willing to read.
  15. It is a lot less gamble to take him on loan than buying a proven midfielder from leagues in Belgium og Holland. We can give him 4-5 matches to get up to speed. We can not buy another foreighner that needs 15 matches to get comfortable in our league.
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