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  1. Look to Italy. The doctors have been ordered to not help those over 60. Either they ride it out or they die. But they have to prioritize those under 60 because of the massive mismatch between sick people and beds at hospitals and resources to help. If that is something we are comfortable with, fine. But I am not comfortable with letting my parents or other people end up without help if they should get the virus. So take this shit seriously.
  2. Norway and Denmark is shutting down everything now. Airports, ports and borders are closing Monday. And Norway has had quite good control over the people who has the virus, as they have traced 80-90% from being abroad, mainly on winter holidays in the alps in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. I am afraid that what you are doing in Britain is a reckless experiment.
  3. DeepDish

    U.S. Politics

    I would not be surprised if Trump has caught the virus, being at a dinner with a Brazilian that has testet positive. Imagine if he is is giving the whole establishment the virus! Who would have thought that was his way of draining the swamp?
  4. I think we should free Grealish off the defensive responabilities. Put him higher in the pitch.
  5. We actually need someone who is unpredictable. Can go either way, but I say go for it!
  6. Protesting against some of their supporters who are refusing to take down a banner calling the Hoffenheim owner a son of a whore. The ref stopped the match due to the banner, but the supporters refused to take it down. The players left the pitch for 15 minutes before they came back and finished the playing time with all the 22 players passing the ball to eachother.
  7. "OK Boomer" is a catchphrase and internet meme that gained popularity among younger cohorts from 2019, used to dismiss or mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the baby boomer generation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OK_Boomer
  8. Worst match from him this season. The Southampton players did all the right things to stop and frustrate him, and they forced a lot of errors and poor judgements from him. Never really seen that before.
  9. 20 minutes and he scores his first of the day against Union Berlin.
  10. Ighalo going to United on loan. That is a proper WTF signing. And it will give focus on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's weakness in the transfer market.
  11. I disagree a lot with that. His first touch is actually great, it is one of the reasons why the goals looks so easy. See the video over when he passes the keeper against Brann. It is a perfect first touch. He hit the ball a bit longer than most of the player and it gives him a easy ride when he passes the keeper. You can see that in a lot of his goals, a nearly perfec first touch which makes putting the ball in the net an easy job.
  12. His first touch is so good! And from the Norwegian season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1lnwL79DDk&t=4s
  13. We started to notice him in Norwegian football in the summer of 2018 when he single handed crushed the defenders of Brann, scoring 4 goals for Molde before he was solgt to Salzburd. But it was in the U20s this summer people really started to believe that he would become a star. Check out the phtoto from the match against Honduras.
  14. Mings and Grealish held us in th ematch, and then Luiz came on and turned for us. Bit worried seeing both Hause and Konza with lots of errors!
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