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Thierry Henry


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But how do our Irish VTers feel about this? You've got to hand it to him, but is he a safe pair of hands? Can he handle it? And when will the handover take place? 


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2 minutes ago, ender4 said:

So how likely is this now?

done deal, or just media speculation?

If speculation, decent sources or Daily Mail/Star sort of links? 

Going by the media, it's definitely on the table. Whether it happens is anybodies guess, all sorts could go wrong or change 

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Talked up on Sunday Supplement this morning, cited his detail and what he brought to Belgium. He will clearly motivate our squad, he is a footballing legend, could be our Pep.

Excited for Terry too, big personalities mega experience of the modern game.

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My fear with Henry is that he will be very good in some respects, but terrible in others.

Pros: giving our attacking play more structure, encouraging players to take risks and express themselves, inspiring some of the younger lads, attracting decent players to the club, perhaps creating a more exciting atmosphere around the place. He has played under some great managers (Lippi, Ancelotti, Wenger, Guardiola) so hopefully brings some ideas and experiences to the table which the players will want to hear.

Cons: Villa is in need of more than a new coach - the whole system needs rethinking. The new manager will need shrewd leadership skills and a politician's mindset to navigate through all the bullshit. Is a rookie like Henry going to be able to handle it? It will be a big step up in difficulty from giving tips to Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard in a World Cup. Is a world class player like Henry going to be able to share his vision with second-tier professionals, who physically can't do all the things he could do?

If we pair him with Terry, then clearly the big advantage is that most of the players know JT and he knows the club, the other teams in the division, etc. JT brings proven commitment and isn't the kind of person to just see this as a stepping stone or a bit of fun. He will be determined to make a success of it. Hard to see JT as Henry's number 2 though? JT is a born leader and alpha male, much more so than Henry... be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out (if it happens).

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