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  1. Forget even that. He provided assist for McGinn at Watford in the 70th. They just haven't done any due diligence. Edit: Just realised you already covered this.
  2. Gave you a like, because you deserve a cheesy drumroll and got ignored.
  3. I mentioned this earlier in the thread mate, his football knowledge is spot on. Jamaica implemented some of what he suggested in the follow up game, and we were MUCH better. Many would actually love hi, to be involved in the national setup.
  4. That's very interesting indeed. It would appear that, even indirectly, he draws so much attention, it frees up space for others. Main difference this season, bring that we have an abundance of other players who can capitalise on it.
  5. Can you imagine? That's when you would DEFINITELY know, we have something special. Don't worry though, it won't happen . lol
  6. I see some of the Euphoria is slowly subsiding, and certain posts are reverting to type. We need to turn over Man U to hopefully get another week of happiness. Although, by the 7th day the posts would be " Look, i'm not trying to piss on anyones chips, but we only won because Ronaldo is old "
  7. Who is the commentator? A Villa fan? Or just a PROPER football man?
  8. Was just on his Instagram, I never realised he was actually getting stick from fans, for posting his highlights last week, in what they quote on there as an " embarassing team loss " to Chelsea. They say it was distasteful of him to post personal highlights amid an " embarassing loss ". I had to respond to a few of them, saying that I can guarantee none of them watched the match, and only saw the scoreline. As it was the furthest thing from " embarassing ". Ironically, seems to be mostly Jamaican fans as well
  9. Welp, I had a proper reason to hate the name the moment he was in the running. Had a massive fight, with a " friend " at the time, who was trying to shag my girlfriend on the sly, around the same time. I shit you not, his name was Dean Smith ( South African word removed )
  10. As someone else chimed in a couple days ago, when you need some excitement, just call him Schmidt, Dean Schmidt. Lol
  11. Nah I'm not even British and I totally get it mate. For example, I couldn't stand being Arsenal at one point, where you're basically a French team! You're supposed to be an ENGLISH team after all?! I like the British core with exotic sprinklings. I reckon Deano and board like this as well, modern old school?
  12. Has anyone seen the commentary of the goal with : " Leon Bailey! Announces his arrival, in front of the Holte End, at Villa Park! This famous football Cathedral, have a team worthy of the stage again, a team to be proud of, they are showing their class! " *Shudders! Gave me goosebumps that, not even because of Bailey, because of the roar, the commentators ode and the reminder of who the f*CK we are! I've missed these nights! Wish I could share the video from Facebook. Probs been shared already but man!
  13. Nah, I've been him in the past as well. lol
  14. We sound like the type of bloke who is so insecure, that we actually end up turning off the birds that actually love us. The relationship just ends up being miserable because you're constantly dwelling on negative scenarios. We are 5 games into the PL season, and he's played about 100 minutes if that, and we're already planning our grieving process ffs. We have no idea where we'll be in a couple of years. Either we are up there together, with him as a hero, or we get a truck tonne of cash. Either scenario will mean he has ripped it up.
  15. Yeah but that's because everyone was up Jacks arse, and anyone they felt was keeping him out of the team, was a target. Personally, I don't think it was based on ACTUAL reality. lol
  16. Oooh, I just remembered, that bloke with the tragic daughter and his family will have hopefully been there yesterday. As that was the last match ( Everton at home last season ) he was at with her, with a good atmosphere before she passed away, it will have been an incredible boost for them as well!
  17. It's these bloomin international breaks which will disrupt us. 8 - 10th/11th probably a safe bet, but I think if we had extensive time to settle, with none of those breaks, and a fully fit squad, anything up to 7th would be possible. IMO Still very early days though.
  18. I'm a bit bored to be honest, playing progress isn't enough, he needs to improve in all facets. I'm hoping next season he buys a custom Gilet he can toss around every now and then. Possibly an AVFC branded bucket he can sit on, at the sidelines from time to time and the occasional bag or bottle kicking wouldn't go amiss.
  19. What's worse is that @DaveAV1 genuinely agreed with @AVTuco sarcastic post. lol EDIT: Was everybody actually being sarcastic, and i'm the fool here? I feel done up.
  20. Nonsense, have you seen some of the shit Trez can do? There are very few players who are so advanced in mind that they often actually beat THEMSELVES. When you've mastered yourself, you've conquered all, and all that.
  21. Purely speaking from recent experience mate, and knowing that alot of explosive players tend to get pulls etc quite often. I've admitted before in the thread, that I really hadn't seen too much of him before the last.couple.of years. I knew of the hype, watched some highlights and a couple of the German games every now and then. Also, always signed him on FIFA Career mode for us for years, because... Duh. Lol. Also never thought for a second we ever had any chance of signing him over the years, sadly. Also haven't gotten to catch too many of the Jamaican games until recently because the time difference for me is a real commitment. A poster did pull me up on this concern recently, to point out that he actually played 30 odd plus games consistently for Leverkusen I think. So hopefully, it's just a phase where he is going through some niggles, and he will be fine as his body adapts and gets stronger as well.
  22. Yeah it's if he starts becoming critical of Dean/Club I'll start to worry personally. Man needs a PR coach
  23. I might have to tune into his next live and ask him what he thinks about him being injured after 21 minutes then? Lol Anyway, I think we're going to need to learn to seperate Leon Bailey, from Craig Butler and his YouTube channel. Butler can say whatever he wants on his own channel, it's up to us to take notice of it or not. I do feel that there is often alot of context missing when information is passed on though. For example, was he answering one of the question a YouTuber in the comments asked? ( Which they often do on the live sessions )Or did he just blurt that out?
  24. Has anything you've seen from Leon's attitude so far, suggest to you, that he is this egotistical character some fans seems to have created all on their own, due to seemingly being annoyed by Butler?
  25. I thought as much I've seen some dramatic and out of context spins on quotes from him before. Personally, I think people can pull WHAT they want from things, if they want. If he really did say that, I'd be shocked, and say Leon needs to tell him to chill out, but I couldn't see him going to that extent. If he did though, it's not good.
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