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  1. Barring the shocking first 15 mins, we've been the better side by far.
  2. After the clear and smart planning that has obviously gone into this window, I'd be utterly stunned if Smith/Suso/Purslow/NSWE let Hogan leave to leave us with Wesley, Kodjia and Davis as our 3 if a striker bid collapses. We'll sign one
  3. Kemar Roofe to Anderlecht... Bielsa will not be happy
  4. I dont see how RHM has shown anything higher than League One. It's about his level at the moment. It's not indicative of his future, just his current ability
  5. You'd think he'd never have to make any saves then... Solid signing. Not everyone can be a £20m signing - allows us good experience for 2 years or so and then kick on and spend big cash on a Butland type. This summer has been mental
  6. He started it tbf - he's messaged me every time they've done something newsworthy
  7. They've signed 4 central midfielders (new guy, Sunjic, Crowley and Gardner) and the Bluenose at work is wetting himself. Which of those 4 is replacing Adams' 15 goals? I politely ask. "F**k off man, you're gonna be screwed when you get relegated" is the reply
  8. Webster going to Brighton, which will free Dunk to Leicester and in turn Maguire to Man Utd
  9. Guilbert possibly as I think he'll be cheap so I have free cash to blow on my front 3... maybe Trezeguet, or Wesley if I want a cheaper striker option Agree with the Grealish points, and I think the same applies to McGinn The nice thing is being able to pick a Villa player again after 3 years! The year we went down I had Gueye and Amavi
  10. This is all one sick, sick dream isn't it?
  11. 1) 50 seconds in... how does Olof miss?! 2) Stefan Moore... world class goal there. He'll be a player some day that lad

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