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  1. StewieGriffin

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    Get Kodjia or Ramsay on
  2. StewieGriffin

    Callum O'Hare

    Having been to Carlisle a few times, Im pretty sure you've stolen these words from their tourist board Safe to say there's little chance Callum will be living the high life up there - just have to hope he doesn't come back riddled with the clap or something. Anyway, as others have said, he had a promising debut - your standard "will be excellent for us when he's match ready" performance. Moved the ball well and was positive
  3. StewieGriffin

    Pre match thread

    £3 audio via AVTV
  4. StewieGriffin

    Pre match thread

    Captain Hutton, good lord
  5. StewieGriffin

    Pre match thread

  6. Imagine if we did that all the time. Our squad would be massive...
  7. The kid from Luton played tonight. Does have a porn star name, mind you
  8. If 25 isn't young these days then god help us all
  9. StewieGriffin

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I really rate Adams. He'd be a decent bottom half PL striker
  10. What have we received though? We haven't let many go either, and the only ones that went were fairly nominal fees. The only time we received "good" money for players was the season after we went down - Gana, Veretout, Amavi, Gestede etc, which was negated by the silly spending and the drop in income. Bruce wasted £12m plus wages on Hogan (you don't spend £12m on a player and put him on 10k a week). Terry, Whelan, Samba, Lansbury... all "cheap" Bruce signings on big money we have lost...
  11. StewieGriffin

    Scott Hogan

    190 of those pages are "Christ he's shit"
  12. StewieGriffin

    Scott Hogan

    We do it often enough...