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  1. He's going to implode when he sees Rotherham have had their next game called off too
  2. Completely get that - Im 36, so Pele was retired for a decade when I was born and Maradona was at the start of his peak. Footage of Maradona is more accessible and I personally find it difficult to rate Pele fairly when I've only ever seen glimpses of his whole game. Pele was clearly a brilliant footballer, but I just have this thing where I find I cant bring myself to say he's the best ever or even towards the top of the list
  3. I absolutely dont deny he was a wonderful footballer, but at the risk of a huge generalisation, he seems to be held up as a bastion of football and immune from any criticism or a hint that he wasn't as good as some people say
  4. Absolutely **** hilarious. Closer to the relegation zone mathematically than they are to being Champions. Besht clhubb eveh, la
  5. Controversial one, and it's not my generation, but.... Pele. Scored a tonne of goals in a pub league, and was surrounded by an unbelievable array of talent at national level - someone like Lineker would have scored/achieved a similar amount at national level had he been in the same scenario. Obviously a world class footballer, but best ever? Not even top 5 for me, yet its almost sacrilegious to suggest he wasnt top 2. Discuss.
  6. Saido Berahino came to my mind the other day as I caught highlights of the 2-1 league win over WBA under Sherwood. Charleroi on loan from Zulte Waregem
  7. I thought exactly that when I watched the clip of the Carragher analysis
  8. Can't say I've noticed this before, but as my morning train passes through Small Heath Station, passengers are asked to "mind the gap" I had a little titter to myself
  9. Palace will try to move to the mythical "next level" in the summer, fail miserably (De Boer...) and either get a Pulis/Sam/Bruce in to save them or they'll get relegated in hilarious fashion
  10. At least he's removed that shite bleach blond beard
  11. If they sacked Wilder then Id like them to stay up/come back up. But they wont, so I hope they're bottom half Championship again in 12 months
  12. Read it again... Look very closely at the bit about what fans/players earn... There's an "a" missing before the word 'year' Could not make it up
  13. Got a gut feeling they'll spawn their way out of trouble They'll shithouse some unexpected points I feel - Norwich (1), QPR (1), Huddersfield (3), Bristol (3), Reading (1) and Rotherham (3), Forest (1) and Derby (3). 16 points there, putting them on 44 before we take into account their last 2 games against teams who'll have nothing to play for, plus their game at Sheff Weds next up... It'll be tighter than we think
  14. They're only 18 points off the play offs... A 10 game winning run should do it...
  15. Apparently refused to pay £500 to get the WSL game against Villa relocated to prevent it being called off. The women's team are not happy
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