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  1. Correct me if Im wrong, but didnt Curcic turn out to be some nutjob hardcore militant fanatic or something?? (Allegedly....)
  2. £20m to the NHS and £125m between the EFL and NL... Surely the gap between the two payments shouldn't be so huge? £1m per club to the NHS and £6.25m to The Football Family (blergh) seems a bit... I dunno... insular?
  3. Well, well, well... Nothing would make me happier (non-Villa wise) than seeing these absolute piss-tramps missing out on automatic promotion, storming through their play off semi and getting every atom of their ferret-loving, flat-cap-wearing, grease-consuming, "MARCHING-ONNN-TUUUGEVVER"-singing, hearts absolutely vapourised at Wembley by a last minute winner by either Forest or Brentford. **** that club. Absolute gutter-dwellers.
  4. "...or if we get relegated"
  5. Well we have Dominic Revan... made the bench a couple of times last season
  6. Need a centre back now Chezzie's gone, otherwise we're back at 4-3-3 if we get a couple of injuries...
  7. Not sure what more people have been expecting. There were concerns he hasnt been reactive enough this year when we've had bad results... he's changed the system after Watford away and it's worked. Subs still a mild concern, but we arent blessed with £30m players on the bench to change games - we've largely got Championship players (hi Henri...) and kids. I think if you'd offered us the 12 months we've had so far after the 3-0 shambles at Wigan I don't think there's a single Villa fan that would have said "no thanks". Smith has said himself recently that his teams are usually better in the second half of the season, and that game at Wigan last season was pretty much where it began to move forward (we fought back from 2 down against Hull a week later, beat Ipswich and drew at Reading before losing to WBA prior to the winning run). Beaten 3-0 away and looking utterly hopeless? Sounds familiar... Its in our nature as football fans to never be happy, so he'll never please all of us all of the time, but we should at least be thankful for the last 12 months or so, because on the whole he's done what we wanted when Bruce left - got us up by playing attacking football with fast play, but he's given us the one thing that we've lacked since it went downhill under MON... we have our pride back. We may still go down (although I personally doubt it), but Aston Villa are back on the national radar for the right reasons.
  8. We might dip into the warchest and prepare a financial package for a player we've been monitoring. Or we might not #stewieitk
  9. "You won't believe what this fan had to say about Villa - reports"
  10. Heard it yesterday from the same person who told me about Kalinic 3 or 4 days before he went there
  11. Yeah, in your defence I should have said that I was making a general point there and that post wasnt aimed at you. My bad
  12. To back Delphinho up a little... Giroud's goal record for Chelsea is pretty rank, yet we'd all wet ourselves if we signed him. Didnt score a goal at the World Cup, yet the team who won the tournament started him every time...
  13. Albrighton, Milner, Ayew and Amavi And er...Clark >> Hause?? *dons tin hat*
  14. Christ no. We've had enough injury prone players over the years
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