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  1. Dont see why - we've had plenty of games against WBA under floodlights. One this year, that 4-3 game at VP under Lambert, the league and cup wins in a week under Sherwood. Had a couple of other Monday night games too I think. Barring the dark ages pitch invasion after the cup win, I cant remember any problems
  2. Amazing what a proper manager/coach can do
  3. People going on about Bielsa being a better tactician than Smith... Have a watch of Leeds vs Brentford from October
  4. If this was a 3pm kick off Id be suggesting some rotation here (as I think changing it up against Leeds and/or Norwich might give us a damaging heavy defeat), but this is the early kick off. Get the 3 points by hammering them and pile the pressure on the 3 below us to have to go win all their games to catch us.
  5. One more win will do it I think. I dont see Bristol or Derby getting to 75. Pleased Leeds lost - it means they need to be full tilt for next weekend and we'll get a better measure of them. Should we meet them in the playoffs, Id rather have just played a team needing to win and having to throw it all at us rather than one who effectively had nothing to play for. Also means we could rest one or two for Norwich - i think we'll change it up against Millwall too Still think they'll get 2nd mind you
  6. Bristol vs Derby is their respective 3rd last game (when we play Leeds), so... 1) probably our toughest game is the same weekend one (or both) of them drop points. Its also afterwards now the Leeds game is on the Sunday 2) Bristol and Derby wont be able to both win their last 3 games (games in hand are the midweek between the last 2 weekends of the season... If we can get 4-6 points ahead before the Leeds game, we'll be in. Looking at the fixtures, you'd back that if we don't lose to Bristol
  7. Jota, Dean, Jutckiewicz and Craig Gardners wages probably...
  8. Wonder what the winners get. A Paul Tait t-shirt? A "we've won a game against The Vile in the last 10 years" commemorative platter? (SHA just about qualify for this...) A leatherbound song book full of classics such as "Shit on the Villa", "Veeellla *slow clap*" and "Stand Up If You Hate Villa" ? Could it be an all-inclusive ticket to their bi-annual circle jerk about the time we got relegated? Or maybe its a substantial guide on how to talk properly, not in-breed and support your own team before you care about another? I hope they both lose and end up in league two. Mildly back on topic, I hope the SHA points deduction is next year after they've lost Monk and Adams, but I think we all know they'll get a slap on the wrists. If the EFL were that put out by the Pedersen signing then they wouldn't have ratified it, so I cant see it being too extreme. What they should do is deduct all the points they've earned when Pedersen has played... (36 points... )
  9. I assumed they'd been under that punishment since they were relegated
  10. Pulis is an absolute disgrace. I feel sorry for any fan who's had to support one of his teams. Embarassment.
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