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  1. Given the quality of their current squad, £200m wont get them anywhere near us, let alone higher. They need 2 centre backs, 3 central midfielders and better back up to Wilson to get halfway up the league. They won't get that for £200m with the prices they'll be quoted.
  2. This. And also, they can't spend money until January - they're stuck with their current shite squad until then. Even without being hampered by Bruce when they inevitably sack him, that squad is not going to get them into a position to challenge for Europe. Regardless of who they sign/appoint, they wont even be in the Europa League next season, never mind the Champions League. This will make it difficult to sign players much better than ours. They'll have an inevitable huge turnover of players, and we have first hand experience of how tough that is, regardless of how good they are. They're going to improve, obviously, but they arent suddenly the best/only place for top players to sign for. They'll be in a similar market to us, and they'll have a fashionable manager, but they aren't about to spend £500m on Haaland, Mbappe, etc etc - those players want CL football now, they won't take 12-18 months away. They'll have to do it relatively organically. They're years away from the very top of the game.
  3. This is Newcastle. It will go wrong. Somehow.
  4. Failed at Chelsea as well given the resources he had. Leicester deserved their title win, obviously, but were helped by the top teams (and Spurs...) having poor seasons. They'd have finished upper-mid table most other seasons. Ranieiri is an average manager
  5. This might be the year... Norwich are awful, but you'd expect Wolves, Burnley and Southampton to pull away from Newcastle eventually as they have either decent players, a decent manager and/or and effective system. Newcastle are already so far behind Brentford, you think they already might struggle to catch them in the 31 games they have left given what both teams have shown in the opening 7... I dont see 3 teams for them to finish above. Norwich for sure, and probably Watford, but a 3rd team is a stretch
  6. Harsh. I liked that ginger kid
  7. Or want that one last pay-off...
  8. I do wonder if we might consider this (or something similar) at some point to increase our exposure. Sunderland have had a Netflix one, which admittedly was popular for the wrong reasons, but Palace and QPR both have stuff on Amazon Prime. Im not sure we're popular enough just yet to get an All or Nothing series, but I do wonder if it's something Purslow/NSWE think would be beneficial if we carry on at our current trajectory
  9. 2-0 down, Deeney subbed off after 57 mins when it was only 1-0. What a waste of money
  10. No They're 9 points clear of 2nd place after only 8 games
  11. Hassenhutl or Solskjaer. Man Utd's fixtures are tough now, and Ronaldo's ramped up the pressure there. Southampton's results since January have been appalling. Not entirely the manager's fault that the board have pulled the plug financially and not replaced Ings, but he'll be the fall guy because they probably can't afford to go down
  12. £20m, a shirt retirement and a lifetime of "one of our own" chants?
  13. Been a terrific signing - probably Smith's 2nd best value for money (Martinez being 1st, obviously). Very rarely loses a header or physical battle, and is probably our most underrated player
  14. No team with title aspirations would have Fred or McTominay on the bench, let alone starting them both in the same game at home. Signing Ronaldo was baffling when that money could have gone towards fixing their midfield.
  15. I think long term this will work out well for all parties... City's style is fairly slow at times and they enjoy a lot of possession, so a player like Grealish is great for them - technical, great in small pockets of space, but is explosive when needed... ... which is a contrast to how we've had our best performances/results under Smith. Press high, dont need much possession, play with pace and hurt them in wide areas on the break - Grealish slowed all that down. We can probably be a more effective version of what Smith wants now without having to find a way to get that to suit our best player not having the ideal attributes for it And finally, Jack will get trophies and a disgusting amount of money. Win, win, win.
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