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  1. StewieGriffin

    Dean Smith

    That passing and moving nonsense isn't allowed is it?
  2. StewieGriffin

    Dean Smith

    I wonder which of the U23s will get a chance... Bedeau maybe, given the defence? Also... no interview yet?
  3. StewieGriffin

    Dean Smith

    You just can't help but feel this has a Roy of the Rivers tinge to it. Comes in, turns his beloved club around and stays here for years leading us to the upper echelons of the English game and is up there etched in this club's history. He sort of feel that it would take one of the countries big 4/5/6 to take him away were he successful. (Or he'll be sacked in 12 months after a 3-0 home defeat by newly promoted Peterborough)
  4. StewieGriffin

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP Doug. Say what you want about his chairmanship (and many will I'm sure), but he was a Villa man. Like it or not, he will be remembered in Villa history as such. In before anyone says "can we rename the stand now plz?"
  5. StewieGriffin

    Scott Hogan

    The most baffling thing about Hogan being used poorly or seemingly not rated by Bruce is that Bruce actually signed the guy. Why spend £13m on a player who has been successful in (and suited to) a particular system only to then use him in an almost polar opposite system completely unsuitable to him? It's the equivalent of Brentford signing Gestede and asking him to run in behind and work channels. Rubbish management and planning. I feel sorry for Hogan - he's not done well here, but once again that is down to the rancid cesspit that has been Aston Villa in the last 10 years or so and not just his own limitations. There's a good player there - Dean Smith has a system that he's been successful in so hopefully he has a fresh start
  6. StewieGriffin

    Scott Hogan

    It begins...
  7. StewieGriffin

    New Manager Speculation

    If not Henry, then Rodgers. If not Rodgers then Smith. Ta
  8. StewieGriffin

    New Manager Speculation

    I prefer Henry's analysis on Lacazette "(Xhaka) can play that ball. Why go sideways? Play him in" "I used to hate crossing for the sake of crossing. Keep your composure. Play the ball"
  9. StewieGriffin

    Thierry Henry

    Positively erect at this. I'm sure it'll all go horribly wrong in 6 months, but Christ we need some positivity
  10. StewieGriffin

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    This is terrible
  11. StewieGriffin

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    A substitution before 70 minutes? Is that allowed?
  12. StewieGriffin

    New Manager Speculation

    Ajax DoF at the moment isn't he?
  13. StewieGriffin

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    Blind optimim ahoy. We'll win 2-1
  14. StewieGriffin

    New Manager Speculation

    Brentford looking good at Leeds...