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  1. Come on man, we're (mostly) optimistic on here at the moment but this is a stretch for me. Is it only us allowed to sign players for the next 3 years then? Liverpool and United want to win the PL/CL and will sign the appropriate level of player to do so - barring an absolute disaster coupled with us having an incredible season then we aren't catching up for a long time.
  2. Exactly. We've lost our best player(s) before and so will other clubs - it's how football works unless you are 1 of about 5 clubs. Jack will have to be replaced one day regardless of whether we sell him or not. Hopefully that's not for 10/11 years.
  3. If he could pass the ball he'd be brilliant
  4. That's how most girls describe Jack tbf
  5. I really want a steak now. Bastards
  6. Big question is, "did he kiss the badge?!"
  7. Was told by someone last night who has absolutely zero interest in football but has a connection to someone at Villa/Grealish (not sure which, as I was only half listening initially) that he's signing a new contract after the Euro's. Make of it what you will, but there we are.
  8. Bradford x 2 The 0-3 at home to Wigan The 2-0 (?) away to Spurs where McLeish started about 8 defenders Going back a bit further, there's (dis)honourable mentions for the 3-2 Cup defeat to Man Utd, the FA Cup semi against Liverpool at Old Trafford, the UEFA cup exists to Trabzonspor and Helsingborgs... If I really thought about it, Id be here all week
  9. Some jokes I like and can appreciate, but that was just baaaaaaa-d
  10. I bet Targett, Mings, Konsa, Cash & Martinez cant wait to have that in front of them
  11. City should win it, best squad and most money. Top 4 will be the same old names, although I dont think Spurs will be near making it again. We'll push for a Europa League place, not sure if we'll get it. Other end... Norwich and Brentford are going to struggle, and I can see Palace imploding under Vieira. Watford might just have enough, as I can see Norwich and Brentford being miles back from the rest. Newcastle won't be far away again either. Maybe Southampton too if they have a season like the 2nd half of last one, and Brighton will struggle until they find a proper striker.
  12. They'd better get his shirt quick before they retire his number...
  13. My personal favourite this evening was "[Saka] has no weaknesses in his game" Absolute cock-womble
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