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  1. Just imagine being so shit that a manager has lost his job over protesting at you being signed... The poor love
  2. One was a broken foot, and i can't recall the other, but they were both 2 or 3 months in one go rather than "play 1 games, miss 2, play one, miss one" niggles like Lansbury for example
  3. Spare a thought for the guy who got Monk's face tattooed on his arse Or don't...
  4. Depends on the deposit generally - some are 15-20 years but some can be 25-30 (or higher in mine and Mrs Stewies case, although it's now below 30...) Hth
  5. Kongolo link leaked to put some pressure on Bournemouth?
  6. Man City away, bottom 6 side at home, Liverpool away and midtable side at home early doors please - get those horrific aways out of the way early on but still realistically have 4-6 points on the board
  7. Here's a poser... It was mentioned above that Bent is our record signing at £18m (£24m if you count the mooted add-ons, which I've no idea if we met so I'll stick at £18m) - it's fairly obvious we will break that this window with the prices at the moment. Question is... how many times will we do so, and what do we reckon our record signing will have cost? I'll go 3 times over £18m (striker, Mings and Butland), and £28m as the new record (striker)
  8. Leeds will stroll the league next year. Cardiff (if they keep Warnock), WBA, Derby (if they get loans back and keep Lampard), Sheff Weds, Preston and Forest all top 6 contenders - one of Cardiff/WBA or Derby for 2nd place. I'll go WBA, although Bilic in that league will be FUN
  9. I bet Cattermole cant wait to play on the left wing
  10. I read "lead" as past tense rather than future

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