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  1. How do you know what his team talks are like? Were you there?
  2. Not really as they were the 'reserve' team before, playing in the reserve league until it all changed about 4 years ago.
  3. He said that the U23's are under the Academy as in controlled by them and not the first team.
  4. Que sera....then they are no good for us then and we give them a chance elsewhere to have a career. You can't be sentimental in football. On the other hand, what if it actually makes them actually think they need to work as hard as they can and want to run through brick walls to make it?
  5. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...no matter how nice and encouraging you are! Otherwise all players would end up as Premier League players wouldn't they?
  6. Not at all IMO. Some of these players become leeches of finances but have no drive to break into the first team. RHM, Andre Green et al are not going to make it here with us so clean the slate and use the resources elsewhere.
  7. Says the player rightfully released for not being up to the grade and playing in League 2. #sourgrapes
  8. Confused.....Why is it a bold claim??? We should be aiming for that.....can't believe the comments I read above....Johnny Opposite for the sake of it!!
  9. Get your fitness up quick old boy!
  10. We definitely need to be producing the equivalent Jack Grealishs for every position. Excited by what Purslow said but gonna have to wait a few years to really see the fruits of our labour.
  11. So it was all down to him then?!?!
  12. You obviously haven't seen previous videos of how Dean Works if you think he is some sort of dictatorial figure!!
  13. With the amount of games left, it really is still in our own hands!!
  14. Having watched it again and as stupid as it was, it didn't have a direct affect on the goal at all. The ball could have gone anywhere, the spurs player could have controlled it and looked for a pass rather than hoof and of course Engels could have done better with it.
  15. Do the games against Watford and Leicester not balance this feeling out somewhat?
  16. The monumental cock up is seriously adding weight to his overall performance. He was unlucky with the penalty as the spurs player was already falling over before even the slightest bit of contact. A 50-50 imo...on another day it's not given. He scores our first goal from a corner this season and for the rest of the game looked quite solid and was there to block or clear. For me, I think he has enough quality to be a good premier league player for us. He is still a youngish player.
  17. I still believe we will stay up and next season we will be much more comfortable in mid table.
  18. All the chat of replacing Smith is irrelevant...again I state that he is going NO WHERE!
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