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  1. Or those guys who quote the names of players no-one has heard of from clubs they have looked at on Fifa or Premier Manager! 'We should sign hudoyanikabollokov from Sporting Gonads because he is great on the ball!!
  2. New_Hope

    Louie Barry

    I very much am looking forward to seeing his career develop and for him to make his 1st team debut (hopefully). Made a good start already by bagging a goal against Cardiff at U23 level.
  3. Is so you can slag him, Dean, Suso and anyone else at the club off when he doesn't??? You love hyper-expectations don't you? How about he just settles quickly, gets stuck in and improves the dynamic of our attack first....anything else is a bonus!
  4. New_Hope

    Dean Smith

    "Jesus Christ we're 19th!!!! How far do we have to fall before the board makes a decision?" Your words in the match thread mate
  5. No awareness though....apparently!! Gogogogogogogogogoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll
  6. No....they had just come up from the championship with a mediocre team and had Pearson as manager who after being sacked the season after couldn't hold down another job on a long term basis!
  7. Was thinking this....they went on a good run from March onwards
  8. New_Hope

    Dean Smith

    I'm Brian and so is my wife!
  9. Definitely this.....could save an absolute fortune and create a fortune if done correctly!
  10. Welcome. Looking forward to seeing the dynamic with him in the team.
  11. Hopefully we can build from coming from behind and getting something. I just have a feeling that we will start picking up results from Feb onwards like we did last year.
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