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Last Man Standing 2016/17 week 3 fixtures now up (p.3)


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Has been done before on here I think already but premise is simple: Pick a team to win each week, if it fails to win, you're out, otherwise proceed to following week and choose a new team. There can be no repeat picks, so in theory the game could last up to 20 rounds, though its usually done in 6/7, and if last year is a guide, even sooner!

 There's always room to fit in 3/4 games a season. So if you miss the start of one, it won't be too long for another one to pop around. 

I'm using the Premier League, despite our absence from it, as frankly, with the Championship, I think the game's would be over so quickly, there's no point. Hey, at least you won't have to endure the sense of jinxing us the round you would normally pick Villa to win anyway ;)

Game 1 , Fixtures 1

Hull v Leicester

Burnley v Swansea

Palace v West Brom

Everton v Spurs

M'Boro v Stoke

Southampton v Watford

Man City v Sunderland

Bournemouth v Man United

Arsenal  v Liverpool

Chelsea v West Ham



I will be using just the one thread for this game. When It finishes I'll update the thread title to reflect the new game is ready. 





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