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  1. We went to a Gauchos place when in Gibraltar. It was awesome
  2. I like it. It stops the through the legs business and gives confidence that the wall can jump.
  3. trekka


    At least he'll avoid loan sharks .
  4. trekka


    I'm fine with heights if I know I am safe. Looking at videos of people climbing towers etc when one slip could mean their death - sod that! On the public speaking, I hate it with a passion and reside myself to the fact that I'm generally useless at it. It is the feeling of the unknown. I can go into a brief knowing that I know everything but as soon as I stand at a podium or in front of a large crowd I fall apart. I can't remember anything I am meant to say, go bright red and turn into a sweaty mess. I then start stammering and generally can't wait for the whole ordeal to be over. If I am asked to provide a brief nowadays, I go fully armed with cards with everything written down. So be it if I need to read them verbatim. Before you ask, yes, I have undertaken effective communicating and presenting to audience courses. I wouldn't class it a phobia as such, it just isn't my thing.
  5. trekka

    Windows 11

    I'm downloading it now via the Windows Insider option. I had to turn on fTPM in my BIOS settings in order for it to become available though, otherwise "hardware does meet the minimum requirements" was all that appeared - I'll err, see you on the other side. EDIT: Now quietly installing in the background whilst I can run other apps which I'm surprised at. Up to 49% installed now apparently. Just waiting for the prompt to restart as it inevitably will. EDIT 2: Well it took an age to upgrade itself after restarting but so far, so good. My apps and bookmarks etc seem to work and so far it seems smooth.
  6. Genuinely saddened by this. Boycie was probably my favourite character in OFAH and John seemed to be a lovely person. “For god's sake Marlene, I might be able to convince people into buying my cars, I might be able to convince them that you conceived & gave birth in 7 days flat but how the hell am I going to convince them that my grandfather was Louis Armstrong!?”.
  7. "Leon Bailey announces his arrival in front of the Holte End, and Villa Park, this famous football cathedral, which has a team worthy of the stage again! A team to be proud of, they are showing their class!". Sky Sports Highlights
  8. It took a while but we came good! What an impact by Bailey. If we keep him injury free, we're going to scare a lot of defences this season.
  9. It's his birthday apparently. I'd be rubbish on my birthday too .
  10. Yeah, pretty much. £1.7M for the winner for 2021. Perfect Tennis
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